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C17 Confusion

The blood trickled down the marks of her teeth and dripped onto the pale blue T-shirt, spreading a bright plum blossom.

That Plum Blossom seemed to have opened its eyes, looking back at her without a shred of cowardice.

The air was a little thin, and her brain seemed to be under oxygen. Her face was now red, then white, then bloodless.

This blood was a magic spell, causing her to be shocked and feel a deep pain in her heart.

He had known she had a halo, he had known it from the moment his nose bled.

Ke Zhengwei had long wanted to hide his fingers behind his back, but he was helpless as she opened and closed her eyes too quickly. It was so fast that she didn't even give him any time to withdraw.

He put his arm around her shoulders and let her lean against his chest. He could feel her trembling. At this moment, the pain in her ankle was no longer important. What was important was how she was able to withstand the blood's confusion.

Time was still as still as water, and his powerful harbor allowed her to stop, and the navigation lights on the horizon were bright and dazzling.

After a long while, her cold aura gradually faded and she slowly opened her eyes. This was the first time she saw blood, and she did not fall asleep.

Her long eyelashes flickered as she gently and deliberately pulled them away from the embrace of his imprisonment. The shock he gave her caused her to feel helpless and panicked.

"I want to sleep." Resisting his intrusion into her heart, she wanted this momentary silence.

It was dusk outside the window. The warm halo of the setting sun quietly entered the room, enveloping the entire room with a golden light.

So beautiful.

So warm.

After tucking in the quilt for her, she quietly retreated, leaving her with a tranquil and quiet world. It was pure without limits, only her craziness from her heart and the fluttering of her eyebrows.

He turned around and left.

He also needed to sort out his confused thoughts.

"Big brother, is big sister's foot ready?" The tiny figure in the living room was waiting.

At the age of six, he was already starting to make guesses.

"Alright. Sister is asleep and will wake up soon. Weiwei, don't worry, let's go eat. " She comforted the little person softly, unwilling to let her worry about him even a little.

"Big sister doesn't want to eat anymore?"

"No, I'll eat with Weiwei when I wake up tomorrow morning."

"Brother will accompany Weiwei to eat."

This soft voice pulled him back towards the door. He couldn't bear the child's loneliness anymore, so he said, "Big brother will have dinner with Weiwei."

As he peeled off the shell of the prawn and dipped it in the seasoning, he carefully placed it into the small mouth. The gentleness and gentleness of the prawn made Ah Cheng's eyes fall to the ground, unable to find it again.

"Big brother, it's delicious."

He peeled another one and gently placed it in her mouth, "When big sister is around, call me big brother, and when big sister is not around, call me uncle, okay?" When he heard the word "big brother," he felt even more uneasy and uncomfortable.

"Wow. Brother... Uncle, can you take Weiwei to eat ice cream tomorrow? "Weiwei really likes it."

"Weiwei, be good. Uncle will definitely take Weiwei there."

Finally, in his retro lullaby, Viv falls asleep.

In his dream, his tiny body was squirming, as if he was having a nightmare.

Ye Zichen continued to pat her chest, while a kind of strange tender love lingered in his heart, and wouldn't go away for a long time.

Finally, even breathing was heard. Sleep, sleep well, there will be no more nightmares.

He left quietly, his heart a mess.


Drinking mouthfuls after mouthfuls of the wine Yinyin had recommended to him previously, his eyes were a little blurry as he drank.

Looking at the neon dance floor, he waited for his prey to take the bait.

He needed a woman's body, that temporary gentleness, perhaps the confusion of his mind.

He was arrogant, he looked down on everything, no one could control his heart, he firmly believed in that.

In his line of sight, someone walked over.

A woman slowly walked over.

She wore a low-cut, low-cut dress that revealed her back. The two round, soft breasts on her chest were almost visible. From within the extremely short red skirt, the same blood-red underpants could be vaguely seen.

A woman, charming as a flower demon, stared at him with a bewitching gaze.

The woman lit up a cigarette wildly and blew it onto his face.

At this moment, it was unknown if he was her prey or if she was his prey.

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