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C20 Decanter

Cough … Cough … Cough …

Why was she always at a disadvantage?

He picked up the wine cup, concealing the imbalance in his heart. He played with the wine cup, but he did not have the will to drink it.

The red liquid in the wine cup swayed back and forth. It seemed to have produced tiny white bubbles as if it was in pain, as if it was silently protesting against him.

Ke Zhengwei narrowed his eyes and glared at her. "You don't dare to drink it?"

What a joke. She was a salesman who specialized in selling alcohol in her dreams. How could she sell alcohol when she didn't even know how to drink? Ruan Yin only said coldly, "I don't want to drink with you."

"Why? Are you afraid that my surname will be messed with after I drink? " The lustful smile was like that of a big wild wolf.

"Your home, your territory." The implication is to warn her to be careful. "

"Haha, wrong."

"Could it be my home?"

"That's right. Your previous room was as small and dirty as a pig's nest."

Yinyin's face immediately turned the color of pig liver. It was a house that she had rented after renting for a whole six months and even made an appointment for fear of being robbed by others, "What nonsense are you talking about? That place is like heaven, and that place is my territory. There is also a flower pavilion, which is many times better than this one."


"Hey, what right do you have to back off?"

"Nothing. Your things were dumped in the yard, so I had to pick them up and move them here. "

"Nonsense, I've paid the rent for half a year."

"I took it back and paid the rent."

"How much does this house cost per month?"

"I've already paid the rent for your room over here for half a year."

She felt a bit dizzy. That was her hard-earned money. Also, why was the rent so expensive? How was she supposed to pay it?

"When my feet are done, I'll move out."

"As you wish, but the rent has been paid here for a whole year."

He nearly fainted. "You can deal with this yourself."

Lifting up his wine cup and taking a sip, Young Master Ke calmly said, "Deduct it from your salary."

"Hey …" She suddenly remembered her promise in the coffee house and ignored her. She definitely wouldn't go to work at his company.

"It's a deal then. Come, let's drink." His cool face was a little red, and the alcohol had not yet subsided. The wine of the night once again continued to disturb the Liquor worm in his stomach.

Looking at him with disdain, the man's Adam's apple bobbed up and down like a little snake. The buttons on his chest hung down lazily, leaving no trace of his appearance. As a result, his muscular chest was exposed.

Her bronze colored skin had a layer of faint pink color, but it didn't have a trace of fat. It caused people to be unable to resist looking at her a few more times. It was a very cool and stylish man.

Indeed, Yinyin had been staring at his chest the whole time, and was smiling. While she was looking, she raised her wine glass and 'gulped' the entire cup.

Feeling the dim light from her eyes, Young Master Ke lowered his head to look at her. His chest, his chest, a fiery red lip print shone brilliantly, before going down again. A long bloody scar like a parabola grew redder and redder.

Damn it, that woman had actually left a mark on his body, and he had actually spread it around with 'evidence'.

There was some pain in her head, and the woman looked familiar, but she could not recall what it was.

Ah Cheng, he must know that he will ask Ah Cheng again tomorrow.

Quietly, he picked up the wine bottle again and slowly poured the wine into the two empty glasses, "It's just a joke from a friend."

He didn't know why, he just didn't want her to misunderstand that he was with a woman. Although he did come with a woman, but he didn't want her to know.

"Oh, it has nothing to do with me. I'm going to bed. " She held the table and stretched her legs as she prepared to return to her room.

"Have another drink." Pointing at the glass filled with red liquid, he tried to keep her.

Deep in his heart, there was a hint of emotion that he didn't understand urging him to stay. He only wanted her to stay a little longer.

"Me and you, are still …" She paused for a moment to give him face, but she didn't say the second half of the sentence. It was better to stay away from each other.

"Didn't you say that your enemies won't gather? We are destined to be together. "

"I'm sorry, it's very late. Please do as you please, Mr Ke." As Yinyin spoke, she stood up. The small lamp in the hall had long lit up this dark night, and the road under her feet was no longer difficult. As she walked step by step, she became even more clear that light was so precious.

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