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C10 Deepest desire

"Mia's mom sent me a text and I was all worried." I spoke while I turned to face mom.

"Is she okay? Did something happened?" Mom asked me with anxiousness.

"She is fine! Mia is back." I told her and my head snapped back to moment she rushed into the bathroom to puke.

"Is she really okay?" I thought.

"Mom!" I called and she stopped what she was doing to look at me.

"How can you tell if someone is pregnant?" I asked her and she gasped.

"Ar..are you pregnant?" She stuttered with wide eyes.

"Mom! Is just a question. In fact, forget I asked." I stated and turned around to walk to my room.

"Can we talk about it?" She yelled behind me.

"There is nothing to talk about." I replied and storm into my room. I stood by the door and exhaled a deep breath.

"Things are really getting creepy this days!" I tried not to wrap my head around Mia.

The day went as a blur and darkness fell upon the surface. I was already feeling sleepy when mom walked into my room without knocking.

"Mom can you knock a little at least. What if am with someone?" I asked with a frustrating tone.

"And obviously you are not." she replied and placed her hands on her waist as she stared at me.

"What is it mom? I'm sleepy you know," I said with a pout.

"About earlier... Who is pregnant?" She asked calmly but I could sense curiosity in her voice.

For a second I wanted to tell her everything but then I changed my mind. What if my instinct are wrong huh?

"No one! I was just curious on how pregnant ladies behave." I replied.

"Are you planing on getting pregnant for that guy?" She pressed further.

"Christ! No mom! I don't even like him." I voiced out in a haste and ruffled my hair.

She nodded and spoke. "Alright then, goodnight."

She walked out of the room and I felt relieved. Mom can be a drama queen sometimes. I groaned and stretched myself one more time.




*Next morning*

"Please!" I yelled and jump out of bed. I was sweating profusely. "Oh God! Is a dream, is just a dream," I muttered to myself and tried to catch my breath.

I sighed and rushed to the bathroom to wash my sweaty face. As I splashed the water on my face, the dream came flashing right into my head.

Heavens! It felt so real.

"Mia!" I whispered, the dream was about her. I brushed my teeth in haste and comb my hair, without taking my bath, I storm out of the house and headed straight to see her.

I was breathing roughly and still scared as hell! I got a cab without wasting time, in few minutes, he arrived at my destination and I stepped out of the car swiftly.

After paying the cabman, my phone began to ring but I ignored it.

"Mia! Mia!" I yelled from outside but there was no response. My breath was already rising and falling and my hands became sweaty.

I storm into her room and sighted her sprawling on the bed. She turned to face the door and looked at me with confused eyes before she stood up immediately.

"Hey! Hey! Are you okay?" She asked and I only walked passed her to sit on the bed.

"Why are you this way huh? Did something bad happened?" She asked and I tried to calm myself.

"I'm glad you're okay. I had this horrible dream, someone shot you Mia and I was terrified, it felt so real." I told her.

Gosh! I have never been this scared and worried my whole life.

She moved to me and held my hand." Is just a dream dear! I'm fine." she stated and I stared at her. I released a light smile as I felt relieved completely.

"You were suppose to tell me something you know," she winked at me as she tried to ease the atmosphere.

"Yeah! About a guy. His name is Francis." I voiced out and she chuckled.

"I knew it, it's definitely about a guy. Do you like him?" she asked out of the blues.

"Slow down Mia, we are only friends; besides I'm getting to know him." I said with an eye roll.

"Tell me about him." She said and clapped her hands together.

"He is loaded and handsome, he worked in a fashion industry at New York, you won't believe it Mia," I said and that alone added to her curiosity.

"What?" She questioned immediately.

"He is the same Francis drew who was interviewed on a Radio station few month ago." I stated and she gasped.

"Wow! Norah you got yourself a catch." She said happily and I gave her a blank expression.

"Wait! But why is he on a low profile, like he is presently in Florida and the Radio stations never said a thing about it." She added and I wonder too.

"Uhm..." I itched my nape. "I never got to ask him that question. He must have a reason you know." I added.

"Whatever! I will like to meet him, please!" She winked at me.

I sighed "Alright! When you're ready."

"He wants to send me to new york next week to pursue my dreams, there is an upcoming fashion contest and he wants me to participate." I told her in a low voice

Mia was standing close to her wardrobe and she turned to look at me. "For real?" She questioned with popped eyes and I nodded.

"Oh my!" She cooed. "My girl is going to become a model for real. He is indeed a God sent you know, I will worship this man if I were you." She spoke and hit my arm playfully

I wide my eyes." Eww! Ma'am get yourself together, you have a boyfriend remember." I teased her.

"That reminds me, how was your trip girl? Spill it out! I want to hear everything." I spoke and fixed my gaze on her.

She laughed and took out a sweater from her wardrobe. Just as I was about asking her what she wanted to do with it, Mia ran with quick short steps into the bathroom.

She puke like she was about throwing her intestine out. I'm not letting this go.

"Is she really pregnant?" No! Mia can't be so dumb.

She walked out of the bathroom looking exhausted, her left hand on her stomach. "Are you sure you're okay?" I asked with worried tone.

"I think I'm sick!" She said and placed her hand on her forehead.

"You need to see a doctor." I said but she decline and move over to the bed to lie down

"I can't leave you like this. We are going to the hospital right now, like it or not." I said in a strict tone and moved to her direction.

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