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C9 Discharge

Young Master Ke.

Despite staying in the dreamscape for three years, she actually didn't even know about this underground boss. He was still too young, and he was still trying to sell her wine in the bar.

As for him, his acting was truly lifelike. He was cooperating with her without any change in his expression. His concealment was just too mysterious. On the other hand, it was her slap that made his face shine.

"Mei Rong. "Pack up, let's go." Today, Saturday, she had to leave the hospital immediately.

"But why are you packing your things for a walk?" She had only just woken up, her stamina was recovering really quickly.

"There's nothing wrong with him. He's just a little dizzy. He's been sick for a long time, and it's not like he's been sick for a year or two. It's no big deal. Let's leave the hospital." Yinyin frowned, as if this matter had touched her heart.

"I'll be staying for at least another day. I've already paid the admission fee." To be honest, after leaving the courtyard, she would never see that Young Master Ke again. She really liked his cool appearance.

"I'm going to faint. Is there anyone else who likes to live in this damn place?" "Then you can stay."

"Yinyin, how can you be like this? At least greet Young Master Ke."

"No." She walked into the changing room and changed her clothes before leaving. The faint blood that she had was not a serious illness, but they had made a fuss over nothing.

"Mei Rong, where are my clothes?" Thanks to Young Master Toco, she was actually living alone in the VIP room. She had a bathroom, a changing room, and even a small living room.

"It's all hanging in the cabinet."

That's not right. She had looked for a long time. There were seven or eight sets of new clothes hanging in the closet, but none of them were hers. How could she wear other people's clothes? What about her purple dress?

"What about the purple dress I came in?" No matter how bad it was, it was still his own. Wearing it would naturally fit him and make him comfortable.

"Take it to wash, I haven't brought it back yet." Yesterday, Young Master Ke had someone bring over seven or eight sets of clothes. It's not enough for you to wear.

She looked down at herself. She couldn't just go out in her hospital gown and be sent back to the hospital as a lunatic by the police.

Uh, even employees who care about their subordinates can't afford to be so generous. She looked at the clothes, all of them white collared beauties, dresses, small suits, T-shirts, pants, all of them worth quite a bit of money.

He put on a pair of T-shirt and jeans and looked at himself in the huge mirror. He was wearing a light blue T-shirt and black jeans and had a ponytail tied behind his head. He opened the door and said, "Mei-Rong, let's go."

"Cough …" Cough … "You sure are efficient. Do you still want that bouquet of roses on the table?"

"No." Red roses, vulgar, just think of the meaning of that flower, she just can't, rich people's tricks, where from the true heart.

"Then... What a pity, the flower shop only delivered it in the morning. And those clothes, you don't want them either? " They were all famous brands.

"Whoever buys it will take it." Let's go. " There was nothing to linger for, she could not bear Young Master Ke's clothes.

When the door opened, the aunt who was doing the cleaning came in. "Miss, are you going to be discharged?"

"Yes, Auntie, I'll give you the flower on the table."

"Really?" What a beautiful bunch of flowers! There were at least a hundred of them!

"Really, thank you Auntie." It was good to help her clean up the mess. She wanted to thank him.

As soon as he stepped out of the door, a black shadow blocked his way. "Miss Hu, may I ask where you're going?"

"Going home." Too lazy to bother, could they?

"Miss Hu hasn't gone through the procedures to leave the hospital, and without the permission of our CEO, Miss Hu can't just leave the hospital."

Hey, she didn't sell it to him. Did he have the right to control her?

"I'm sorry, it's not working hours right now. I have my own personal freedom." Those who heard the meaning in his words would understand it for themselves.

"Miss Hu, if you leave like this, your brother will lose his job." Everyone knew that this woman had slapped the CEO's face. Not only was the CEO not angry, she even took good care of him.

"It's none of my business. It's better to change jobs." Having seen through the gatekeeper's trick, he had been fighting in the bar for three years now.

Ignoring that person's persuasion, she strode towards the door. He was the one who paid for the hospitalization, it was fine as long as he came. She would definitely find a way to pay back the money she owed him in the future.

Mei Rong followed closely behind as if she was afraid that Ye Zichen would run away.

He walked out of the gate, turned the corner, and headed for the bus stop.

Suddenly, a black BMW slowly approached her.

Whose car followed her in this way also attracted the attention of all the people at the bus stop.

Ignoring him, Yinyin continued to the bus stop.

The window beside him slowly rolled down. "Hu Yinyin, get in the car."

It was a familiar yet unfamiliar voice. It was just a brief encounter, and there was really no need for her to pay any more attention to him.

"My apologies, but I'm in a hurry." The tactful rejection was because he was her boss.

"Then don't regret it."

"Weiwei, sit still, uncle is going to drive."

Weiwei …

Ying Yin hurriedly looked back. Could it be …

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