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C6 Deepest desire


"Was he following me all this while?" I turned with a grumpy face and looked at him.

It irritate me to the core when someone tails me around. "Are you stalking me?" I asked with an arched brow as I scanned him from head to toe.

He released a laughter as if I said something funny. "Hey miss! I'm too handsome for a stalker." He said and adjusted his suit while staring at me.

When he noticed I was not in the mood to joke around, then his countenance changed. "I'm not stalking you okay, let's just say fate brought us together again." He added

I placed my hands akimbo already tired with the long talk."what do you want?" I asked in a miffed tone not minding the way I sounded.

He took a deep breath and stared directly at me. I got a full view of his face and noticed how handsome he was, his looks were of those rich billionaires mostly in movies who get every girl they want just because they are wealthy.

He snapped his fingers at my face and I jerked back to reality. "I mean no harm. Actually I like your kind of person and-" He said and was about talking when I butted.

"How do you mean?" I asked my hands still on my waist.

"You're straight forward and obviously fearless. I like tough people." He said and smiled.

I didn't say a word as I lowered my gaze, I wish I can be tougher to deal with my stepfather.

"I'm heading somewhere right now but can we meet for dinner later in the day? If you don't mind." He asked and searched my face for an answer. He took out a card and gave it to me.

I reluctantly accepted it from him, and turned around to leave without giving him an answer.

"Won't you tell me your name at least?" He questioned curiously and I shook my head and began to walk away.

"Alright! Cool! Hope to see you later." He voiced out behind me and I kept walking.

I blushed immediately I took a turn. "Crazy fellow." I muttered.


Immediately I stepped into the house, I peeped like a thief who was about breaking into someone's home. I released a breath as I noticed no one was in the sitting room.

I walked in slowly; taking one step at a time. I don't want anyone noticing my presence.

Just then, mom popped out of nowhere and I almost screamed. I jolted but maintained my balance immediately.

"Norah!" She called but I stopped her.

"Please mom! I'm not ready for this right now!" I said calmly and moved to my room. Immediately I entered and was about closing my door, mom held the handle.

"We need to talk, you have to listen to me please!" She begged and I let her come in.

"I just want a happy life for you dear. I don't want you to end up in a bad situation like me, Forgive me, if I made you feel hopeless but I promise to stand by your decision no matter what." She spoke teary

A tear drop from my eye and I rushed to hug her. "I love you mom! I'm sorry I acted rudely, I was just mad at you." I spoke and she hugged me tightly.

"Have you eaten anything for breakfast?" She asked me with concern.

"Yes!" I replied but then my countenance changed. "Is he at home?" I asked faintly

"He went to meet Mr Alfred. Come dear; I got you a fine top at the market." She voiced out excitedly.

"Really mom!" I cooed and followed her to the room.



I was helping mom prepare dinner when my stepfather storm into the house. He was looking drunk and angry at the same time.

Immediately he sighted me, he rushed to attack me with his fist but mom stepped in. I was so shocked and surprised to the extend that I could not move an inch. "Did he just try to hit me?" My heart was racing.

"What is wrong with you!?" Mom asked him but he laughed like an insane person, his breath reeking of alcohol.

"This witch of yours caused it. Now, Alfred is no longer interested in marrying her and want his money back." He voiced out harshly and reeled backwards.

"Did he just say money?"

"You collected money from him already?" mom asked in surprise like she was reading my mind too.

"I knew it! This man is a psycho. He just want me to get married to Mr Alfred so he won't have to pay his debt."

"I scoffed. I'm a witch huh? but no one asked you to-" I tried to fire back but mom placed a finger on my lips.

"Not now! Please." she spoke calmly to me and I lowered my head. I was boiling inside of me but I was trying my best to calm the rage in me.

"Let her talk! A shameless girl that talk back at her elders. No wonder you are so useless." He spat out.

"Enough! I won't let you insult my daughter this way." Mom chipped in.

I was angry to the core. I freed myself from her grip as I walked passed them to my room.

I was pacing up and down as I tried to calm myself down. I yanked my hair and felt like I was going crazy, I wish I can silent that man forever.

I sighed and threw myself on the bed, just then; I noticed the card Mr anonymous gave me.

"Why don't you call him?" My inner mind asked and I gave a thought to it.

I picked up my phone and inserted the digit but then I was beginning to contemplate if I should call him or not. I stared at my phone for seconds without coming to a conclusion on what to do.

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