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With her blurred vision, she didn't understand why he would make such a big joke. At most, she could only be considered his employee. The employee and his girlfriend were separated by thousands of miles.

Everyone in front of her had shifted their focus to her. Countless spittle flew over her head and face, making it impossible for her to dodge.

"Miss, may I know your surname?"

"Miss, may I ask where you live?"

"Miss, how old are you?"

"Miss, may I ask when are you going to hold your engagement ceremony with CEO Ke?"

At this moment, she was Cinderella, and her crystal shoes were his call to the world, in exchange for people's curiosity and questions about her.

A thousand questions came to her in a crackling flash, and she could only smile and mutter a silent protest at his jokes.

A light blue T-shirt, black jeans, and a coincidental outfit that seemed to reveal everything...

The more he explained, the blacker his explanations became.

She looked around, longing for an angel to rescue her and free her from her misery.

The cute Angel didn't come, but Ah Cheng did. Behind him were more than a dozen of people dressed neatly. In just a moment, he had carved a path for himself.

Unknowingly, Ke Zhengwei had already taken her hand and led her away from the crowd along the newly opened tunnel. She forgot to break free from his warm and powerful hands once again as she moved her feet quickly.

It was only when he was escorted dozens of meters away from the gate that he became temporarily safe. He stood still, panting heavily as he ran. It was strange that his palm was so hot. It was because he was holding it so tightly.

He used all his strength to shake off his hand. How shameless. When did she agree to be his girlfriend? Such thick skin, wishful thinking.

Weiwei, Weiwei, where's Weiwei? Why did she rush out of the door before she could find her?

"Where's Weiwei?"

She had already seen his men driving their BMW over. Without asking any further questions, she had no hope of seeing Weiwei again.

"Let's get in the car first."

"No, give Weiwei back to me." I really want to fly back to the park and fly away with Viv...

"Maybe you can stay and face the crazy reporters. If so, I don't mind." He turned and gracefully walked toward the black BMW, no longer paying attention to her stubbornness.

Looking back, it would take less than a minute for those who could not hold out against the surging crowd to merge into a news center once again.

Get in the car first.

Following his line of sight towards the black BMW, he was already sitting in the driver's seat, calmly looking at the flustered and helpless her.

The few meter long cobblestone path seemed like it couldn't end. The more rushed she was, the more difficult it was to walk. * sob * She was wearing high heels. Damn it, she had bought so many clothes for her, but she had only been missing shoes, causing her to wear the same high heels she had worn that night in the bar since coming out of the hospital.

All of a sudden, he accidentally twisted his heels and leaned over. He was already sitting on the stone road. His butt was hurting.

The defective teeth struggled to stand up, it was so painful that his forehead was overflowing with sweat, he couldn't even stand up.

If she didn't leave soon, she would become that piece of meat in the crow's mouth, and she would soon fall into the sea of people and never come out again.

"Miss, wait …"

"Miss, may I ask how do you and CEO Ke know each other?"

"Miss, may I ask …"

The crowd was rushing towards her, looking at him in the car with a big head. At this moment, he was calmly looking at her. What a stupid woman, she could fall if she walked.

"Want to get in the car?" he asked loudly.

She looked back at the reporters who were chasing her and said, "Yes." The little girl quietly replied. She was so embarrassed.

"What?" He pretended not to hear.

"I'll take it." Damned guy, if she got the chance, she would repay him tenfold or even a thousandfold.

With a dazzling smile, his handsome figure walked towards her like a ray of sunlight, causing her to feel a little absent-minded.

In a daze, he stretched out his hand, and she reluctantly put her small hand in his palm, unable to move, could only let him slaughter her.

Dizzy, at this moment, he is the fox, she became in his mouth a piece of meat, there is no escape.

With a stretch of her long arm, her petite body was suddenly hugged by him. Her reason overcame her cowardice as she hurriedly hid her face in his chest. Otherwise, their relationship would have definitely hit the nail right on the head.

Listening to his steady heartbeat, the taste of cologne mixed with the cigar once more stimulated her nerves.

This man was too domineering, too evil, and too charming.

She was so scared.

Finally, the brown window came down and the rear door opened. He gently placed her on the back seat.

His face was as red as a fire.

Before he could recover from his nervousness, a familiar voice sounded from beside him. "Elder sister, your face is so red …"

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