C12 Bmw

Black, a mystery, a noble hue.

He stepped into the black BMW, and the nervousness in his heart was replaced with the nervousness of An Ran.

The sun shone like gold on the houses by the road, on the lawn. The long tarmac stretched out in front of the car, and the scenery turned backwards. The wind blew her long hair, fluttering like silk in front of the window.

He put on a ponytail and leaned back comfortably, "How long will it take for me to reach 'Gentle Heart'?" The park was too busy. She could only apologize to Weiwei.

"We'll be there in a moment."

As he spoke, the car actually slowed down.

They arrived so quickly? Yinyin felt strange.

It stopped steadily on the birdlike parking space that was drawn with white lines.

Where was the park? Even the trees were only visible on either side of the road.

He felt dizzy.

While feeling curious, he suddenly leaned over. The scent of cologne mixed with tobacco filled her surroundings, causing her to unconsciously curl up. What was he trying to do?

"Come, let me fasten your seat belt for you."

He didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He actually stopped the car just for such a small thing. Was he meticulous enough or did he like trouble?

She had hands and feet. Just a reminder was enough. How could someone this big not know how to wear a safety belt?

As she thought about this, she didn't dare to move the slightest bit. She obediently sat down and watched as he pulled the safety belt beside her and skillfully tied it to her body.

"In the future, buckle up as soon as you get in the car, remember?" He sounded as if he were educating a disobedient schoolboy.

"But you don't either." Besides, she didn't want to ride in his car in the future. It didn't matter to him whether she fastened her seat belt or not.

"I can, but you can't." When he got back in the driver's seat, he started the car and announced the difference between him and her in a domineering manner.

How could there be such a twisted logic to it? He chuckled to himself. Men and women also needed safety.

"It seems like Mr. Ke's safety isn't important. Mr. Ke is the kind of person who doesn't even care about his life. I think I should get off first." He didn't care about his life, she cherished him greatly.

Ye Zichen's face sunk. This woman always wanted to make him unhappy at the right time. Furthermore, no matter how he looked at it, it sounded weird, but he wasn't in a hurry. Slowly, he wanted to change it.

"Do you want to get off here?" At this moment, the BMW was travelling at high speed across the bridges in every direction. Aside from the carriages, pedestrians were not allowed to pass by.

Yinyin looked at the endless stream of wagons and carts, and she immediately shut her mouth.

"If we don't stop here, we won't have another chance."

To tease her was like teasing a little white rabbit, making people unable to let go.

She couldn't help teasing, "Stop the car."

"Stop, this sudden deceleration, the car behind is coming at us, you are the accident maker." Without slowing down, he suddenly accelerated.

Her cheeks were puffed up. This man was not only infuriating, but also her Satan.

The car sped by, passing one after another. Her face turned from pink to pale, and her fingers were tightly clenched on the handlebars. He had gone overboard.

First of all, he sped up to punish her for her bad behavior, but when her fear slowly appeared on her face, the softness in her heart melted, and the speed of the car changed. He could not help but observe the changes in her face through the reverse mirror.

Afraid of blood, afraid of driving fast.

This woman was really f * cking unsuitable for him. Forget it, he didn't want to play anymore. It was best to just sit back and wait for those sexy and charming women to automatically come visit him.

After getting off the viaduct, the car drove downtown again.

There were many carriages and many people. It was as if the whole world had gathered here.

The BMW was crawling around like a tortoise. At this moment, if it wanted to increase its speed, blood would flow like a river and the scene would only be extremely spectacular.

This place was extremely strange. It was so far away from the A-level, so far away from the dream world. Yinyin stared at him in disbelief. Could it be that he was lying to her again?

Where was the Warm Park? Why had she been in A City for so long and never heard of the park?

Her head felt like it was about to explode as she quickly thought. She wanted to get off the car, so she couldn't let him mess around any longer.

A detour, etc...

When she turned a corner, she was suddenly greeted by a vast and endless park or amusement park, grand and vast. The architectural style of the ancient Rome was matched by an ancient style pavilion with a winding corridor. The wooden railing was decorated with dragons and phoenixes, giving off an atmosphere of grandeur and nobility.

In a flash, the beautiful scenery faded as the car drove into an underground parking lot and stopped steadily in front of a VIP parking space.

The cars opened, her stiletto heels kicking against the brightly lit underpass, clear and sudden.

In front of her, that straight and arrogant figure silently led her, walking towards the sunlight and the sea of flowers …

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