Demon blood/C2 First Encounter
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Demon blood/C2 First Encounter
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C2 First Encounter

The story begins.

'Slice a piece!'

"We will dominate this world, you feeble human," whimpered a monster.

Another hand fell apart on the ground as a result of the slice'. "Ahh," wailed the creature in agony. He collapsed to the ground and began crawling. He was muttering, "You're a flimsy, greedy piece of trash. You'll never be able to defeat us. "

"Really? Then let's see who wins this time. "As he stated, he slashed the monster's face into pieces with his powerful sword.

Evan yelled his name and dashed towards him.


A 23-year-old guy, 6'2" tall, pulled out his sword. His eyes were the color of the sea, his nose and lips were drawn sharply, and his hair was styled smooth back.

Evan approached him and saw his face, which was stained with monster blood. Maxilin wiped the blood from his hands and responded, "I'm OK." But this jerk wasted my time "..

"I can see it here," Evan stated.

Evan fixed his gaze on the beast. Maxilin ripped him into shreds, full of rage. However, if it has a mate, the female will not be so kind to us. It's a dragon hybrid; the male isn't very strong, but the female is extremely aggressive and deadly.

Evan sighed and reached into his heart for the gem. "Don't kill them at random, Maxilin. We need to imprison certain others as well, "Evan said.

"I don't care about his rule," Maxlin replied, as he was wiping his hand. "Don't forget about your curse, Maxilin," Evan said.

Maxlin stopped washing the blood as soon as he heard him.

Evan stated, "Maxlin, we need to figure out how to break the curse."

But Maxlin didn't pay any attention to him; he was staring at the ground in an instant. "Maxilin, I'm t-," Evan was going to say something when Maxilin put his finger on his lip and signaled him not to say anything.


Evan grabbed his sword and looked around as he understood his signal.

They saw a strong wind swirling around them. It had been buzzing them. But then it came to a halt. When it came to a halt, Maxilin dashed into the forest, followed by Evan. They stopped after a bit and tried to listen to the sound. However, Maxilin knelt all of a sudden.


He knelt down and grasped his left arm around his chest. "Maxilin!" shouted Evan.

Maxilin's point of view.

Damn! This agony! Why? Why does it appear when I sense an evil spirit or a demon around me? I just can't seem to find a way out of this terrible situation. This pain is unbearable.

This pain is getting worse day by day. My heart seemed to burst at any moment. What will Evan do if this thing attacks us? I just can't hold myself up.

"Maxilin," Evan said as he held his arm. "Are you all right?" he asked.

'huf' huf'.

Maxilin nodded yes and attempted to get up. He couldn't even stand up straight. They were startled when they heard a piercing laugh.

Maxilin's Aside.

I knew it was a demon.

"Evan, get out of here," I told him. "What are you saying, Maxilin? I can't leave you alone here, "he said. "Ahh," I groaned, clutching my chest. Evan said, "Maxilin." "Hey, try to understand okay, "I urged, grabbing his collar. "You won't be able to face this demon. I can feel her strength, "I said.

"Maxilin, I'm not leaving you here alone," he shouted. "Just grasp my hand. I'll build a magical barrier around us. This demon will not harm us, "Evan explained.

But then we heard a girl's voice saying, "Oh really." She burst out laughing in a split second. "Evan, don't forget that I'm the one in charge here. If you try to defy my orders. I will not accept you into my team, "I said.

"You're my friend, Maxilin. Now stop pushing me away, "Evan said.

Maxilin exhaled heavily and said, "Evan, listen to what I'm saying. Please leave ".. I shouted at the top of his lungs.

Evan remained silent as I shouted. He stood up after a minute. While panting for oxygen, I gazed at him. I was shivering and sweating.

Evan began erecting the magical barrier that would protect them. "Evan, stop it!" said Maxilin. His vision began to become hazy. "Evan," he said quietly. But then something slammed against the barrier. They both lost their balance due to the strong wind.

'cough' 'cough'

"I warned you, Evan," Maxilin said. They heard her laugh harshly around them as he spoke.


"Playing with young boys is a lot of fun."

"I also smell the scent of a fresh, delectable heart. I only want a tiny little bit of it. " A female voice could be heard all around them.

Evan gritted his teeth and began spelling the magical words. "Little boy, you're wasting my time. I really don't enjoy having an unwanted visitor in my place, "she stated.

"Who is this unwanted visitor? "Your friends and you," Evan yelled at the top of his voice. "We? "Are you talking about us, boy?" she said.

When Maxilin attempted to stand, Evan grabbed his hand and muttered, "Maxilin, hold on."

They were startled to hear the sound of someone's foot. When Evan and Maxilin glanced straight ahead, they noticed a woman. In the starry night, only a tall woman with long black hair was seen. She approached the barrier cautiously, looking at Evan and Maxilin with a creepy smirk. She said, "hello boys," with a chuckle in her voice. In the light of magic, they could see her. Her hair was extremely long, her eyes were bright red, and her nails were long and sharp. She glanced at them with a thirsty expression on her face.

Evan mumbled, "Pon-Pontianak." She shook her head and smiled at him. "We're safe, Maxilian. It's just a pontianak. She won't be able to break through my magical barrier, "Evan said. As soon as Maxilin heard him, he turned to face the Pontianak and stated, "No, we're not. Because she is surrounded by a formidable demon "

Pontinanak slammed her head into the magical barrier as soon as Maxilin completed his sentence.

"Damn it!"

Both Evan and Maxilin took a step back. "How can that be possible?" Evan asked. I said, "I told you to leave me alone."

Evan said, "Maxilin, it's not the solution!"

The barrier was struck once more. It began to crack.

"Maxilin, can you tell me what kind of demon this is?" Evan asked.

Maxilin knelt down unexpectedly. "Maxilin," Evan said as he held him. As I murmured, "th-the devil is me," the barrier shattered.

I noticed Evan near me, and a tall, long-haired female appeared behind him and stood in my blurry view.

I murmured, "Ev-Evan."

In an instant, I saw her push him away with her strength and lean on my face.

Maxilin's Aside.

So, is this my end?

I clutched my chest and then I heard a voice. It didn't seem like her voice this time. It's solemn and incisive. "I was expecting you, Maxilin. Now it's time for me to grab this delectable heart and drink your pure blood, "said the voice.

I stared at the Pontianak, who grinned and said, "If I offer your heart to him, my master will be happy."

As I saw that terrible, vengeful face bending down to my face, I took a deep breath and my eyes slowly began to close. However, in my hazy vision, I noticed someone grabbing her throat with a magical chain and dragging her away.

"Maxilin, Maxilin," a man's voice shouted, and I lost consciousness.

right at that moment.

Wyiner called out his name. "Maxilin, Maxilin." A teenage boy of around 18 or 17 years old approached him and asked, "What should we do now, Lord Wyiner? Is Sir Maxilin all right? "

Wyner didn't say anything as he stared at his pale face, his sword beside him briefly brightening and then extinguishing.

"Lord Wyner," remarked a young guy who approached him from behind and added, "Evan is well." He had just been smacked in the head."


That Pontianak abruptly yelled. "You old man, how dare you hold me like this," she said. In a moment of rage, her eyes became bright red. "You're all going to die," she said. Wyiner got up and approached her, saying, "What happened to your master? Does he or she leave you alone? "

Pontianak gritted her teeth in fury. "Yean, bring this filthy monster with us," Wyiner remarked to that young man as he moved his sight away from her. Yean replied, "yes, my lord." As Yean held the magical chain, the spirit remarked, "You just have no idea what is waiting for you guys."

Wyiner came to a halt and cast a sidelong glance at her. She remarked, with a grin, "No hunters will be able to stop us, and no magic spells will ever work on us." One day, you will bend your heads to us, and no God will assist you, and that day is quickly approaching for all of you. " She started giggling like a creep as she said it.

"And that boy," Pontinank said, pointing to Maxilin. Everyone turned to stare at Maxilin's body. "And that boy will make our dreams come true," she added, laughing.

Wyiner gritted his teeth in a rage when he heard her. He instantly drew his sword and slashed her head from his body in one swift motion. "My lord," Yean murmured as he stepped back. Yean and Beneth, pick up Evan. I'll take Maxi, "he said.

"Let us handle this, my lord," Yean said. Wyiner gave him a cold stare and replied, "Do you think he'll be easy to carry?" Come on, give it a go. "

Yean gave Beneth a confused face as they grasped his hand.

It was as cold as a dead body.

They had only heard of Maxilin's situation, but this was the first time they saw him in this way.

Yean and Benneth tried but failed to move Maxilin. They didn't even bother to move him.

To be continued..

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