C4 Bar

Wild rock and roll played in the Dream Bar.

In the dim light, neon lights shone eerily in every corner. Smoke filled the air as youth and depravity wrote about youth's beauty and the formlessness of desire.

Her ink-like long hair flowed down her back like a waterfall. Her exquisite purple skirt and pleats just barely covered the world, blocking her unobstructed line of sight.

His fingers gripped the stem of his goblet lightly as he sipped the pale amber whiskey.

The rich, round, and soft fragrance seeped into his heart and spleen. A gentle and refreshing fragrance captivated him.

Ye Zichen heard the secretary's emotionless report.

Ruan Yinyin was a female. She was 21 years old and was a beauty in school.

He was the target of Zhong Yufan's frenzied pursuit.

A family member only had a six year old 'daughter'.

No boyfriend, good friends Ye Hui Zhen and Wu Meirong, known as the three gang members.

Three years ago, he started working part-time at the Dream Bar's wine ladies until now.

Daughter? Six years old? Then wouldn't she have a child at the age of fifteen?

"Go investigate her background in detail, including her 'daughter'." He had a strong curiosity about her so-called 'daughter'.

An hour had passed, and there was one fact even the school authorities did not know about: Nguyen had a daughter.

With a slight raise of her eyes, she unconsciously looked at the purple figure that was shuttling back and forth within the crowd. The corners of her lips curled up into a curve.

One moment he was an angel, the next he was a mature woman.

And what Zhong Yufan likes should be an angel.

Two identities, a different life in different places, even including her outfit.

So he could pretend to be pure. He was a bit disdainful and a bit curious. Since the kid surnamed Zhong was unable to catch up to her, haha, then he would have to write her down under his name.

It didn't matter if it was a woman, one less was fine. Moreover, he really wanted to see the dejected appearance of Zhong Yufan when he was walking together with this girl.

The less accessible something was, the more attractive it was, a challenge, a conquest, a wild element that made him take another sip of whiskey.

"Sir, how about a glass of Maotai?" This man had already drunk quite a few glasses of whisky on his own, and it would have been nice if it had been her first straw hat.

He looked up at his prey as he slowly walked into the pit he had buried. His eyes were brimming with drunkenness as he said, "Here, cheers!" Ignoring her question, he lifted the whiskey glass and clinked it against the bottle of Maotai.

"Sir, it doesn't matter if I drink with you, but as long as I open a bottle of wine, sir will have to pay." She smiled innocently, as if it was only right that he should pay for her drink.

"Ugh …"

After burping, he narrowed his eyes and smiled, "Drink." Money... Money is nothing. " After saying that, she bumped into the bottle of wine in her hand, "Done."

She quietly took out two wine cups and filled them with wine. She pushed one cup in front of him and placed the other in her hand. "Sir, here's my toast!" As long as he drank it, it would prove that he was going to pay the bill.

He raised his hand and drank the whole cup in one gulp.

Interesting. It seemed like her alcohol tolerance was not as good as ordinary. He pursed his lips and smiled, then finished the wine in front of him in one gulp …

Perhaps, his plan was about to begin to be put into practice …

"Again." He grabbed the bottle and poured himself a cup of wine.

Yinyin looked at his hand that was pouring wine and smiled, "Sir, you can drink your wine as much as you want, I'll take my leave."

Want to flee?

As if he was drunk, he grabbed her arm and said, "Miss, come have another drink with me. This manger is really not bad."

"Sir, I need to go to the bathroom. It will be ready in a moment." Looking at the time, it was already 10: 30. After a while, Hui Zhen and the others arrived. Moreover, she was about to get off work.

"No." He pulled even tighter. "Two more bottles."

"Good …" "Alright …" Of course, Yinyin couldn't miss out on such a good opportunity. As for the two bottles, she had gained another eighty yuan tonight.

"Sir, would you like me to open it for you?"

"Beat..." Beat... "You accompany me for a drink, and I'll buy one." He just wanted to see how strong she would be in the end.

"But Mister, I can only accompany you for another drink. I'm almost off work." After drinking these two cups, he sold them for five bottles. This person's money was really easy to earn.

Her mind was spinning in circles. She was about to get off work. Didn't she say that her classmates would come over again at night? Don't worry, he had his ways. Tonight, he definitely had to let something happen between him and her.

"Alright, let's get off work and have a good drink."

Suddenly, there was chaos at the door. Yinyin turned her head and saw that it was Hui Zhen.

"Sorry, but I have a friend. Excuse me for a moment."

Ke Zhengwei looked at the fading back. He was tall and slender, with long black hair flowing down his straight line. His exquisite and plump figure was comparable to a model.

He raised his glass of wine and snapped his fingers. The waiter hurried over, "Young Master Ke, what can I do for you?"

"All the expenses of the lady just now will be charged to me."

With a toothpick in his mouth, he ordered in a domineering manner. The corners of his mouth curled up as he looked at the neon lights on the bar. So life was actually so beautiful …

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