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C11 Missense

One year.

Three hundred and sixty-five days.

It was definitely not long, but it was not short either. Starting from the age of twenty-one, it was a year of youth.

F * ck, he cursed in his heart. Before she called the police, his rabbit tail had been lifted into the sky.

She had seen what it meant to have a face on your nose.

Although she was a student who had just graduated, she must have been in a bar for three years. He caught her in a weak spot and bullied her.

If that weakness were to disappear...

Looking out the window at the palm tree swaying in the wind, the low-hanging leaves waving like a fan, the wind, Xi Ren.

Suddenly, he picked up the coffee cup on the table. The rich aroma of the coffee seeped into his nose. He drank it all in one gulp, not wasting a single drop.

He took out a hundred-dollar bill and slapped it on the table, "There's no need to look for it."

Her heart hurt in an instant. That was the cost of Weiwei's two days, and she used up all of it in an instant.

He turned around, his waist slender as he leisurely walked forward.

A breeze blew past him, and he stretched out his long arm. "Do you only like being a mistress?"

The sound was small and fragmented, but it attracted countless gazes.

His body froze. There was a hidden meaning behind his words.

Could it be …

He raised his eyebrows and threw his hand away. "Did I say that?"

The central air conditioner above her head was pumping air, but her forehead was beaded with sweat.

"Since that's not what you mean, then …" Sit down. "

She snapped her fingers out of habit and the beautiful waiter ran over happily. They had always been the most considerate people when it came to serving the cool song.

"Two glasses of milk." Changing to a warm beverage can reduce a person's temper.

Think of Weiwei, swallow her anger and sit down again. "A year, that long?" Actually, she didn't know what to do either. Since she didn't have anything to say, she could only ask like this.

"What's the rush? There's still a long way to go." It was both teasing and teasing as he huffed, "The air conditioning doesn't seem to be running high enough."

He leaned back on his elbow and stared at him. "If there's nothing else to say, then I'm leaving."

The two of them played the game happily, back and forth.

"A gentleman's agreement to be my personal secretary for a year."

Yinyin's face reddened. She really had misunderstood his intentions. One day, two days, a month, she really had lost a lot of face. They just gave her a job.

Ye Zichen blinked. This agreement didn't mean much to her, "Alright." She agreed immediately. She wasn't a gentleman, so agreeing and refusing meant the same thing. Currently, finding Weiwei was the key.

For a moment, even Ke Zhengwei was confused. He didn't even know his own heart. He was surrounded by women who had thrown themselves into his arms, or perhaps he was already sick of the world. Women like that were no longer related to love.

He didn't want the first time he had grown a desire to conquer. Since no man could get her free will right now, he wanted to be the first one. Sooner or later, there would be a day when he would eat and wipe himself dry.

He didn't care about waiting. What he cared about was the process.

The result had already been decided: the woman who had won his heart did not seem to have appeared yet.

To Yinyin, this was merely his curiosity. He seriously warned himself that he did not want to cross this line of defense.

Yinyin carefully sipped the milk from the glass through the straw, thinking, I'll see Weiwei first, then I'll think things over.

His slender fingers fiddled with the hundred-dollar bill, making 'kaka' sounds, "It was decided so quickly, let's not ask how much the salary was."

She smiled bitterly. If she had the chance to bargain, she wouldn't have to sit here anymore. "Do as you wish." "However …" He hit his head and almost forgot about her business.

"But what?"

"I want to continue my part-time job at the bar tonight." Whether the work was done or not, she had to lay out the conditions first.

He raised his eyebrows and said doubtfully, "I'll give you three times your salary, so don't go to the bar."

Strangely, he didn't like her wearing a short skirt and shuttling between drunkards. Although 'Ou' said that she had the ability to prevent men from getting close, those perverted eyes of hers wanted to be dug out.

"No." From beginning to end, she seemed to have lost every battle, but this time, she would never give up.

He shrugged and spread his hands. "Then I'll have to pay you the minimum wage."


More exploitation.

"Alright." Blinking his eyes, he only needed to remember that she wasn't a gentleman. She didn't have to bear any responsibility for any of the promises she made.

"Let's go." "Let's go see Weiwei."

Finally getting up, Yinyin decided that she would never come back to this coffee shop again in her life …

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