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DEEPEST DESIRE/C11 Deepest desire
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C11 Deepest desire


I was feeling feverish and weak at the same time. To some extent I was scared on what the result will be. My heart was already racing and my palms were sweaty.

I was sure enough I used pills after the sex. Am I pregnant? No! It can't be...

Norah focused on me as she held my hand and walked into the hospital. We left without telling my mom where we were actually going to. I felt nervous instantly.

We met the receptionist and she directed us to wait for the doctor. The place was yet to be choked up, there was only few people waiting for the doctor to attend to them.

I sighed. My hands were already sweaty as I wiped them on my cloth and swallowed the lump I felt in my throat constantly.

we sat on the bench and waited patiently. Just then; a nurse opened the door a little and called. "Mia?" She voiced out and I raised my head and my breath quickened.

Norah patted me on the back and I released a smile that didn't last long. I followed the nurse into the office and met the doctor.

I told him how I was throwing up for the past two days and he looked at me with a blank expression. Several test were conducted on me as he asked me to wait outside a little and I did.

She sprang on her feet immediately she sighted me. "How was it?" Norah asked further with darting eyes.

"He didn't say a word about what is wrong with me. But the result will be out in a minute." I told her.

We sat on the bench and waited for almost five minute, every little sound made my body vibrate with tension.

"Was it suppose to take this long?" She asked me curiously, her anxiousness was increasing too.

Suddenly the nurse popped out of nowhere and was approaching us. I had a bad feeling immediately but tried to maintain my cool. It was like I was more anxious than Norah.


"Congratulations dear! You're two weeks pregnant." She said directly to Mia and I felt the whole place spinning.

Mia slowly took hold of the result and the nurse noticed our awkward behavior and left without uttering a word to us.

"You're pregnant? How?" I said with dilated eyes, my voice cracking with disbelief.

"I..I don't know. I swear I used the pills." She said with a cracked voice.

"You used pills huh? Then how comes you're pregnant Mia? You barely know this guy. Oh heavens!" I said and yanked my hair, I could not stay still.

I didn't realized I was raising my voice not until I noticed some people glancing between us. Mia roamed her eyes around as a tear spilled from her eye.

She rushed out of the hospital and I felt guilty for making her feel terrible about it. I ran after her.

"Mia please wait!" I spoke when I sighted her trying to stop a cab.

"Why huh? So you can yell at me all day?" She said in tears.

I didn't realized I was already crying. Fuck! Today didn't go as planned for me.

I rushed to her and held her hand. "We aren't perfect and that's why we are humans. I am sorry for making you feel bad, I was just worried and angry." I stated.

She increased her cries. "I messed up Norah." She said in a faint voice and bowed her head.

I hugged her so tight. "We are going to solve this okay, let's go home first." I added.

we drove home in total silence. So many voices roamed inside my head. "If she had used the pills as she said, how did this happen?"

I could not get my thought off the whole pregnancy issue. I heard Mia sniffed and I turned to looked at her, She was facing the window with her hand on her chin.

Immediately the cab stopped, we hopped out of it. Mia walked silently into the house and left me behind to pay the cab man.

I headed inside and met her laying on the bed life a lifeless person.

I leaned against the wall and watched her. "I think I remembered how it all happened, we had sex and I was not on birth control neither on pills that day. How careless can I be?" She voiced out and I get her point.

"What do we do? Do you want to keep the baby?" I asked her calmly as I waited for her answer.

"I don't know! I am so confused right now; I never planned for this." She said and touched her tummy.

I sighed and played with my hair. "We need to think of something fast. Are you sure Austin will accept the baby?" I questioned curiously, so many thought filled my head and it was driving me nuts.

"I will have to inform him about the pregnancy." She said and tapped her leg.

"You have to and, please tell me what the plan will be. Did you tell your mom about him already?" I asked the question that has been bothering me but she shook her head.

"What? Mia! I thought we spoke about this. For Christ sake." I stated with disappointment washing through my voice.

"The earlier the better, especially now that you're pregnant. You better tell her or I will." I warned.

"I will! I can't hide it from her." She replied faintly and buried her face in her hands.

I moved over to her and hugged her. "I am here for you okay!" I whispered.

"Thank you," she whispered with a sniff.

"I need to head home now, I left without saying a word to my mom, I don't want to make her worry over me." I added after we unlocked from the hug.

"I will call you when I get home," I said and pecked her forehead.

"Thank you Norah!" She stated with a light smile on her lips and I nodded before stepping out of her room.

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