DEEPEST DESIRE/C12 Deepest desire
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DEEPEST DESIRE/C12 Deepest desire
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C12 Deepest desire


"Oh fuck Oh!" She moaned in essence pleasure and tilted her head back. I was so in the mood and everything about that moment was awesome. I hit climax and released, I felt relieved as I pulled out of her to catch my breath.

I sat up right on the bed as the bitch adjusted her legs. I dragged my drawer and took hold of my cigarette pack and pulled one out of it.

My lighter was on top of the drawer and I used it to light it up. I puffed the cigarette with all joy as my head felt lighter.

"I want you to leave now!" I spoke and dropped some cash on the bed for her.

She gasped, "I thought I was going to spend the night here." She said painfully.

"You heard me, leave before I drag you out." I stood up in my nude self and walked over to the window to get a better view of the day.

I could hear her sniff as the stood up from the bed to gather her clothes on the floor.

"Liam!" She called teary but I turned immediately and pointed my hands towards the door. A sign for her to shut up and just leave.

She shook her head and wore her cloth, swiftly, she stormed out of the room in tears, I rolled my eyes and walked into the bathroom to take a shower.

In few minutes; I stepped out and noticed five missed calls from my secretary. "Work issue again." I groaned and threw the phone on the bed.

Just as I was about to walk to my wardrobe to get some cloth, my phone began to ring. I felt like smashing it on the floor. "When will I ever get some rest huh?" I growled and moved over to the phone on the bed.

I picked the call with annoyance. I hate it when people try to ruin my morning. "What is it? If it is not important just forget about it." I said in strict aura.

"Sorry Sir, I have no plans in ruining your day, is just that, the contest is near at hand. uh! Sir, don't forget we definitely want you to be present in selecting the contestants next week." He stuttered as he spoke.

I ran a hand over my face. "I will be coming in on Sunday." I stated; without waiting for any more word from him, I ended the call.

For years, I have been looking for a perfect person who I am going to close my modelling deal with. Most of the girls are just after the fame and not the work, half of them have no passion for modelling, I want someone who can lead the company with all she hers and set its standards high.

I sighed and walked back to my wardrobe to finish what I started.


Everything seems like a shock to me. My thought was only revolving around Mia. I hope she tells her mom everything. Is there a need to hide her boyfriend from her?

I could not understand her reason even if I wanted to. Now she got herself pregnant, what will happen to her education? She was suppose to go to college this year...

I placed my hand on my chin as I buried myself into my thought. My phone began to ring and I flinched on my chair. "Christ!" I whispered.

I sighted the caller and it was Mia. I quickly pressed the answer button, I was so eager to hear from her.

"Hey! Mia!" I called and adjusted myself on the chair.

"Hey!" She replied not too excited as she used to be.

"Are you okay?" I asked with so much concern.

"Yes of course. Hey I am leaving for New York tomorrow." She spoke and I wide my eyes.

"Again! Why?" I questioned not understanding why she has to leave again.

"Wait! What did Austin say about the pregnancy huh? Is he in support of it?" I bombarded her with questions. Curiosity was getting the best of me.

"Yes! I spoke to him about it and, he wants me to come over so we could discuss how we are going plan the future." She spoke but I was still not satisfied. I felt unease about the whole future planning thing.

I sighed, I didn't want to pressed further so I let it go. "That's cool, I wish you didn't have to leave so early." I said sadly.

"Me too, but I don't have a choice, I hope is for the better." She said and I nodded like she could see me.

"Hey! I love you okay; stay strong." I told her, more like a whisper.

I heard her sniffed. "Are you crying?" I asked immediately.

"I don't know what to do without you Norah, thank you." She added pitifully and I felt my water tank warming up.

"You don't have to thank me okay, please don't, what are friends for?" I mumbled.

"Let me get some rest okay, I will call you later." She said to me and we ended the call.

I stood at that particular spot for minutes with my phone glue to my hand. "I will do anything to make sure you're okay." I whispered to myself.

Just then a text popped into my phone. I scrolled through my phone and read it. "Francis wants to take me out on a real date?" I shrugged and walked out of my room.

I was so worried about Mia that all I could do was think deeply every now and then, I felt relieved by speaking to her. Then, I realized I was starving, my stomach rumbled and I held it tight as I moved over to the kitchen to get some food.

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