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C13 Announcement

The dark tunnel appeared even more spacious and ethereal under the illumination of the white fluorescent lights. Yin Yin stepped on the shadow of Young Master Ke's slender figure on the concrete floor and walked towards the exit somewhat eagerly.

As he walked up a long flight of stairs, he suddenly saw a wide expanse of open lawn surrounded by unknown shrubs and trees. The dark green leaves accentuated the freshness of the flowers, making them appear even more beautiful, pink or red, leading people to pick them.

A large group of children stood or ran on the grass, kiting, playing games, lively and cute, innocently attracting Yinyin's gaze. In the distance, a slide, a Magic Cube, a swing... The laughter of children is everywhere...

She was searching for Viv's little figure.

"Hello, Director Ke! "I would like to ask if all the work in the Warm Park has been completed and when it will be ready for the general public." Suddenly, countless white lights flashed on the microphones. Large cameras and crazy reporters came down from the sky and surrounded Ke Zhengwei and Yinyin who had just stepped out of the parking lot.

Looking at the constantly flashing lights, Yinyin unconsciously raised her arms to cover her face. She turned around to find a way out of the encirclement, but at this moment, she realized that she was already trapped and unable to escape.

"For three days in a row, the park will be opened to all members of the Kele kindergarten for three days free of charge. Three days later, the ribbon cutting ceremony will be held and then the public will be officially faced. " He had come without a sound, yet he had still managed to alert these thirty-eight reporters. "Ah Cheng, hurry over and help him out," Ke Zhenwei said silently in his heart.

"May I ask, what does the Kele kindergarten have to do with you?" It seems that the arrival of these children has inspired an infinite amount of imagination among the journalists. The female reporters were fighting to be the first to interview Young Master Ke. At the same time, they were also trying to get close to him and felt that he was the most elegant diamond bachelor in A City.

"No, it's just that those children need affection and care."

"Excuse me, but does Ke not like children very much?"

"I don't think there is anyone present who dislikes children." The rhetorical question cleverly conceals the embarrassment that might be caused by the inappropriate answer.

"Excuse me, is the girl beside you your girlfriend?"

She had only known him for three days. He was in a dream, a coffee shop. Counting today, he had only met her twice. Now, she knew how good the reporters were at catching up to her.

She unconsciously raised her head. If she failed to break through the encirclement, she could only face those exaggerated faces of curiosity.

He was a little nervous, so he didn't know what his answer would be. From the start, she was just one of his employees. She didn't want to have anything to do with him.

As soon as she heard what he said, she knew that Weiwei was among the children and was waiting for her. But why would he choose Kayle, because of her? She was truly flattered.

Girlfriend? He had never thought of having an official girlfriend, but there were countless of them. After the dark night, he could not even remember their appearances.

What was she? It was just a little girl that popped up out of nowhere in his revenge plan. Something that was too easy to obtain was never cherished by anyone, so her refusal successfully attracted his attention.

Perhaps, after a certain night, when she pulled her body away from his round bed, when her figure disappeared outside the door, she would be forgotten forever within the depths of his heart.

Love had never stopped in his heart.

Therefore, he still did not know what love and true love were.

Thus, at this moment, she was just one of his prey in his heart. After falling into his trap, the story after eating and wiping would only be blank.

So it was correct to say that she wasn't his girlfriend.

He glanced at her, standing beside him, pale, haggard, trembling, as if the reporters and flashlights had frightened her.

The panic and faint sadness in her eyes suddenly stung his heart. What was going on? He actually wanted to give her an unexpected surprise. Yes, a surprise.

Just like the first time he saw her child, he couldn't help but like Weiwei. It was as if there was a thread between him, Weiwei, and her child that caused him to inadvertently interfere in her life. This interference brought him pleasure, but it also brought him a pleasant surprise.

His short silence attracted countless gazes. Everyone seemed to be looking forward to his answer. If the answer was "Yes", then the morning paper tomorrow would have a headline that concerned Young Master Ke.

If the answer was "no," the girls would cheer loudly and, along the way, withdraw their jealous stares.

"She …" Looking at Yinyin, he paused for a moment, then cleared his throat, which caused a 'shhh' sound. The silence turned into the silence, as if he could even make out the sound of a needle dropping.

"She's my new girlfriend and also my first girlfriend." He let out a breath, and his magnetic tail was still filled with the sound of the microphone.

Thus, the flashing lights shifted away from Young Master Ke's body. He smiled wryly, if there was a crack in the ground that Yin He really wanted to enter and become an ostrich …

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