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C7 Inexplicable

He was clearly the one who had suffered the most after being slapped by her. Yet now, he had become the target of thousands of attacks.

He had seen shameless women, but he had never seen such an exaggerated one. Just a little blood and she would have fainted.

Thus, the person who beat him up became a little sheep in his arms, while he became a big grey wolf.

Screaming and cursing.

Staring furiously at the crowd, what dissatisfaction did they have?

It was him who had lost, not her.

How unlucky, she was actually made a fool of by a woman, it must be filled. Let's see how she's going to be treated and sent to the hospital. I'll have to give you a few bottles of IV drip if I have nothing better to do, let's see if you can still play or not.

Carrying her, he strode towards the door.

In the darkness, Ah Cheng followed him. Normally, the CEO was used to 'putting on airs', but now, if he didn't see it with his own eyes, he wouldn't believe it no matter what. Their CEO was actually slapped on the face by a woman.

Strangely enough, not only did the CEO not throw her to the floor, he even carried her all over the place.

Propaganda? It must have been the right word.

Absolutely not. After being beaten, he was still carrying him. If it wasn't Zhang Yang, what else could it be? The hundreds of people in the bar were all watching. If it wasn't for him closing his eyes, other people would have covered their ears.

He held back his laughter and didn't dare to make a sound. Just as he was about to leave, Yinyin's dozen or so classmates were already blocking in front of the CEO.

"Put him down." Everyone had seen that it was Yinyin who had slapped him, so it wasn't all his fault. However, since Yinyin wanted to beat him up, he must have done something wrong. Otherwise, Yinyin wouldn't casually beat him up for no reason at all.

"Not letting go." He wanted to take her away, but he couldn't hand her over to this group of people. With so many people, they would all be polite to each other.

Look, what nonsense is this?

The two sides clashed. One side had the numbers advantage, while the other side only had two. Moreover, one of them, Young Master Ke, was holding Yinyin in his arms.



Young Master Ke's manly aura had already captivated a group of girls. Only the boys were still confronting him, but they didn't dare to act rashly.

"No." Zhong Yufan sharply rejected him, breaking the temporary stalemate.

"Why?" Ke Zhengwei definitely wouldn't let him block his path. Others could do the same, but not him.

"Yinyin doesn't know you, you're a stranger." How could he allow someone he didn't know to take away his beloved Yin?

Hui Zhen, who was at the side, tugged on his arm. "Everyone is reasonable, don't do it." From the looks of it, she was going to come out and mediate, or else it was definitely possible that she would make a move. Furthermore, in Hui Zhen's heart, he actually wished for Master Ke to take Yin away.

"Yinyin, I'm sorry. Since you've already given us our lives, let's sacrifice ourselves once more." She was the only one who knew what she was reading.

"I'm Yinyin's boss." Yinyin was a bar employee, and it seemed reasonable that he should take her away.

"Boss …" Everyone was shocked, and their expressions were filled with disbelief. So young, no.

With another snap of his fingers, the waiter admired his strength as he quickly walked over and said, "Young Master Ke, what can I do for you?"

"Tell them, who is the boss here?"

"Of course it's Young Master Ke and Mr. Ou." The waiters didn't know about it until today, because their Young Master Ke rarely showed up at bars, other than on the day of the ribbon cutting, this was the second time he came to a bar.

Fortunately, Mr. Ou made a phone call before the start of the night and told the shop manager to teach them a lesson. Otherwise, he wouldn't even know Young Master Ke's true face anymore.

"It's time to let them pass, right?" Originally, he could have ignored their reactions, but after looking at the person in his embrace, he didn't want to hurt his relationship with her classmate. It was the first time he had done something so submissively, and he wasn't used to it.

Silently, everyone looked at him. Young Master Ke's dazzling address and radiance stunned everyone.

He was the genius in the field of architecture. His design and construction, decoration and layout always exuded a unique and unconventional charm, yet at the same time, it was able to move your heart.

So this bar was his. No wonder it was so eye-catching. Just the luxury alone was enough to make him feel overwhelmed.

He forgot to stop Yinyin from leaving and could only watch him and Yinyin disappear into the exit of the bar step by step.

In the half-light and half-darkness, there was even a pair of eyes that was bitterly staring at his back …

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