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C13 Deepest desire

I was dressing up to meet Francis for a date. I have unending questions I also want to ask him about the fashion contest, I was having sleepless night over it and is not helping at all.

This will be my first time contesting and I am so nervous even before the main day.

Will I even pass the first stage? Heavens!

I am afraid I won't get the chance to reach the final stage. What will happen to me huh? I decided to kick off any negative thought and concentrate on what I have always hoped-for.

I dragged my zipper up and the dress hung onto me perfectly. I stared at my reflection in the mirror, at least the best I can do is to dress a little elegant for him since he asked for a real date.

Just then my head drifted to Mia. Shit! I was suppose to call her. Did she leave already?

I picked up my phone and dialled her line. It rang for the first time but there was no response.

I dialled the number for the second time and she picked. "Hey! You got me worried, on your way already?" I asked her in haste.

"Yes of course! I am heading to the airport right now." She added with a calm tone.

"Mia! Are you sure you're okay? If you don't want to travel to New York, you can stay and I will make him visit you in Florida." I spoke seriously without giving much thought on how I was going to achieve that.

"No! Is fine, I got everything covered okay. You can visit me when you land in New york. 'Buffalo street, house 18' that's the address." She stated.

I quickly took a pen on my drawer and wrote down the address. "I will definitely check up on you, be safe okay." I added and we ended the call.

I took a deep breath and continued with what I was doing.



After an hour; I was done. I called Francis earlier and he came over to pick me up.

He dropped his mouth wide open as I approached him, he was drooling obviously and was not embarrassed I caught him staring keenly at me.

"You look georgous, no doubt Norah. You will be the face of fashion life." He said with a smile. My cheeks turned red as I tried to control the way I was blushing.

For a second I was so happy about the fashion contest but then I got nervous again. "Can we leave?" He asked and opened the door of his car for me to step in.

We drove to a restaurant, never heard of the place. "How comes you know all the good places?" I asked him, the place was terrific and comfortable.

"Let's say, I have a taste for good things." He added and winked at me.

Francis placed the order earlier and a waitress walked up to us, serving us white rice, beef stew and a glass of red wine. I dished in my spoon but then my curiosity got the best of me.

"I am a little bit scared you know; what if my years of waiting at home to become a model someday turns out to be in vain." I said and played with my food.

He looked at me with beady eyes. "What do you mean?" He said with a fixed gaze.

"I don't know but I feel so nervous about the whole thing." I said and lowered my head.

He caress my hand a little and we stared at each other. "I believe in you, but you have to do the same for yourself." He said in rapt tone.

"Well all you have to do there is obey the rules, practice what you are taught, create your own style and magic and you will do just fine." He added and smiled at me.

I exhaled and nodded. "Thank you for always helping me out. I owe you." I muttered. I felt relieved instantly, I was beginning to think he was an angel in disguised.

He is indeed a nice guy no doubt. We stayed long at the restaurant and talked about other important stuff, especially issue regarding my trip to New York.

I went home that evening all sleepy. It was a long day and I have exhausted all my energy.




After a week, I went over to Mia's house and knocked slightly on the door and Mia's mom opened the door immediately. Was she expecting me?

"Thank heavens! I was just thinking of you." She stated and I gave her a blank expression.

"Are you okay Mrs Cora?" I asked her and she paced up and down the sitting room without saying a word to me.

"I can't reach Mia! I am so worried." She spoke in a low voice and sighed. That's one of the reason I came to see her mom, I could not contact Mia and that made me so worried.

"Is she doing okay? Was she able to talk things out with Austin?" Is been a week now and Mia haven't called and we could not get to her.

"I was about asking you if Mia called you." I said to her with dilated eyes. She placed her hand over her mouth like she was about to shed tears.

"I am so worried! But I know she is doing okay." Her mom spoke as she tried to comfort herself.

"Yeah me too. I am also leaving for New York in an hour and I promise to find her; and when I do, I will scold her for making us so worried over her." I told her mom and she nodded.

"Please do! And tell her to call me okay," she said with eagerness.

"I will!" I replied and hugged her, after some minutes, we unlocked from the hug.

"Has Mia told you she has a boyfriend who stays in New York?" I asked the mother curiously.

"Yes! But we didn't get to talk much about him. Is everything okay?" She asked and scanned my face for an answer.

I let out a smile. "Of course! Good bye ma'am." I stated and waved at her before turning around to leave.

"I guess Mia didn't inform her mom about the pregnancy? Should I tell her about it?"

No! I don't want to make her mom dead worried over her, besides Mia must have a reason for not spilling the beans. I shrugged the thought off and headed home to prepare for my flight.

I just have an hour to leave for the airport and, I wonder why Francis have to book the flight for Sunday. All thanks to him though, he has been helpful.

I went home straight away, my trolley was neatly zipped as I walked over to my wardrobe to change my cloth.

In a few seconds, I was done dressing up and walked out of the room to inform mom that I was ready to leave and I hoped not to come in contact with my annoying stepfather.

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