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C6 Slow Four

The first chapter: To the CEO (Casual brush, fun, ha-ha, laughing at PP)

The erratic mood

Cloud-thick light

up and down the heart

up and down

You who hold the hand of a stranger

I was at a loss for what to do

brow crease

Elegant notes roam the lines

stroke your forehead

I just want to flatten out the sadness that's hidden among the flowers in the mountain

How long

You're the only one who's gonna be my only one

In the morning light show you that I am always as beautiful as a lotus

And in the dark night, my tears only grow old

Nightmare floating back and forth

Your Calm My Dependence

Traveling with you when the osmanthus is fragrant

Warmth like a cool breeze for you to give me

The distant sunset blossoms its beauty as before

A long shadow under a mottled tree

It is we who walk together on earth

Some were afraid, some were flustered. She didn't even feel the need to walk beside him.

How long had it been? This was the first time since that nightmare that she had been embraced by an unfamiliar man at such a close distance.



He put a hand on his forehead, and the man's aura enveloped her.

His heartbeat was as fast as an arrow leaving the bow, and it sounded like a drum beating.

A hand pushed against his body, using all of its strength, but it could not push him away at all.

Taking a deep breath, he continued on with his steel-like grandeur.

Finally, she was tired. Her body was like a soft leaf that was being blown by the wind as she gently drooped and trembled.

The current him was handsome and charming, as if he was a dazzling star that had given the dark night a ray of light.

As she looked, her eyes gradually lost focus. It was as if there was a river of stars in front of her that was so long and wide that it blocked her line of sight.

From the moment she touched his body, he felt her strange, powerless body. Even the force of her rejection was like a mosquito staring at him.

If she had followed him obediently, he would have lost interest by now. It was that feeble rejection that had aroused his desire to conquer her.

Trembling, why was she shaking so badly? Was he really that terrifying?

She continued to walk towards the dance floor with one arm wrapped around her, looking at her pale face with an expression that seemed to be thousands of miles away.

If he retreated, it would only prove that he had lost. His pride would not allow him to accept such an outcome.

Thus, she had no choice but to follow him.

She frowned lightly. Dammit, at this moment, she was going to stay in his embrace and not let anything go wrong.

Her ears were filled with the warm and strong rhythm of the dance. Looking at her current state, even if she stepped on his feet as she pleased, she might not be able to dance in this kind of dance.

With a wave of his hand and four fingers, the acoustics master switched the music to slow down.

The music instantly switched from light to slow, slow steps. Many people left the dance floor, and many people stepped back into the dance.

He led her through the music, and for a moment he and she were the only protagonists on the dance floor. Everyone's eyes were fixed on the perfect couple.

When it came to dancing, she could only be said to be a burden to him.

Her body seemed to be sleepwalking as he slowly moved. It was not so much a dance as a gentle stroll.

She rested her head on his shoulder, closed her eyes, and slowly accepted the sudden attack.

Sweat and tears lightly dripped down, wetting his white shirt. The creased material on his body, on the other hand, was surprisingly harmonious.

The hot and humid feeling woke him up from his deep thoughts about the potential softening factor, "Don't be afraid, just slowly relax yourself." He breathed softly into her ear, as if she were a fairy tale about the prince's love for the princess.

His warmth caused her to slowly stretch her limbs and distance the Nightmare from her. Feeling the power that was transferred to her by the hand at her waist, it continued to grow, causing her to suddenly feel at ease.

The clouds were no longer floating, but the stagnant water was slightly rippling. She felt something strange under her feet, and why was the floor no longer flat.

Lowering her head, she discovered that both of her feet had landed on his black shoes. He was actually dancing with her in such a manner.

It turned out that the shoes he had mentioned were actually made for this purpose.

With a blush on her face, she looked like a lotus flower that had just bloomed after a rain, giving off a clear and spirited image of her beauty.

After waking up, she then realized that the dance music had changed from 'Lun' to 'Slow'. She secretly felt relieved.

This was for the best. Otherwise, she wouldn't be able to explain it to Yu Fan. She wasn't a good person, but she definitely wasn't a bad girl.

"Let me go." She was weak.

"Don't move. A lot of your classmates have come. " He raised his eyebrows at her attack on the position, weak, and he could stop her with a single bullet.

Shocked, she forgot that countless eyes were staring at her and him from behind.

She blushed even more. "Please let me go." She begged in a low voice, not wanting to be the topic of conversation.

"This is the latest version of the Slow Fourth Jump. Haven't you seen it before?"

Damn it, how did she meet such a domineering and conceited man?

This kind of jumping method, only lovers would jump like this while hiding in the world of the two. At this moment, however, she and his world had too many spectators.

"Let me go."

Her loud cries were drowned out by the music and noise of the bar.

No one paid any attention to her indignation or helplessness, only his mocking smile.

He looked at her and smiled. He had always known that a woman's' no 'was' I will '.

He ignored her loud voice. She was no different from any other woman except for the faint sadness that occasionally appeared in the depths of her eyes.

He had only one desire to conquer her.

In his world, when his desires receded, everything would return to its starting point. Even if they brushed past each other once more, they would not be able to ripple in the air.

Her anger soared at his laughter, her mind blank.

In a trance, she pulled out her hand so fast that he didn't even have time to stop her, as her arm viciously swung towards his face …

"Pa …"

The five-fingered handprint was clearly imprinted on his face, and there was a sticky smell on his nose.

"Blood …"

She let out a terrifying cry as she watched the red silk liquid drop by drop. The pain in her throat was like fire, and the bright red blood reflected in her eyes. Her vision became blurry.

Man, suddenly fainted …

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