DEEPEST DESIRE/C8 Deepest desire
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DEEPEST DESIRE/C8 Deepest desire
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C8 Deepest desire

I took a deep breath and felt as if my throat became totally dry. I was behaving weird, but his full gaze was still on me without flicking his eyes somewhere else.

"You don't want to talk about it?" He asked when he noticed my awkward movement.

"How do I explain everything to him huh?" I whispered to myself.

"No! No! That's not just that I'm yet to go into college." I said immediately and lowered my head.

I could swear, this was the first time I felt shy and totally embarrassed for not being a college student like others who are out there trying to make their parent proud.

I was waiting for his reaction but he didn't say a word. I raised my head to look at him and I saw him smiling.

I arched my brow with curiousity but suddenly he spoke.

"You definitely have a reason for not being in college. Is it personal or you want to share?" He asked calmly.

I sighed. "I had a tough time at school, I attended a boarding school and ever since I graduated, I disliked anything that has to do with studying all the time. It was not as if I was not good but the zeal died completely." I spoke and sighed again.

"So what are you interested in? You must have a something you are passionate about." He added and gulped down the quantity in his glass.

"I love fashion, always had a zeal for modelling though people say there are thousands of things to be passionate about than focusing on that." I said with a disappointing tone.

I was expecting him to laugh at me or condemn me for choosing fashion over school but his words surprised me.

"I like your kind of person! Fashion huh! I must confess; I met you at the right time." He spoke.

I didn't really understand what he meant by that and just as he was about talking again, my phone began to ring.

I checked the caller and discovered it was Mia. Wow! I dilated my eyes.

I thought she will never call. "Excuse me!" I said to him and stood up from the chair.

He nodded and I turned to excuse myself from him. I swear I could feel his stares on me because I removed the jacket I wore and kept it around my chair.

I stood up with just my trouser and the pink crop top which hung around my body perfectly.

"Hello! Norah?" She stated when I picked the call and went silent.

"Bitch! I thought you were suppose to call earlier huh?" I spoke rolling my eyes as if she could see me.

"Yes I know! I'm sorry, Austin won't let me be when I arrived and I totally forgot to call." She spoke with an exciting tone.

"I see! so you're already choosing your boyfriend over me huh?" I asked faking annoyance.

"Never! You know is not possible." She said swiftly like she was trying to defend herself.

I shook my head."Obviously he is taking all your senses away." I teased

She chuckled "How you doing?" She questioned again.

Just as I was about to reply, a hand tapped me from behind. "Do you want to stay or we should leave?" He asked me.

"Let's just go." I said to him and he led the way with my jacket in his hand.

"Wait! Are you outside with a man? Oh my!" Mia laughed.

"Stop being a jerk okay, he is just a friend."I stated "Are we even friends?" I asked myself with a shrug.

"Tell me about him." Mia pressed further.

"Not now! I will call you when I am home." I told her and ended the call.

He was already waiting for me as he stood near his white Benz. I walked towards him still confuse why we had to leave the place so early.

"Is something wrong?" I asked him while roaming my eyes around.

"No! Not at all, actually I want us to change the venue, seems like you were not comfortable in there." He said.

"Oh!" I muttered before peeping at my wristwatch. "Just take me home; is late already." I added after giving a thought to his suggestion.

"He checked his wrist watch and kept quiet for some seconds. Are you sure about it?" He asked in a disappointing tone but I nodded.

We hopped in and he drove us out of that premises.

The drive was in a total silent mood before he broke the silence. "Have you ever been to new york?" He asked.

"Yes! That was a long time ago, I have spent most of my life here in Florida." I added.

I remembered one of the happiest moment of my life when I, mom and dad traveled to new york to see uncle Jo. It was the best trip ever...I smiled by reminiscing on that.

I didn't realized we were already in front of my house not until I noticed him parking the car.

I wide my eyes. "How did you know where I stay huh?" I asked him with shock written all over my face.

"Let's say is a small world!" He stated with a shrug. But I was not satisfied with his answer.

"Were you really stalking me?" I questioned.

He laughed. " Here we go again. No! I was not."

I looked at him with beady eyes before stepping out of the car.

"Hope to see you again Norah! I will definitely give you a call." He stated and I nodded.

"Thank you for tonight." I added and waved at him.

He waited till I walked into the house before he left. The cold breeze blew on my skin and reality dawn on me. "Oh shit! I forgot my jacket again."

I tiptoed like a thief into the house, I could tell that everyone was asleep because the place was dead silent. Thank heavens! You can imagine coming home to meet a nagging old man.

I entered my room and laid on my bed while Mia words made me smile.

Crazy bitch! She was already thinking far. Though francis was all nice and gentle but I can really predict if this is truly him or there is more behind his gentle act.

Wait! "How did he even get to know where I stay? Is so creepy you know!" I thought.

I decided to shrug the thought off and adjusted myself on the bed to sleep to relax my tired legs.

I dragged the duvet on the bed and covered myself. I tossed and turned for sometime before I finally drifted to sleep, while hoping to wake up without any family drama.

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