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Demon blood/C17 They are here
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C17 They are here

Elizabeth and I were on our way up. I noticed that everyone was going and locking their doors. "Maxilin," Elizabeth said, "everyone is going back home." "Yes, but don't worry." "We're also close to home," I said. "I am not afraid, Maxilin," she murmured, looking up at me. "I'm only worried about you," she said. Hearing her, I smiled and responded, "Why are you worried?" "What if that monster shows up and scares you?" she asked. "Oh yes. You are exactly right. Then I have to speed up, "I said, holding the reins and speeding up." "Don't be frightened, Maxilin," Elizabeth urged while riding. "I'll keep you safe from the monster." With a smile, she stated. My heart skipped a beat when I heard her voice, "Don't be frightened, Maxilin. I'll protect you from the monster." My mother used to say things to me like this. But now I don't have someone who can tell me that. I took a deep breath and tightened my grip on the rope, speeding up my horse.

The opposing viewpoint.

A vase smashed on the ground in front of Kazia, and the sound made her tremble. "Where have they gone?" "How could you let them go out?" Alex said. He was so furious that he was on the verge of slapping Kazia. As he was going to smack Kazia, Alex shouted, "Kazia, answer me." Kazia pressed her eyes shut and covered her face with her hands. This is the first time she has seen her master in this state. She was completely unaware of his rage. But then she heard the voice of the other maid. She opened her eyes and gazed at them as soon as she heard them. "Master, she is a helpless girl who can't even talk," the maid stated sweetly. "What are you doing to bother her with?" Kazia swallowed hard and bowed her head in guilt. Her expression was tense and fearful. That maid grabbed Alex's hand and pressed him into a chair. Water was in Kazia's eyes as she gazed down. That the other maid was talking with Alex.

Kazia’s Aside.

He stated that he would return home soon. What's taking him so long, then? Did something awful happen to them? And now this girl is going about her daily routine, which is brainwashing. I'm not sure what's up with Master these days. He had gradually changed after the incident that happened to him that night. Then one night, he simply took this girl from wherever, and she has ruled here ever since. I noticed her going to the master bedroom sometimes. I also heard whispering from his chamber. That night, I'm sure she went to our guest room as well.

We suddenly heard the sound of a horse. I widened my eyes. Maybe they've returned. Someone knocked on the door at that very moment.

to be continued..

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