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C8 Wake up


Bright red blood.

The floor was dyed red with blood.



It was a hoarse voice, but there was no response. Only the heads of his father and mother were lying in a pool of blood …

Struggling to climb over, one step, two steps, is about to hold mother's hand, mother's hand is so warm, she must hold in hand to be happy to be safe.

Two meters, one meter, one foot, just a hair away from holding her mother's hand. She smiled.

However, before that smile could fully bloom on her face, an arm had already lightly pulled away the distance between her and her mother.

In front of his eyes, it was as if a moth had flown into a flame.

That burning sensation was both demonic and strange.

That face full of grievance was inching closer and closer. A thick stench of tobacco and blood assaulted her internal organs. She struggled to escape, but was restrained by brute force …



In the midst of her confusion, there was a sea of fog. Her vision could only be seen floating, floating …

When he woke up, the world was pure white, with white walls, white curtains, white quilts, and white clothes. Behind that purity was the nightmare she had once shed a drop of blood on.

She lightly flashed her long eyelashes as she struggled to look at everything in the room.

The blinding white made her scream hysterically, "I'm going out."

The voice was pitiful, but it was enough to wake Mei Rong who was lying in front of the bed.

"Yinyin, wake up." Shaking Yinyin's arm, he was once again dreaming. Why did he sound so exhausted even in his dreams?

His empty eyes stared at Mei Rong for a long time before finally recovering his senses.



Slow four.


Memories flooded in like a tide, causing him a headache. "Water, I want to drink water."

"Wait, Yinyin, I'll bring it to you right away." He quickly ran to the table and poured himself a cup of water. It was warm, and Young Master Ke was the one who thought it through. He even heated up the water in the thermos, which was neither cold nor hot, so she could immediately pour it for Yinyin.

The pillow was placed on the back of the bed, supporting Yinyin as she sat up, passing her water. Watching her drink it one mouthful at a time, Yinyin finally felt at ease.

"Yinyin, don't you know how long you slept?" She sighed. It was just a few drops of blood, but she had actually slept for two days and two nights. This was too exaggerated.

"Oh." She really didn't care how long she slept. If she didn't wake up, how great it would be!

Mei-Rong sighed at her confusion. "I've never seen anyone who didn't value themselves this much."

"I'm hungry."

For two days and two nights, it would be weird if Yinyin wasn't hungry. "I'll bring you some porridge."

Fragrant egg thin meat porridge, cut small diamond-shaped egg, thin meat, mixed with the taste of celery and onion, very fragrant.

Picking up the spoon, he slowly put it into his mouth and swallowed it. The authentic taste was as if his mother had cooked it herself, "Who cooked it? "It's really delicious."

"Young Master Ke." Mei Rong's face was filled with envy. She did not know when this damned girl had gotten such a good fortune. Even the tycoon of the real estate industry, Young Master Ke, was personally serving her.

"Young Master Ke?" Who is it? This is the first time I've heard it.

"What?" You don't know him? " Mei Rong was shocked. She didn't know him, but how could he be so good to her? That was her boss.

Yinyin looked at Mei Rong's expression and tried to figure out who he was, but she couldn't be sure. "I really don't know Young Master Ke."

"My lady, I have lost to you. Young Master Ke is the person dancing with you. "

Sure enough, it was him. Recalling his domineering attitude, she looked at the meat porridge in her hand and felt at a loss. No matter what, she could not believe that he knew how to cook porridge for her to eat.

She silently waited for Mei Rong to reveal more about her. No one knew her two good friends better than her.

"That day, everyone was watching you dance. That's right, that was the first time I saw you dance. Hehe, not bad, your coordination is pretty good."

"Little demon girl, stop talking nonsense. What kind of tacit understanding do you have? I don't even know him." He was busy clarifying, so he couldn't let his sisters misunderstand his relationship with her.

"Then I saw you slap him. Wow, Yinyin, you're cool! You're my idol! Even the famous Young Master Ke was slapped by you!"

"Hey, don't talk about all this nonsense, pick up the important parts and listen to who actually sent me to the hospital."

"Alright. Tell me right away. As soon as I saw your palm swing towards me, I saw that Young Master Ke's nose was starting to bleed. "Blood, drop by drop, and then …" Suddenly, he stopped. He wanted to keep her in suspense. Who asked her to scare him like this?

"And then what?" She knew all of this before she fainted.

Mei Rong was pleased with herself as she saw the urgency in Yin He's eyes. "Then you fainted. Just then, with a "shua shua" sound, Young Master Ke carried you in his arms and walked towards the door. "

I was taken to the hospital by him?" Her classmates were too weak. How could they be at ease handing her over to a stranger? Didn't they see that she even gave him a slap? How could he just let this go so easily? Once he left, he would be like a lamb in a tiger's den.

"Of course, how could we let him succeed? Otherwise, I wouldn't be accompanying you in the hospital." He chuckled, good friends were good friends after all.

As she listened to Mei Rong happily report to her, she couldn't help but secretly laugh in her heart …

It turned out that after Young Master Ke left the bar, Mei Rong had volunteered to follow them all the way to the hospital.

That Young Master Ke actually 'enjoyed' her slap quite a bit. He didn't have any special reactions …

Sweat, she had finally repaid him for his rudeness towards her in the bar …

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