DEEPEST DESIRE/C2 Deepest desire
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DEEPEST DESIRE/C2 Deepest desire
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C2 Deepest desire

Immediately I turned and sighted the glimpse of light through my window; I jumped out of bed and rushed to the bathroom. Brushed my teeth and washed my face.

I walked out of the room and headed to the sitting room to do my morning chores. Mom was still not out of her room cause everywhere was damn quiet apart from the sound of my footsteps.

I got a broom and a mop and began to do my duties. Mom stepped out of the room later on with a heap of cloth. "Good morning" I greeted.

"Hey baby; hope you slept well." She cooed and I nodded.

"Uh! I need to go somewhere later, can you do the laundry for me?" She asked as she kept her dirty pile of clothes on the couch.

In as much as I hate doing laundry, I could not say no to mom. I nodded and she smiled before leaving.

"I will be back before noon. Get yourself something to eat, and please stay out of trouble with your father, You two have done enough." She added in a bleary way.

"My father? I felt irritated with just the way she called him my dad. That man can never be my father; he don't deserve the right to be one." I whispered to myself.

I carried the clothes on the couch and moved to the backyard for some laundry while whispering and belting out a curse under my breath.



I was done in less than forty minute, ate breakfast; took my bath and head out to Mia's place. I was grateful I haven't sighted the unpleasant face of my stepfather, I wonder what could have spilled out from that unfiltered mouth of his. I rolled my eyes and got a cab outside the house.

I could walk to Mia place but it will take up to twenty minute and I am not in for it. I better get a cab and get there on time. The sun was obviously not favourable today as I could feel it's burning stares on my skin.

I got to the house and met her mom in the sitting room. She kept her legs on the wooden table while relaxing her back on the couch.

"Good morning ma'am" I spoke with a wide smile.

"Hey Norah! How are you? Is been a while you visited." She spoke and I nodded. "Mia! Norah is here." She yelled.

She smiled broadly at me and adjusted herself on the couch. "she is in her room." She voiced out. I smiled and adjusted the little bag I was holding as I moved my legs to Mia's room.

Just as I was about knocking, she opened the door. "Look who is here, your father finally let you out huh." She teased and I rolled my eyes at her.

"Don't play games with me, I have told you countless times Mia, that man is not my father, just a man staying under our roof." I added with a growl.

Mia chuckled. "Indeed!" She mumbled.

"You sounded so excited last night. what's the gist about?" I asked Mia with curiosity unable to calm my anxiousness.

"Well-" she spoke but I interrupted.

"Did you really tell your cousin about me or you're just pulling my legs?" I asked her with a fixed gaze.

She rolled her eyes. "Of course I did, my cousin is an honest-to-goodness guy. Who knows huh, you two might get married next year." She said joyfully like it was the easiest thing to do.

"Mia!" I called her name with a hard glare.

"Thank me later for this, besides is far more better I help you decide on what you want now than giving your stepfather a chance to force you to get married to his age mate."She said.

I sighed. "He better not try that with me. So what the next gist in line?" I asked, because I was already getting tired with the whole gist revolving around me.

She held my hand and dragged me to sit on the bed and walked over to her door and peeped before closing it. I watched her with beady eyes. "why was she acting creepy?"

She rushed to me on the bed and sat on it. " about a guy I met couple of weeks ago, I wanted to tell you about him but I need to be sure of what am into." She spoke

"How did you meet him?" I suddenly asked. Mia have never sounded so joyful about a guy before. He must be the lucky one.

I was worst in the relationship aspect, at least Mia has dated a couple of guys; unlike me who only dated one boy all my life and I would never want to go down that part again.

I was not the dating freak and I love it that way. Mia has spoken to me countless times to loosen up but am not just ready to be in love again.

"We met online!" She spoke and I dilated my eyes.

"Mia! that's risky. You mean you haven't seen him facially but you are already falling for him?" I spoke almost yelling.

"Will you bring down your voice, why are you judging too much?" She added.

I ignored her question and asked "Does your mom know about this?"

"No! I will tell her when it seems like the right time. you're such a kill joy, I thought you will be happy for me but you're already judging too much." She said glumly and crossed her arms.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel bad. Am just worried about you." I spoke softly,

she kept quiet and lowered her head.

"Can you please tell me more about him?" I questioned calmly and she grinned.

"There was a time I uploaded a picture on my Instagram page and then I got lots of comment. He privately chatted me up but then I ignored at first, but he kept sending me messages; little by little we began to communicate and I got to find out he lives in New York and work as a banker. I swear Norah! I felt this connection between the two of us and just recently, I discovered that I was falling in love. He confessed that to me already; now I'm the only person left to decide our fate." She spoke and played with her fingers.

I listened carefully without interrupting "So you do love him?" I asked her and she nodded without staring at me.

"I won't ask you not to fall in love, just be careful Mia." I stated like a mother giving advice to her teenage daughter.

We decided to move past that chapter as she promise to update me on whatever happens between them and I respect that. We gisted for long and I glance at my wrist watch.

"Heavens! I yelled as I sighted the time. I need to leave. My mom must be back already and I wouldn't want my precious ears to hear my stepfather nag all day." I said with a sigh.

She walked me out of the room to the parlour. "Won't you stay for dinner dear?" Her mom asked me but I politely decline.

I rushed home in haste after getting a cab on time, as I moved closer to the house I heard laughter coming out from the sitting room. Do we have visitors?

I thought of entering through the back door but decided to walk in through the front door.

I stepped in and met my stepfather with two men sitting and laughing. "Ewww! Ugly set of men." I whispered to myself. One of them looked at me like he was about ripping off my cloth.

"Good evening." I mumbled as I tried to walked passed them.

"And this must be Norah," the man with the bald head spoke with a different accent and I resist the urge to roll my eyes at him.

"Of course!" My stepfather replied. I glanced between them and gave a fake smile.

The bald man grinned at me and I felt like I was about puking. I tried walking to my room but my stepfather stopped me.

"Norah! I will like you to meet Mr Alfred and Mr Ben." He said with a smile.

Oh God! I hate it when he smiles...I sometimes wonder why mom got married to him in the first place.

"Nice meeting you all." I replied plainly, bowed my head slightly and walked swiftly out of the sitting room. I met mom along the way as she held a tray of food in her hand.

I walked passed her into my room. I was restless as I paced up and down, what is my stepfather up to? I know him so well; he smiles always stands for something cunning and evil. I just hope mom will not be on the same side with him.

I tried eavesdropping but I was not hearing a single thing, I gave up and laid on my bed while trying to figure out what he might be up to.

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