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DEEPEST DESIRE/C9 Deepest desire
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C9 Deepest desire


I was folding the cloth I washed earlier but my mind was not at peace. Is been a week now and I haven't heard from Mia. most times I try to call her but is never going through.

"Is she okay? Did something happened to her? No!" I shook my head as crazy thought drift in.

Mom opened the door of my room and peeped. "Hey dear! Someone is here to see you." She stated.

I looked at her in confusion. The only friend I have is Mia, I became curious about the person waiting for me. Then my head drifted to Francis. No way! I almost screamed

I kept the cloth I was holding on the bed and storm out of the room in haste. I met him in the parlour, sitting with his legs crossed.

I have warned him to stop making decision without asking me. The other time we spoke on the phone, he asked if he could visit me at home and I said no. Why is he here huh?

"Hey!" He called sweetly and stood up, he walked towards me and unexpectedly pecked me on the forehead. I sent daggers at him and gave a fake smile.

"Do you have a death wish? What are you doing here?" I asked in muffled breath.

"To see you of course," then he passed my jacket unto me. "Here! you forgot this the other time." He added and I took hold of it.

I don't like the way he thinks he can visit me anytime he want. I definitely won't want a situation where my stepfather will notice how wealthy he looks and begin to ask for money. That man can be a total jerk sometimes.

"Why are you here for real? I thought we discussed about this." I said to him in a miffed tone.

He walked and sat on the couch then adjusted himself. "You spoke about fashion the other time; there is an audition happening next week in new York. Why don't you contest huh?" He asked ignoring my question.

I scoffed. "Is he kidding me right now?" I thought but he held a serious face.

"Is so sudden! I don't have a single penny on me right now." I said sincerely with my voice shaking with embarrassment.

He smiled. "Prepare for next week dear, you're leaving for New York." He stated.

At first I thought I was hallucinating not until he added. "Talk to your mom about it, if you feel you can't make the right decision on your own."

I was so shocked. "But why? Why are you helping me? You're so nice to me and is scaring me." I confessed not minding how it sounded.

"I'm always this way." He said and stood up. "I see potential in you, you might help me someday; you never can tell." He said and tried to button his suit.

Shit! It was then I noticed I didn't offer him anything. "Can you stay a bit? Let me get you a drink." I stated but he decline.

"Thank you so much." I added, I could not express how I felt at that moment but it was a dream come true.

He left that morning and I told mom about it. She was so happy for me and encouraged me to go. She said 'Is better than staying under the same roof with my stepfather' which I totally agree.

Just then I received a text from Mia's mom. I stormed out of the house immediately and rushed down to her place.

Immediately I stepped into the house, I could hear laughter and loud noise coming from the bedroom. "Is Mia back?"

She was suppose to call all this while. I fasten my footsteps and rushed to the bedroom and knocked slightly, without waiting for reply, I pushed the handle and walked in.

I sighted Mia sitting on the bed and her mom by the side. I gave her a hard glare but at the same time could not wait to hug the life out of her.

"Norah!" She called excitedly and rushed to hug me but I stopped her.

"You kept me worried. You were suppose to call Mia." I said with concern.

"I know! My phone went missing when we went to a park, then he got me a new one but I could not remember what your number looked like. I'm sorry." She said and I sighed.

"Please don't be mad at me. I miss you." She spoke and I hugged her.

I turned and stared at her mom. "Your text scared the shit out of me, I thought something bad happened." I told her.

'Are you busy? come over right now' You can imagine sending a text to someone in this manner. "What will that person think?"

"Mia texted you herself." She said and Mia gave me the puppy innocent eyes when I looked at her.

She began to gist us all about new york. I wanted to tell her about Francis but it seems too early for that.

Mia has changed a little, obviously chubby. I was waiting for her mom to stepped out so we could have some girls time.

"Mom I have a lot of stuff to discuss with you later." She said with smile

"I can't wait Darling." Her mom whispered and stood up to leave with the gift Mia bought for her.

She passed a box to me. "Check it out." She voiced out.

I reluctantly opened it and saw a pair of silver heels. "Oh my! Is so beautiful," I cooed.

"Thank you Mia." I added. She was about saying a word when I saw her rushing into the bathroom in speed, then I heard her throwing up.

Wait! "Did she just puke right now? Or am I hearing things am not suppose to?"

She stepped out and I rushed to her. "Hey! Are you sick?" I asked her but she shook her head immediately.

"I'm fine! I had a long day you know." She said with a light smile.

I decided to let it go, obviously she will be fine but at the same time, my mind was not at rest and I could not explain why.

I stayed up to an hour in her house and decided to rush home.

"I'm coming over tomorrow okay, I have a lot to say to you." I told her and blushed.

"Are you in love?" She asked with dilated eyes.

"No! Far from that. Don't worry; tomorrow is just by the corner." I told her and she nodded with an eye roll.

I got home and met my stepfather in the parlour watching the TV as usual. "Good afternoon," I spoke but he ignored me. I cursed under my breath and walked passed him.

"Where are you coming from huh? Why did you rush out of the house like that?" Mom asked with so much concern written all over her face.

I flicked my eyes to my stepfather and caught him glaring at me silently, and obviously waiting to hear my reply.

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