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C5 I want to go

Maxilin hurriedly placed the hawk on the bed, and he also got some blood on his hand. "Who attacked this baby hawk in this way?" wondered Maxilin.

"What should I do now, though? My father and uncle aren't at home. Then how will I treat it? "he murmured. But after a while, he patted the baby hawk and murmured, "Don't worry, Hawki, Maxilin will take care of your wound." He took the lantern and went downstairs, just as he had stated. He opened a drawer, took his father's first-aid kit, and returned to his room. He took a seat next to the bird and began treating its wound with medication. He wrapped its wings after some time. He didn't do things flawlessly, but that's not a problem, it was just okay. Maxilin smiled to see the hawk. The hawk ceased to chirp and drew his eyes tight.

Maxilin muttered as he stroked the hawk, "You must be starving." You are free to relax here. I'm going downstairs to find something edible for you."

Maxilin walked downstairs and headed to the kitchen to look for insects. He killed two cockroaches and found a lizard.

He wrapped them up in a piece of paper and returned to his room. He sat close to the hawk. As soon as the hawk noticed Maxilin, he approached him. It began to chirp. Maxilin smiled as he saw the hawk in this position. He held the lizard in front of his mouth and that hawk just grabbed the lizard and started gulping. Maxilin was far too excited to find a bird right now. That hawk perched on the edge of Maxilin's bed and began to relax after eating. Maxilin smiled and caressed his back. Maxilin said, "Will you stay with me, Hawki?" That hawk began chirping after hearing Maxilin. "Is that yes?" Maxilin said, his eyes gleaming.

"Then I'll call you Hawki from now on. I'll tell my father to build you a house, "Maxilin remarked.

That hawk fluttered his one wing. "If you're comfortable on my bed, you're free to rest here as well," Maxilin said. Maxilin was about to get into bed when he noticed the window had been opened. He had forgotten to shut the window. He looked at the hawk. Its eyes were shut.

Maxilin's aside.

If I don't close the window now, Hawki will fly away tomorrow.

Maxilin got out of bed and walked over to the window. He was going to close the glass when he noticed a woman walking across their yard. Maxilin's eyes widened as he saw that woman. "Mother," he mumbled.

Maxilin's Aside.

It's my mother. My mother is here?

"Mother!" cried Maxilin. Maxilin called her many times, but she didn't respond by looking up at the window. That woman abruptly began walking towards the forest.

"Mother, where are you going?" cried Maxilin. But then she came to a halt and gazed up at the window. She extended her hands and smiled with moist eyes. "My son, Maxilin, how are you doing? Did you miss me? ", she stated. "Mother, where have you been?" cried Maxilin. Through sad eyes, that woman added, "My son, your father abandoned me. Your mother will never come to you again." Maxilin's eyes widened as he cried out, "Please, no, mother. Please don't abandon me. I really missed you. I want to go with you. Please wait for me. "

As Maxilin had stated, he grabbed the lantern and dashed downstairs, opening the door. He walked into the yard and noticed his mother heading towards the woods. Maxilini screamed, "Mother, please don't go away!" However, Maxilin's mother has already entered the woods. When Maxilin noticed her walking away, he didn't hesitate and went after her. "Mother, please don't leave me," Maxilin pleaded.

"Mother!" said Maxilin, who grabbed her from behind. "Please don't abandon me again, mother." "I'm not going to let you go," Maxilin said. Maxilin's mother took his hand in hers and looked at him. She knelt down and gently stroked his cheek. "Maxilin, my boy," his mother said, her eyes welling up with tears. "How are you doing, dear?" she asked.

"Why did you abandon me, mother?" Maxilin questioned with a nod. "Don't you miss me?"

"I've been missing you a lot." That is why I came here to meet you, my son. Maxilin's mother stated, "If I come when your father is at home, he will not let me meet you."

"How come, mother?""I'm sure, father misses you as well," Maxilin remarked. "Really," his mother answered with a smile. "Did your father tell stories in the same way that I did"?

I gave a nod and added, "He did, but only sometimes." But I like your stories the most, mother. "

"Does my maxilin want to hear the story again?" she asked, smiling. When Maxilin heard his mother, he looked around. He asked, "here?" "No, not at all, my son. I'm talking about our new home, "she stated

"Our new home?" Maxilin asked again.

She nodded and smiled. "Do you want to come?" she asked. Maxilin nodded and smiled. "Then let's leave," his mother remarked, and Maxilin noticed the ground dividing and a red light rising from there. Maxilin asked, his face solemn. "What is this, mother?" Maxilin asked. "It's our new home. We'll go over it on our way home, "she stated.

She said, "Come here, my love." She extended her hand to Maxilin as she murmured. Maxilin didn't say anything and just grabbed his mother's hand like a good child. The red circle seems to have already hypnotized Maxilin.

"Come with me honey, we'll have a lovely life together," his mother purred as she approached the circle cautiously. "Mother, you are right. We intend to do so, "Maxilin began to move closer to the center of the circle.

But then there was the weapon that one of the Maxilin fathers had shown him and that came out of nowhere and stabbed right into the circle. When the side suddenly became brighter, Maxilin's mother shouted and let go of her grasp on her son's hand. A strong wind knocked Maxilin away so forcefully that he tumbled to the ground and lost consciousness.

Maxilin was alone in the wilderness, with his great-sword grandfather's at his side. A slew of creatures howled all around him.

The opposing viewpoint.

"What do you think, Xavier?" Leko asked. "This spirit just wants to utilize this innocent soul as a host," Xavier said. When Leko saw the victim's father, he stated, "You should've called a father. It isn't a major concern ".. "We were really afraid and worried it would be dangerous," the victim's father stated.

Xavier took a step forward and added, "It's all right, Leko. It's also a part of our job. Your daughter is OK now, Mr. That spirit will not bother her. " "Thank you, Lord Xavier," he said. "Leko, let's go," Xavier remarked as they all walked out of his house.

When I opened my eyes the next morning, I was in my room. My father, uncle, Evan, and Leko uncle were all present. They were all staring at me. They had an anxious and fearful expression on their faces.

When I glanced at my father, I noticed tears in his eyes. I didn't understand why he was crying at the moment. I felt an ache in my heart when I tried to get up to wipe his tears.

When I looked down at my chest, I noticed some weird markings. That's all I recall. I only know that after that incident, I got this mark on my chest and it wasn't my mother. That was the devil. But I still feel my mother was there.

While touching this mark, Maxilin looked in the mirror. As I stroked it, I said, "I truly want to look inside of it."

After that, I sighed and put on my clothing. It's time to meet my Hawki. I haven't seen him in a couple of days. I blew a loud whistle out of my window. Suddenly, I noticed my Hawki was flying towards me. He stayed in front of my room on a tree. I extended my hand, and Hawki sat on it. He's grown into a large boy who is both bright and aggressive. I stroked his back and asked, "Hawki, did you tell my uncle about my situation?" Hawki fluttered his wings. I responded, smirking, "excellent job, boy. I should give you a reward."

Hawki made the sound "Kack-Kack" to express his happiness. I smiled and walked into my room.

In the office room

Yean entered the office room where Wyiner was talking with a man whose entire body was covered except for his head, which was half-clothed. He exited the room as soon as he heard someone approaching. When he watched that man go, Yean raised one of his brows. However, that man appeared to be really slim. As he walked away, Yean shifted his gaze away from him.

"This letter is for you, my lord," Yean said. Wyiner grabbed the letter and read it. His eyes narrowed and his expression got gloomy as he began to read.

When Yean saw Wyiner in this state, he was going to leave him. "Yean," said Wyiner. "Sorry for my inconvenience, my lord. I'm going to leave, "Yean said. "It's not that serious. You can stay here, "Wyiner said. "Is everything all right, my lord?" Yean asked. Wyiner peered out the window. It's been raining since the afternoon. The sky is lit up by lightning, and the wind is blowing.

Wiyner stated, "We need to go to Scotland."

On the other hand,

I was on my way to the hall room. Suddenly, a man bumped into me. "Be careful," I warned. I tried to look at him, but his face was partially covered. He lightly pushed me and bolted for the gate. I was staring at him as he ran. I looked at my hand after a brief moment. It didn't appear to be a guy.

Instead, I got the feeling it was a lady. Could it be? I took a peek at where she came from. She emerged from the office. I blew a whistle to summon my Hawki.

I walked over to the office.

"Scotland?" asked Yean. "Yes, that is quite urgent. It is a solitary creature with tremendous evil powers that is affecting events throughout the islands. People also think that a monster has a poisonous breath that causes withering crops, droughts, sickness, and plagues among cattle and humans, "Wyiner said. "Did anyone see it?" Yean asked. "No," Wyiner replied sternly, "but they heard horse sounds surrounding their settlement when it became mid-night."

"Sir, what will it be?" Yean asked.

"We must go and stay there. Or else we won't be able to say anything, "Wyiner said. They were startled by the sound of a door slamming open.

Maxilin walked into the room. Wyiner murmured, "maxilin." "Uncle, I'm going to Scotland," Maxilin said. "You? But, Maxilin, there's no need for it. I'm still young enough to deal with everything- "Maxilin interrupted Wyiner before he could finish his sentence. "Uncle, don't be worried about me. I'm capable of handling it on my own," Maxilin said. "Maxilin," Wyiner stated. "Please don't tell your brother about this. I don't want any other arguments for my decision, "as Maxilin said, he was about to leave. "Wait, Maxilin, listen to me," Wyiner urged.

Wyiner's Aside.

Ahh! This boy and my brother will undoubtedly drive me mad at a certain point.

I emerged and climbed my horse. Evan appeared out of nowhere and walked over to me. Evan said, "Where are you going at this hour?" "I simply want to ride," I said, looking at him. "It's raining, Maxilin. Don't leave right now. You've only just gotten out of bed, "Evan said. "Hey, don't be like this. You know me, right? "I said. I then moved my gaze to his hand. I asked, "How's your hand?" He murmured, his eyes furrowed, "It's absolutely fine. But, I am still unable to move properly." "Can you ride with me?" I asked.

Evan abruptly sighed. "Maxilin, would you listen to my one word?" he said to Evan.

"Dude, I had no idea you were such a scary cat," Maxilin teased.

Evan grasped my horse's halter rope and attempted to gently pull my horse. "What are you doing, Evan?" I said, rolling my eyes.

"I need to talk to you," Evan said. I got down from my horse and put my horse in the horse stable. We made our way back into the fort. Suddenly, I noticed my uncle was approaching us.

Wyiner called out his name, "Maxilin." "Yes," said Maxilin. He stated, "We need to talk."

Maxilin cast a sidelong glance towards Evan. because he knows what his uncle is about to tell him. "Evan, I will join you soon," I said. Evan understood my signal and went to the second floor.

I said, "Yes, Uncle." I want to talk about that matter, "he said.

"If you attempt not to send me there, I'm sorry, but I'm not going to listen," I explained. "No, I'm not. I understand that my brother is protective of you, but if you ask my opinion, I would say that you should go with "uncle said. I lowered my head.

Maxilin's Aside.

father? Is my father aware of my life? No, I don't believe so. I sighed and closed my eyes.

Wyiner gave Maxilin a glance and stated, "Maxilin, I know you're angry with him. But whatever he did, it was all for your sake, "uncle said. I said, "Uncle." "I think we should discuss the mission," I said.

"Come with me," Wyiner responded, after a little pause. He began walking towards his bedroom, as Wyiner had stated.

As we entered his room, he handed me a letter. Wyiner said, "Read this." I read that letter and immediately began thinking about something. Uncle said, "You have to stay there for a few days."

I narrowed my eyes and shifted my gaze to the letter. I stated, "Uncle, I had a dream that I was near the seashore when I was unconscious. I saw a monster riding a horse, I remembered. But I didn't see his face." "What are you saying, Maxilin?" Wyiner said, his eyes furrowed

"When I lose consciousness, I generally dream about disturbing things," I said. "Sometimes it's tied to reality, but sometimes it's not, "I added.

Wyiner's aside.

Maxilin, it won't be "sometimes" any more. One by one, everything will become real.


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