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DEEPEST DESIRE/C5 Deepest desire
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C5 Deepest desire


After a long day at Mia's place, her mom finally came back that evening and was surprised to see me. She knew the reason I came unannounced, my stepfather has always been an issue for me.

That night I sighted Mia arranging some stuff into a bag. I stared at her curiously. "What are you doing?" I asked and sat upright on the bed after a brief yawn.

"Oh! You're awake!" The sheepishly voiced out.

"Norah!" She called slowly and sat close to me. "I am travelling to New York tomorrow." She added and stared at me for some seconds.

"New York?" I whispered faintly then I got the hint immediately. "To see that guy?" I asked with wide eyes and she nodded.

"And why are you telling me now? Wait! You had no plans on letting me know in the first place?" I asked.

"No! No! I was planning on calling you earlier but you came unexpected. And I was finding it hard to say it to you facially." She spoke slowly.

I took a deep breath and ruffled my hair." about your mom?" I questioned with a fixed gaze.

And she lowered her eyes to the floor. "Mia don't tell me you want to travel this far because of a man and you have no plans to tell your mom about it." I said slightly pissed about it.

"Norah! I will let her know when the right time comes. Mom is so protective ever since I grew up without a dad, and I don't want her to stop me." She said and I shook my head.

"Are you being serious right now? can you hear yourself huh? she is being protective because she cares about you. I rather stay in your shoes than live with my stepfather all my life." I voiced out with a glum.

Everywhere went silent as we didn't say a word to each other. I was angry and I could not explain why.

"I'm sorry! I am being all bossy, is just that I want you to be safe. We can't trust all this men we meet everyday." I said and my head drifted to the cute guy I met this morning.

He was kind of annoying though, I hope I don't see him again.

"Hey! I know you only want the good for me and I appreciate okay?" Mia added and touched my hand as I released a light smile.

"Wait are you two officially dating now? You said yes? What is his name huh?" I bombarded her with questions and she smiled broadly, obviously enjoying the moment.

"Hey miss! Calm down a little. Curiosity killed the cat." She teased and wink at me

"Well! I am not the cat so start talking." I said with an eye roll.

She cleared her throat and folded her legs on the bed. "I said yes to him and he wants me to come over so we can have our first official date. And his name is Austin." She said excitedly while blushing.

"I see! I'm happy for you girl, Austin better treat you right; make sure you warn him about my killing skills." I added and she laughed and hit my arm.

We spend half of the night gistng and I was already missing her company.

Where else will I go to if my stepfather try to annoy the shit out of me?

I don't want to see mom right now,I wish I could travel and never return.



The curtains swayed from left to right as the cold breeze roamed around the room. "Fuck! Is cold!" I whispered and slowly opened my eyes.

Mia was standing by the opened window with her hands under her breast. "Are you okay?" I asked with sleepy eyes. She turned swiftly and her eyes met mine.

"Yeah! Why?" She asked and tucked her hair. I shook my head and got down from the bed; then I noticed it was 6am. Gosh! Is still early to wake up.

Just then we heard a slight knock on the door before it went wide open revealing Mia's mom.

"Hey darlings! Hope you slept well?" She asked and we nodded.

She moved towards us and held my hand. "Your mom called yesterday; she said I should tell you she is sorry and wants you home. Please dear! You need to go home okay." Her mom cooed.

I stared at Mia and she nodded slowly. I sighed and released a smile that didn't last long.

"Okay ma'am." I voiced out and she squeezed my hand slightly.

"Ready for the journey huh? Someone is up so early!" Her mom spoke staring at Mia.

"Wait a sec... I thought she said 'she hasn't found the right time to tell her mom about Austin' Was she pulling my legs or she lied to her mom?" I stared at her in confusion, so eager for her mom to leave the room.

"Breakfast will be ready by 8am." She added and walked out.

I raised a brow and stared at Mia."what?" She questioned

"Where did you tell your mom you were going to? I asked

She itched her nape like a thief being caught. " I told her I was going to participate for a writing contest in New York. Mom knows I love to write fiction; so she was easily convinced." she said and turned to face the other direction

"Seriously?" I mumbled and shook my head. I didn't say anymore words; I was tired of repeating a thing for the hundred time.

After each of us took our bath, Mia arranged her trolley and kept it at the side of the room.

She will be leaving after breakfast and it breaks my heart that she was going to leave me and I was going to miss her though she promised to call.

The worst part was that, I have to go home soon. Argh! I cursed under my breath.

I wore Mia shirt and a pair of jean she hasn't wore for long. I was a bit taller than Mia and had hips than her, but she was also an ass goddess.

She was more thicker and I guess the jean was no longer fitting in.

We sat at the dinning table for breakfast as my mouth became watery immediately I sighted the scrambled egg and toasted bread on the plate.



After eating, I gave Mia all the warning I could give a friend. I smiled at my own self how crazy I can be sometimes. Always acting like a mother.

A cab stopped at her house and I made sure she left before I did. "Don't forget to call." I yelled behind the car.

I hugged Mia's mom before leaving the house. I was trekking back home because I had no money on me. Suddenly a car stopped right next to me.

I ignored and didn't care to see who it was. I was definitely not in a good mood; my best friend left and now I have to go back home.

"Seems like someone checked the road before crossing today." The voice said and I recognized it immediately.

"No way! Jeez not again." I whispered with a groan and stopped on my track. "Will this guy ever leave me alone?"

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