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C15 Three People

Such a familiar child's voice. The childishness of the voice tugged at her heart. She squinted and asked, "Weiwei, why are you here?"

The sudden surprise made her forget her sprained ankle and move to the right, wanting to embrace that small body.

However, the moment he touched the ground with his toes, he knew what regret was.

Gritting her teeth, she ruthlessly bit down on her lips, causing her soul to fall.

When she met him, her bad luck was endless. She was hospitalized, her legs sprained, and it was all a disaster, not a blessing.

"Sis, Weiwei will rub it for you." The little girl reached into her pocket and gently held a handkerchief in her hand in front of her.

Her small hand moved gently and meticulously as she wiped off the sweat on her forehead and a line of blood from the corner of her mouth.

She pulled her chubby little hands into her embrace. "Weiwei, let me hug you."

When that soft body filled her up, it was unknown if she gave the child a peace of mind, or if the child gave her a peace of mind.

"Big sister, your face is so red …"

He really wanted to find a hole and hide in it. It was the moment when he hugged her …

"Oh. "Elder sister just fell down, so her face and feet hurt …" He was unable to continue.

"Sister, Uncle brought Weiwei here." Her face was full of fear, and she lowered her head, not daring to raise her head to look at Yinyin.

"Which uncle?" Doubts are always half a beat faster than a brain's reaction. Upon saying those words, he realized that other than him, there was no one else. They were both in his car now.

"The uncle driving the car." Big sister didn't seem to be angry, so her cute little face looked at Young Master Ke in the driver's seat with a face full of happiness and sweetness.

It's uncle again, sister uncle's, and she's a whole lot worse than him.

"Call him brother." He yelled at Weiwei, unwilling to admit defeat.

"But …" "But …" He was clearly an uncle, and no matter how he looked at it, he didn't look like his brother at all. He pouted and looked at Yinyin with a face full of unwillingness. "Alright, let's call him brother."

"Good girl Weiwei …" Her Weiwei had always been the most obedient.

"Big brother, where are we going?" Weiwei innocently called out to Young Master Ke, her childish voice filled with her doubts. A warm park had already brought great joy to her, this little guy was looking forward to it.

Heavens, what was this? How could his daughter call her big sister? The first-hand information that A-Cheng gave him clearly stated that it was Ruan Yinyin's family members and her daughter, Ruan Wei.

He might even be older than Weiwei's father. He was really impressed with this pair of mother and daughter, they could even call them whatever they liked, regardless of the seniority of the Chinese nation for hundreds of thousands of years. He only cared about himself and didn't care about anyone else's feelings.

"Weiwei, call me Uncle Ke. Have you ever seen an older brother?"

Weiwei's small face continued to glance at 'sister', waiting for someone's approval.

Ye Zichen pursed his lips, "No, I can't. Call him older brother, otherwise, older sister will ignore Weiwei."

This sentence seemed to have a special effect, Weiwei was scared, "No, Weiwei wants sister." "Big brother …"

The little fellow whined coquettishly, as if luring him to quickly agree …

"If you want to call uncle, then uncle will take you to the zoo, go to KFC, eat strawberry ice cream, and buy you a bunch of toys. There are cloth dolls, robots, little bears, and cars that can run …"

"Hey, I can give it to her too. There's no need for you to be so hypocritical." He interrupted him immediately. Such a big person actually used such a despicable method to trick the underage girl. He really deserved to be killed.

"Uncle …" Ah … No... "I don't think so. Yesterday, I took Weiwei to eat ice cream, cream and chocolate. It was so delicious." As Tiantian spoke, she smacked her lower lip as if it was still sweet in her mouth.

Yesterday? Yesterday, she was still in the hospital, and it was all thanks to his nosebleed. He actually took advantage of the situation and attacked her from behind.

"Elder sister will buy it for you. Ignore him, he's a bad guy."

"That's not right, big sister. Big brother even sent a car today and brought all of the children from the kindergarten to come play in the Warm Park. Big brother is a good person. That's what the little friends and aunties said." The minority obeyed the majority, but one person alone wouldn't be able to represent the majority. The small head already had a very good impression of him, so it seemed that Yinyin was going to have some trouble brainwashing her.

"In short, if I say he's a bad person, then he's a bad person. How can Weiwei be so disobedient?" Suddenly, patience disappeared. If the soft one wasn't good enough, then the hard one was bad. She was going to declare him a bad man.

"Hey, I'm also sitting in front of you guys, so why don't we talk about it later? A straightforward person would not speak the truth. He should be careful not to give his child any kind of bad education. " Ke Zhengwei was finally unable to hold back and was about to counterattack.

"You're the one who's not good at teaching. I'm the one in charge of my child. Stop the car." She couldn't even touch the tiger's tail, so she could only count. Even if she was rounding up, they had only known each other for three days. How could he care about her? The tune changed again, and she yelled for the car to get out.

"Not stopping." It seemed that whenever she got into his car, she would clamor to get out without any fresh moves. Let's see who can beat who, and there's a kid, and she's got a sprained foot.

"Alright, I'll get off myself." As she spoke, she had already opened the car door. In an instant, the wind blew in and ruffled her hair. Little Weiwei was so scared that she started to cry.

"Sister, don't! Sister, hug Weiwei!"

Looking at the rearview mirror, he frowned. Perhaps he owed her a huge debt in his previous life. It seemed like he would have to pay it back slowly in this life.

Looking at her, it was definitely possible for her to jump off the car at any time. Then, it was possible that her ankle that had been broken just now had all been broken. It seemed like the joke was about to be blown up, and it was all his fault as she had always been listening to them talk while she had forgotten to lock the car.

"Alright. I was wrong. Close the door. I'll take you home. " It was the first time he had spoken to someone in such a low manner, and he was not used to it.

"Weiwei, as a witness, you are not allowed to go back on your words." Although her life was not worth much, it was not something that would be taken lightly for a stranger. Just a joke was enough to make him compromise. Good.

She slowed down, closed the car door, and blocked the wind. It seemed that she was no less dangerous than him.

Yinyin looked out the window at the familiar and backward scenery and felt like she was almost home. It was so good.

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