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C3 Contract

In June, the smell of summer was getting stronger and stronger. He realized that he was weakly crying on the banyan tree.

The sun's rays dutifully shone down on the earth. The wind and clouds were calm and clear, and the heat waves swept over like smoke and dust, as if they would never disperse.

By the fountain, the hall, the playground, the stone chairs, the library, even the dining room...

The corners fell. As long as a person's memory could be brought back, there would always be those students who were about to leave the school pressing on the shutter.

Under the loose black dress, everyone was fighting against the heat. Sweat glistened on their forehead under the sunlight. Wipe it, and then again, too much reluctance, always wanting this moment to stop forever …

Graduation photos, gathering and separating, from then on, they all went their separate ways, only this moment of capture was enough to leave a bit of comfort in the sadness of parting.

It was impossible to stand still as long as he didn't make a fuss about it. That coincidental freeze might be a way for young men and women to reunite after a year, two years, or even ten years.

Laughter in the brilliant more is attachment, intimate embrace only want to send more feelings.

"Yinyin, you stayed for the last day. Are you going to work part-time at a bar tonight?" Hui Zhen looked at Yinyin who was sitting across from him with her back against a tree trunk, looking up at the sky.

"Yes." There was no other way. She needed the benefits of this job.

"What time do you get off work?" One last hope. If she could have been earlier, it would have been an amnesty for her.

"Morning shift, eleven."

"Alright, we'll go to the bar and wait for you at ten-thirty."

"For what?" Yinyin had never attended a class reunion before. She didn't have time.

"We'll be going our separate ways tomorrow. Let's gather for the last time tonight." Hui Zhen looked at Yinyin and begged.

"Where to?" She changed her mind. After four years of friendship, she couldn't be too decisive.

"Let's go to your bar, shall we?"

"That's fine too, I have a VIP card, so I can offer a discount. Besides, I only accept boys' tickets, not girls' tickets."

"That's great, then it's decided."

"Pull the hook first. I can't drink too much. I can't carry you two."

"No, I might be carrying you."

"You're asking for a beating. My alcohol capacity has always been a huge amount. Why don't you take a look at my occupation?"

"Yinyin, seriously, what are your plans after graduation? We should at least find a proper job. "

"Yeah. There are so many graduates every summer that it's hard to find a job. "

"Didn't you get a contract from a big company?" That was a large company that the students were fighting over. However, the students only managed to recruit two people.

"Oh. I didn't sign it. "

Hui Zhen gritted his teeth and knocked on Yinyin's forehead. "What? Is there something wrong with your head? "

Someone was looking for a relationship with a big company that they were trying to go to at any cost, but she was actually rejected. If she had a good brain, who would believe it?

"I'm used to City A. I don't want to leave this place." Yinyin said faintly.

"Just for this reason, give up on your great future." Hui Zhen really did not understand her, a classmate who had been together for four years, more and more.

"The things that have been decided cannot be changed." Yin resisted Wisdom's persuasion. What she had decided on would never change.

"Ai!" Sighing, they had no way to deal with Yinyin. Sometimes, they were truly a little stubborn.

"Yinyin, are you going to stop thinking about Yufan?"

In silence …

"This world is really strange. There are so many girls that have a crush on him, but he only has one idea of you."

"I don't have any intention of falling in love yet." I've said it too many times, why do you still play the game?

"Yinyin, have you really given up on him?"

"Yes. Just be friends. " He picked up a stalk of grass and held it in his hand as he played with it. To Yu Fan, she didn't feel like calling him.

"Yinyin, if you really don't like him, then tonight …" "Just create a chance for me." After making up his mind and making up his mind, Hui Zhen finally spoke his mind.

Looking at his good friend, he felt a little regretful. In fact, Hui Zhen was not bad, and Yufan was not bad either. However, she, Ruan Yinyin, could not match his beauty. A hint of sadness appeared on her face as she faintly said, "Let Yufan come as well tonight."

"Yay!" Hui Zhen cheered and exhaled. She had been looking forward to this day for far too long.

"Look how happy you are, I'm going. I won't be able to see you at night. " Ye Yin stood up, patted the dirt off her pants, and threw away the blade of grass in her hand. She was ready to go to work.

"OK." He casually made a gesture. Youth and beauty, this was Hui Zhen.

The maester had returned to school early, waiting for the sunset and their great career to come to an end in the orange light.

Tomorrow, life will start from a new beginning.

Tonight, however, it was quietly approaching. In the darkness, some people were waiting for time to pass, waiting for something …

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