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C19 Yue Ye

When she woke up, the moon was high in the sky outside the window, and the stars were blinking at her as they smiled.

The tranquility of the room, with the moonlight shining on it, was like a dream or a fantasy. It was a very beautiful feeling.

21st floor, I can't see the trees, flowers, and grass outside the window, but I can see the night scenery of A City.

Wearing her shoes, she jumped to the window and opened the curtain. The cool night breeze blew on her face, making her feel comfortable.

He took the remote control on the cabinet and turned off the air conditioner. The wind in this natural world was much better and the scenery was much better.

All kinds of lights, neon flashing, a story in a house, men and women, young and old, most of them asleep right now.

Looking at the myriad stars, skyscrapers, all the experiences of the past three days were clearly visible to the eye.

Young Master Ke, Angel or Satan?

He gave Viv pleasure, gave her food to eat, and even allowed her to bite his finger for the sake of healing her foot wound. So, he was an angel.

He forced her to dance, calling out to the world without her consent that she was his girlfriend, that his blood always brought her back to nightmares, that he was Satan.

And, without discussion, he took her to Triumph, where a world that was completely foreign to her and did not belong to her was once again open to her.

Viv, she's right next door.

Lightly supporting himself with the milky white wall, he moved towards the door step by step.

She opened the door and walked into the living room, feeling her way through. She didn't even know where the light switch was.

He was not used to walking with one foot. At first, he was fine, but he slowly lost his strength. With every step he took, his body would sway left and right.

She accidentally fell onto the carpet. Luckily, the carpet was soft and the landing was silent, so she didn't wake up the bystanders. However, she fell in pain and couldn't get up.

He could only resign himself to his fate and sit on the carpet. He could only wait for his strength to accumulate before standing up again.

After slowly getting used to the darkness, he was able to see where she was. Beside her was a small bar filled with different kinds of wine and spirits.

Smelling the faint scent of the wine, she remembered that it had been three days since she'd gone to the bar to work. Who knew what she'd missed during these three days?

Unconsciously, he reached for the bottle of white wine on the bar counter. Holding the bottle in his hand, he could not read the handwriting, but he could recognize the brand. It was real French white wine.

He quietly opened the lid, and a fragrant aroma enveloped his entire body. It was a very fragrant wine, and compared to Maotai, it was extremely tasty.

The Liquor worm in his stomach seemed to be craving for more. It slowly tilted, and just as it was about to take a sip, it heard the sound of a key softly turning.

Who? Could it be a thief?

She grabbed the bottle and held her breath, waiting for the person to come in. With the bottle, she could also launch a surprise attack. As long as it didn't bleed, it was fine. She was most afraid of seeing blood.

A small, chattering sound came from the door, and the bottle in his hand tightened.

The shadow was heading in the direction of the bar. Could it be that he saw her …

Absolutely impossible.

After entering, he would need at least a minute to get used to the darkness and clearly see the decorations. These, she had just tried …

No one knew how long he walked on the dark street until his mind went into chaos. He waved for the car behind him to stop and get in the car. Ah Cheng drove and he drank too much, so he still wasn't completely sober.

"Where to?" There were too many houses for the CEO of A city. He was a tycoon of real estate, so he was used to leaving a trace wherever he went.

Unfortunately, there were too many holes, so it gave them quite a bit of trouble.

"Victorious Return."

The car picked up speed. Once he had a destination, he would have a place to sleep tonight. It was better than following him around the streets while driving.

Late at night, the number of cars on the road gradually lessened. The traffic was fast and the road was unobstructed.

When they arrived and saw the CEO taking out the key to enter the room, A-Cheng was relieved and went into the room beside theirs as well.

Inside, Cochran groped his way forward, and the scent of wine wafted into his nostrils. It smells good.

He walked towards the familiar bar.

Suddenly, a faint sound of breathing could be heard in the room. Although it was light, he could definitely hear it. "Who is it?"

Just as he finished speaking, a glass-like object had already been flung at him ruthlessly. It dodged to the side reflexively, and its hand had already pressed on the small light in the bar.

Ye Zichen glanced at Yinyin, who was sitting on the ground, and chuckled. Did she take him for a bad person?

Ridiculous conceit.

As if he hadn't noticed it, he took another bottle of red wine from the bar with one hand and filled both glasses.

Looking at her in surprise on the carpet, he raised his glass in amusement. "Let's have a drink together."

Looking at the spilled white wine on the ground, his actions were really quick. She wasn't even able to clearly see his movements, and the wine bottle fell to the ground.

She was willing to accompany him in drinking, but her current posture was simply too indecent.

Seemingly aware of her awkwardness, he leaned over and arrogantly lifted his chin. That charming smile was even more intoxicating than the dark red liquid.

Ignoring her reaction, he picked her up and effortlessly placed her on the high swivel chair in front of the bar.

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