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C3 Deepest desire


I tried sleeping, though it was so early to sleep at that particular moment but I had nothing to do. Just then, the door made a creepy sound and I jerked immediately.

Mom stepped in with a tray. "Thought you might be hungry, I brought you dinner." She spoke softly. I smiled and took hold of the tray from her.

"Thank you." I whispered.

I sat on the bed and uncovered the plate, the aroma made me realized I was hungry and I could not wait to dish in. Mom stood by my wardrobe and watched me silently; her face was dull and she held this blank expression I could not comprehend.

I arched my brows and looked at her. "Is everything okay?" I asked with concern.

"Of course darling..." She replied swiftly with a smile.

Her countenance was suspicious, It was like she was finding it hard to reveal something to me. I decided to shrugged it off, she will voice out when she feels like is the right time.

"I will be in the kitchen, meet me when you're done." She added and turned around to leave.

I watched her closely until she was out of sight. I just hope all is well.

I made sure I ate everything, the sauce and plantain were delicious; mom is a great cook I must admit. I carried the empty tray and move out of the room, I sighed out of relieve when I notice those men were gone.

I wonder why they are here. Why will Fred keep such company in the first place huh? The two men look dangerous to me.

I entered the kitchen, then I noticed mom standing by the sink; she was obviously deep in thought with her right hand on her chin.

I kept the tray quietly but she didn't even notice I was there. "Mom!" I called with beady eyes and she jolted.

"Christ! I didn't notice you were here." she said and released a little smile.

I fake a frown. "I'm not a kid mom, what's wrong?" I asked her but she took a deep breath.

"I'm just concern about you Norah. You don't want to go to college and I respect that; but don't you think you can get a better job when you do?" She added slowly

"Mom! We have talked about this several times. I believe I can make it big without going to college; besides I don't want to bother you with alot of things. College expenses are one hell of a job." I voiced out..

"You are my responsibility Norah! Don't you ever think of being a burden to me. I want the best for you; but if you feel you don't want to go to college because of the expenses then you are making the wrong choice." She stated.

"That's not it mom." I said and sighed, already getting tired with the whole conversation we have talked about it countless times.

She moved over to me and stroke my hair. "I love you and will definitely stand by you no matter what, just make the right choice." She cooed and pecked my forehead.

Sometimes I wished my dad was still alive, so we could all be together as happy family without living under the same roof with a jerk.

"I will make you proud no matter what." I told her and her eyes lighten up.

After our little mother and daughter moment, I asked her to get some rest as I washed the dirty dishes.

After I was done washing the dishes, I kept thinking about what mom said to me. Should I just apply for admission this year?

Oh God! Is already late for that. If things don't work according to my plans this year; then I have no choice but to apply next year. At least that will make my stepfather shut his mouth a little.

Gosh! I just wish I had magic sometimes, I could have turned him into a frog and watch him croak.

I walked back to my room still thinking and switch on the light as I entered.

I never sleeps without the light turned on. I feel like my stepfather might try to kill me someday.

Creepy right? That man complains a lot and coping with the fact I was born stubborn; we never align.

He didn't show me who he truly was not until I turned sixteen. I remembered how I forced Mia to join me in my defence classes. I chuckled.

I don't even know if I can throw a punch anymore. But believe me, my mouth is as good as a sword. At least am not left with nothing. I smirked and dragged the duvet to cover myself.


"Hello. Yes! I just arrived in Florida not long. No! I will be staying here for now." I yelled over the phone.

I ended the call and threw the phone on the seat. Living in New York has been a lot of fun; hanging out with friends; business meeting and clubing was all I did. Finally, I'm back to Florida and might be staying up to a year here.

I have this fashion project am working on, and hopefully if it works out; then I have no option but to continue living in Florida.

Just then my phone began to ring. I checked the caller before pressing the answered button. "Hey man!" He voiced out from the other side.

"Dude! Sorry I had to leave without stopping at your place. I woke up late and won't want to miss my flight." I apologized sincerely.

"Is alright, Just checking in." He stated and I appreciate his concern. We ended the call and I rested my head on the back seat. I could not wait to lay my head on my big comfortable bed. I must admit! I miss Florida.

"Jade must be expecting my call." A good bath and a good sex is all I need right now.

I smiled as I put a call across the bitch.

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