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C16 Injury of Foot

At a red light, the BMW stopped steadily in front of the zebra crossing, looking across the road at the Triumph Building. The luxurious thirty-six story building made her want to sigh.

After turning a corner to pass that large area to open the Baoxiang District, then we'll be home.

She had moved most of the things in the school in there. It was just that she hadn't moved in yet and had only been searching for half a month.

After graduation, she would always have a place to stay, and since Weiwei had grown up, she would have to bring them back on Saturday as well. Otherwise, the relationship between mother and daughter would become more and more distant. Even the aunt of the kindergarten would have a higher status than her in Weiwei's eyes.

Green light, the car going, but no turning.

Right, he still didn't know where her home was, so he anxiously shouted, "Wrong! We should have gone around that district."

Ignoring her shouts, the car continued onward without any increase in speed. After walking for a short distance, it slowed down and the BMW came to a halt in front of Victorious Return's gates.

Unable to open the car door, he locked it.

He turned around like a leopard, got out of the car, and walked to the opposite side. He opened the car door, picked up Weiwei, and walked towards her coldly.

One foot slowly landed on the ground, her arm on his shoulder. The weight of both her and Weiwei pressed down on him, but his face didn't turn red at all.

"Where are we going?" Always knowing her destination, she clearly knew that this was not her rented house.

"We'll know when we get there." He suddenly turned cold. The change in their relationship no longer made Weiwei tremble in fear. It was the voice of her 'brother' that had angered him.

For some reason, his low attitude made him uncomfortable, as he did not trust her, or compromise her jumping off the train. This bad feeling suddenly lowered his enthusiasm to ice. He suddenly realized that he had been abnormal these past three days. Not even he himself believed that these three days had been done by him personally with a knife, and he was even more serious than drawing a picture of a building.

If he was playing a game with Yinyin, he was playing a different game with Weiwei. The moment he saw Weiwei yesterday, this cute little girl's eyes seemed to have a sense of déjà vu, making him unconsciously feel a strange desire to protect. Yes, that loneliness in his little head moved him.

Child, she needs kinship, she needs love.

When she reached the elevator entrance, she stopped trying to be brave. Her ankle hurt so much that she could only clench her teeth, not even having the strength to speak.

She tightly wrapped her arms around his neck. At this moment, he was her pillar, supporting her so that she wouldn't fall down.

An Ran leaned on him, as if she only wanted to rely on him to keep her safe.

Wherever he took her, that was all he needed to relieve her pain.

Ding dong …

The elevator door opened.

The three of them staggered in and took up half of the space. Before the person not far away could run over, he had already forcefully pressed the button to close the door.


This figure was somewhat familiar.

When he got out of the elevator, he saw a nanny standing at the door, looking like she was waiting for someone.

Seeing them, the aunt opened her mouth warmly, "Sir, let me hug the child."

Without a word, he pushed Weiwei into her arms, then picked up Yinyin and walked towards the room in the back.

Yinyin struggled for a long time. Finally, she obediently buried her face in his chest and stopped struggling. She could never win against him.

She had always avoided men like she would a cockroach, but this man made her no longer feel fear. This was strange, seven years, this was her closest contact with a man.

Entering the small and absolutely small suite, he carried her into the largest master bedroom and gently placed her on the bed.

The air in the room was so cold that she shivered a little, as if sensing her coldness, and he took the remote control on the bedside table to reset the temperature.

Before the door was closed, a man with the appearance of a doctor walked in. Yinyin was certain that he was a doctor because of the medical kit in his hands.

"Doctor Li, her ankle is sprained. Let's see if she wants to take her to the hospital."

Hospital? She hated hospitals the most.

"I'm not going to the hospital."

Doctor Li placed the medical kit on a stool at the side. "We'll talk about it after we take a look."

Just as she was about to open her pants, Young Master Ke, who was standing at the side, quickly raised his hand. "Let me do it."

Yinyin couldn't see her ankles, but she could see the expressions on the faces of the doctor and Young Master Ke.

Judging by the way they looked, and the pain she felt, her feet might have been in trouble.

"Wrong position, I need to correct my position." After speaking simply, she had already understood the meaning of his words.

Correcting her position, the scene on TV told her that it was painful.

"And then?" Young Master Ke looked at his swollen ankle that was shaped like a steamed bun and asked with a frown.

"As long as the joints return, there won't be any major problems. Take some anti-inflammatory medicine and wait for them to slowly recover."

"How long will it take to recover?" When she was young, her mother often said that she had been injured for a hundred days, so she shouldn't be that weak. She would have to lie in bed for three months.

"This is a minor injury. It can take at least a few days or at most a month. It depends on how well you recover."

"Then, help me get in position." Sooner or later, she would suffer a pain that would save her a lot of fear and worry about her future.

Doctor Li rolled up his sleeves, ready to start work.

Yinyin was so nervous that she didn't know where to put her hands.

That cold gaze slowly relaxed after meeting her nervousness. Ke Zhengwei quietly walked in front of her and gently held her hand with his palm. A familiar feeling once again rose up in his heart as a wave of power passed through his palm.

Doctor Li's hands gripped her ankles, and Yinyin closed her eyes in fear, waiting for that heart-wrenching pain to come.

"Wait a minute, can't you use the anesthetic?"

"I'm very sorry, Mr. Ke. This kind of injury would affect the recovery of the injury even more if it was treated with anesthetic. Miss, please cooperate with me for a bit. It will quickly heal."

While she was speaking, Yinyin could feel the strength in her hands slowly increasing. His voice was trying to break her concentration.

"Ah …"

She bit down hard on her lips.

A finger suddenly reached into her mouth.

Biting down reflexively was the only way to alleviate the scorching pain.

It hurts.

He thought madly in his heart.

Resisting the pain, sweat dripped down like a light rain, wetting the hair on his forehead.

The warmth and power in his hands continued to flow.

The pain slowly subsided, finally reaching the point where she could endure it.

He loosened his teeth and slowly opened his eyes.

In front of his eyes, a finger was dripping blood …

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