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C5 Invitation Dance

The group of male students and female students entered the dreamscape one after another. In that split-second, Ke Zhengwei recalled that these people were her classmates. He gazed into the distance and realized that the tall person was Zhong Yufan.

A pair of hawk-like eyes shot out at him, and a cup of wine entered his mouth along with his cold gaze. The waiter timely refilled the empty cup with a transparent liquid.

He felt in his pocket for a match, found it, and lit a cigar, as determined as he had been in all these years when he had despised lighters.

Swallowing and exhaling smoke, his gaze shuttled back and forth between Zhongyu Fan and Ruan Yinyin …

"Hui Zhen, why are there so many people?" Without any preparation, she jumped in fright. There were only three people in the group before this.

"As soon as the three of us stepped out of the school gates, we were surrounded by them. Since we couldn't chase them away, we had no choice but to come at the same time." He mumbled to himself. Since he was already here, he shouldn't offend him anymore.

Looking around, only the one who had just bought five bottles of Maotai was a little lonely, "Go and sit over there." With so many people huddled together, there was only one place to sit.

He sat down noisily and ordered beer and juice. Then, he started punching, watching the fun, and some of them ran to the dance floor to dance to the music.

Looking at the well-coordinated couples on the dance floor, the pair was really enviable.

"Yinyin, can I ask you to dance?" Yufan finally could not endure the desire in his heart and decided to take the initiative and attack.

"I don't know how to jump into the air, do I? I only know how to dance the popular dance that everyone knows about. Hui Zhen, why don't you dance with Yu Fan? Your dance is the best."

Hui Zhen understood and put down the cup in his hand. Yinyin held her hand in time and then handed it to Yufan. Everything was natural and smooth, without any pretense.

Looking back, it was Hui Zhen's grateful smile.

"Don't let me down." Yinyin blinked and whispered into Hui Zhen's ear.

Yufan's expression instantly changed, and in the blink of an eye, it was the same as before. Unwillingly, he took Hui Ran's hand and led her to the neon shining dance floor. The two of them danced crazily with the music, as if the situation was a catharsis to their desire, one of them seemed to be venting out while the other seemed to be anticipating it.

Yinyin quietly smiled, and then turned to join the ranks of the drinkers. "Two little bees, flying in the flowers …"

All of a sudden, this joke of relaxing mind, a kind of satisfaction hit the heart, a smile like a flower blossoming on the face attracting a lot of eyes like a torch.

"Miss, can I ask you to dance?" Ke Zhengwei was standing straight in front of her. His white shirt was reflected in her eyes, and he extended his hand like a gentleman, inviting her to join him.

His drunken eyes were filled with haziness, making you unable to look into his heart. Those eyes seemed to be preventing anyone from investigating him. He was inviting her with sincerity.

If one wanted to reject him, it would be difficult for one to reject him because they would be able to recognize his presence the moment they met eyes.

Yinyin looked at her, momentarily at a loss. She sat in front of him, forgetting to get up or respond, leaving his hand stretched out between them.

He had never thought that he would personally invite a woman to dance. However, when he saw her cute method of rejecting Zhong Yufan, he suddenly had this thought and actually walked over and put it into action.

A woman is so special, so sincere, don't tell me you're going to reject it.

He looked into her eyes and told her how stubborn he was.

Originally, he only wanted to make things difficult for Zhong Yufan, but when he faced her directly, the faint, imperceptible tinge of sadness and alienation in her eyes strongly provoked his desire for conquest, or perhaps it even had a hint of pity mixed within. He did not understand, nor did he want to understand. He only wanted, at this moment, to dance with her.

"Sorry, I don't know how to dance, right?" Just now, she had told Yufan that she couldn't dance. If she agreed to his request, it would be like lifting a rock to smash one's own foot.

"I'll teach you." The stubbornness in his tone proclaimed that he could not refuse.

Her slender white hands were still placed between the two of them like a bridge. As long as she stretched them out, only the flowing air could be seen at a distance.

"Sorry, I really don't know how to dance, right?" Yinyin also stubbornly refused. Moreover, no matter what, she couldn't embarrass Yufan.

"My shoes are strong." Looking down at her face, her dazed expression intensified his desire to conquer her. He would not let go.

"Yinyin, go ahead. I'm not even afraid of breaking my shoes, what are you afraid of …"

"Yinyin, you're such a handsome brother, don't let him go, go …"

Both boys and girls screamed at the same time. Yinyin's face was red and white, white and red. She was helpless, unable to refuse, unable to accept it.

When it was too late to dismount, he suddenly leaned forward and pulled her up. "Let's go."

Her voice was firm and warm. Her mind was blank and she could not even struggle. She had even forgotten to refuse.

Staggering a little, he grabbed her by the waist and walked towards the center of the dance floor …

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