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C18 Acardiac

Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple...

Multicolored halos fluttered and flickered, reflecting a person's face in the flickering light, adding a mysterious halo to it.

"Sir, I'm very lonely." An unabashed confession infected him with a seductive charm.

In the dark red room, the ashes of the incense began to tremble. With a flick of his fingernails, the smoke fell onto the table. He lowered his head and blew gently on the smoke, causing it to fly away and vanish.

"Yes, I'm lonely too." A sense of dejection began to spread.

"Sir, lend me a light." The red lips seem to draw you to the entrance for tongue entanglement and play.

When the nicotine match was lit, she leaned into her face and lit the cigarette again.

The fragrance of the cigarette and the fragrance of the girl quietly entered his lungs.

The bracelet was around her slender waist, but it didn't make a dent. The strength that was slowly increasing made her forget to be sentimental in front of so many people …

Perhaps that was the only way to numb his delirious nerves.

After quietly getting up, she wrapped herself around his body and stealthily walked towards that quiet guest room.

The sound of two pairs of footsteps echoed silently in the corridor, light and sudden.

With a light wipe of his golden card, 'kacha', the door opened, as if welcoming the release of desire.

A man and a woman walked in. The door closed, blocking out a world that seemed like a virtual illusion. At this moment, only that urgent release was the real simulation.

Hanging on the door handle was a card that had just been turned over. It was clearly written: Do not disturb me.

At this moment, his eyes were filled with evilness, and his body was scorching hot.

Her slender fingers silently undid the buttons of his clothes, and her small hands attached to his chest. She was igniting the flame, as if she wanted to burn him to the ground as well.

Fire, he pressed against her, and she kept backing up, all the way back, all the way back, until she fell into that soft bed of Simone's …

Her eyes were misty, and for a moment, she was Yinyin. Then, she shook her head. No, it was an unfamiliar woman.

He wanted to retract his force, but he couldn't resist the impact of desire. He couldn't resist the hand and the hand of that pair of delicate hands. The fragrance of the girl caused his reason to instantly collapse.

The clamor of the devil confined him to her body.

His heart was roaring nonstop. This was the best way to prove that his heart had still been saved for him.

However, the moment he released the flame, he couldn't help but speak out, "Yinyin."

Why did this name seem so familiar to him? It intoxicated his heart, causing him to feel so much heartache that he didn't know what to do.

That call woke up the person below her. Tears slowly flowed out, silently venting her sorrow and hatred.

He got up and walked towards the bathroom. All of his lingering feelings stopped with that 'yin-yin' sound.

Behind him, his mind refocused. He looked at the woman who was walking slowly toward the bathroom. For a moment, he was lost in thought. "Who are you?"

Tears once again poured out.

The eerie laughter suddenly echoed in the quiet room.

"Hahaha, who am I?"

"Hahaha, who am I?"

"Hahaha, who am I?"

Endless sorrow was released from her laughter as she blocked the door to the bathroom. For a long time, the echoes continued.

The sound of the water struck his heart, which had once been drenched in ice.

There was a trace of shouting that made the blood roll again, but it no longer desired him.

Pain, fresh red blood, why was the same scene repeating in his mind?

What had he forgotten?

What had he lost?

He impatiently put on his clothes and rushed out of the door. He even forgot to bathe, as he was used to doing after every release.

In fact, he already knew that the cleanliness on the outside of the surface would never be able to wipe away the filth on the inside.

Walking under the dim light of midnight, there was a shadow slowly crawling on the wall along the street by itself.

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