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DEEPEST DESIRE/C7 Deepest desire
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C7 Deepest desire

"Is it too early to call? Is he even expecting my call?" Oh heavens! I yanked my hair one more time as I relaxed my back on the bed.

After battling with my mind for minutes, I decided to call. I pressed the caller button and it began to ring and I became nervous all of a sudden.

Just as I was about to end the call and act like I never did, he picked the call.

"Hello!" I heard him say from the other side, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

"Hey!" I spoke unsure of what to say next. Jeez! I don't even know his name, the call was so awkward then I ended it. But then that same number began to call again. Immediately I picked the call, he spoke.

"Miss grumpy? Are you the person I met on the road?" He asked calmly and I almost rolled my eyes.

"You're so good at guessing. Wait! Did you just called me grumpy?" I asked like I didn't hear him clearly.

"Of course not pretty one." He said in a haste. "What's up? Are you free for dinner?" He asked me but I wanted to say no. Just then I heard mom's yelling voice, they were still arguing.

I groaned slightly."Yes I am." I replied slowly.

"Wow! Okay I'm glad. I will send you the address, meet me there." He said

"Okay! Till then." I said and ended the call immediately.

I was not really thinking at that moment, all I cared about was to get out of this suffocating house , I stood up and walked to my wardrobe. I picked a jean then my eyes drifted to the top mom gave me earlier.

I paired it together with a leather jacket and a boot before stepping out. It was kind of freezing and I need to save myself from the cold. Besides this is not a real date, I'm just trying to know this guy or better still; save myself from the family drama.

"Why will I try to impress him with a sexy dress when I don't even know his name huh?" I asked myself a lot of question as I stepped out through the back door and waited for a cab to pass by.

Immediately I got a cab and called out the address to him. It was then I noticed what was going on. "Dominos restaurant?" I whispered to myself with dilated eyes.

I used to admire the place anytime I passed by but never had the chance of going in. Everything was costly there, It was a place for the rich.

"Is this guy trying to pull my legs or he is really waiting for me there?" I kept asking myself a million question.

"Are you going ma'am?" The cab man impatiently asked. I totally forgot he was right in front of me.

"Yes of course! I swallowed the lump I felt in my throat and hopped in. "How wealthy is this guy?" Curiosity was killing me.

We got to my destination and I stepped out and paid him. I roamed my eyes around and everything around the restaurant was sparkling. It was like Paradise!

I dragged my legs slowly into the restaurant. I swear, I dropped my mouth wide open when I entered. "This is beautiful!" I cooed.

"Hey!" Someone whispered behind me and I flinched a little.

"Christ!" I whispered and held my hand to my chest. "You scared me," I told him when I discovered he was the person standing behind me.

"I'm sorry! shall we?" He asked and stretched forth his hand and I nodded. I tried to walk well though I felt intimated with the way most of the ladies were dressing.

Why are they looking so hot when is just a dinner? We reached our table and he pulled my chair backwards a little for me to sit, I smiled at him and sat down.

I noticed his curled hair and radiant black suit. Does this guy wear any other thing apart from suit? But nevertheless, he was looking breath taking. "Calm down Norah!" My inner mind spoke.

A waitress walked up to us and we gave our orders. "You look pretty as always." He complimented and I smiled sincerely.

"Thank you! You don't look bad either." I spoke as I tried to ease the awkward moment.

He looked into my eyes and whispered a thank you. "I totally lost all hope, I thought you were going to turn down my offer." He added.

"I almost did." I said and he arched his brow.

"What made you change your mind then?" He asked politely.

I took a deep breath..."Nothing serious." I voiced out not wanting to take it further.

He nooded, right on time, our order was brought before us and then he poured the wine into a glass cup for me.

"Never got to know your name. How crazy!" He chuckled. "So what's the name?" He asked with a fixed gaze on me.

"Norah! That's the name." I voiced out plainly and sipped a little quantity of the wine.

"Wow! A pretty name for an angel!" He smiled and unexpectedly took hold of my left hand and kiss the back of it.

"I'm Francis! Francis Drew." He said and it was then my head snapped back to reality.

"No way!" I whispered and popped my eyes.

"Are you the manager of 'fashion life' at New York?" I asked in surprised.

He nodded "But not anymore. I'm back to florida to start my own company." He said with a smile. "Actually my best friend owns the fashion life company."

"Enough about me. Are you done with college?" He asked and I almost choke on the wine I was siping.

"Here we go again! The college talk never ends especially when I try not to think about it."

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