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C18 Change

When the doorbell rang, the master sprung from his chair and dashed to the door. I gripped my hands. God, please help master not to respond.

When Alex opened the door, he spotted Maxilin. Elizabeth had fallen asleep on his shoulder. She dozed off while riding the horse.

Maxilin’s Aside.

I knocked on the door. Mr. Alex opened the front door and said, "Where have you gone?" I narrowed my eyes to see him that way. He was enraged, but more importantly, he was nervous. I said, "Mr. Alex, I simply went around to look." I shifted my gaze away from him. I noticed Kazia, who appeared nervous and afraid. I also saw the other maid, who was looking down. She didn't even give us a glance. I shifted my focus to Kazia. I think she was scolded because of me. "Mr. Alex, may I come in?" I said, taking a big breath. He didn't respond and walked away. I entered with a grimace. I walked to Kazia and handed her Elizabeth. But when I got closer to Kazia, I realized the other maid had only moved a bit. After handing Elizabeth, I turned to Mr. Alex and apologized for keeping him waiting. "I expect us to arrive shortly." Mr. Alex merely grimaced and didn't ask any further questions regarding the situation. "Don't forget to eat dinner," he said.

Suddenly, the words of the father came to mind as he spoke. "Mr. Alex, you don't have to worry about it because we had our dinner outside," I responded slowly.

"What?" he questioned as he turned to face me. I fixed my focus on him. "Did you just eat somewhere?" he asked. I was taken aback to see him in this state. "Are you okay, Mr. Alex?" I said, and he slowly stared down and nodded. He muttered, "Yeah." "I'm alright. He forced a smile on his face as he said, "I was waiting for you." I could tell there was something wrong with him. Before I could say anything, Mr. Alex added, "Serve me food." "I'll be there in two minutes." He walked upstairs as he said. I saw Kazia holding Elizabeth when the maid walked to the kitchen. Kazia gave me a sidelong glance before heading upstairs to Elizabeth's room. I didn't hang around and carefully walked up the steps.

I was thinking about his attitude as I walked. Today he was acting quite strangely. The strange thing is that he didn't even think about Elizabeth. He didn't even give her a glance. He was too busy for me. I went into my room and shut the door. I seized my sword and pulled my cloak. I was startled when I touched the sheath. It was quite hot. Is that mean? I widened my eyes as I thought about it. I could feel the presence of malevolent spirits in this area. I opened the window and gazed outside. I know you're expecting me, but I'm not sure why I'm getting a negative vibe around this place.


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