Demon blood/C9 You aren't a hunter
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Demon blood/C9 You aren't a hunter
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C9 You aren't a hunter

"You have my word. I'll help you as long as you keep my identity secret, "said Diana.

"It's not my birthmark," I stated. As I already stated, I showed her my mark. When she saw my mark, her expression changed dramatically. she asked solemnly to me, "Are you a hunter, Mr.? or you're lying to us "..

"What exactly do you mean by that?" I asked.

"You're not a hunter, are you? You deceived us, "she said. "Why do I lie to you guys?" I said, my tone irritated. "You are a demon," Diana replied, looking at me with stern eyes.

"What? Stop your nonsense. Just tell me what this symbol means, "I asked. "You will be the reason for opening the gate," Diana said. "What?" I asked in a startled tone. Her husband unexpectedly opened the door and glanced at me. He was going to ask, "Are you-," but Diana stopped him and smiled. "I'm OK, hubby," Diana stated.

I turned to face Will and said. "Mr. Will, I apologize for misunderstanding your wife. Please accept my apologies for my inconvenience, "I stated. "Mr., it's OK, but don't make the same mistake. I understand that your job protects us, but you need solid evidence to accuse someone of "said Will. "Let it be, honey. However, he is not a bad person, "Diana said. After that, we didn't talk about it anymore. We just did casual talk. That kid spent the entire journey with Hawki.

The opposing viewpoint.

Wyiner was on his way to the training center to see the knights. Evan was helping Benneth in his practice rounds. Wyiner was having a conversation with a knight. Suddenly, Yean appeared out of nowhere. "My lord," Yean said. "Yes, do you need anything?" Wyiner asked. "It's an urgent issue from the north," Yean said. Wyiner gave the knight a sidelong glance and gestured for him to leave them alone. As the knight went away, he murmured, "yeah, Yean."

Evan, on the other hand, kept a tight watch on him. As he saw Yean leave the center, Evan said to Beneth. Beneth, just keep doing what you're doing, okay?" Also, keep in mind one thing. "Never underestimate your opponent," Evan said. Benneth nodded and returned his attention to his practice.

Evan remained in the center as long as Wyiner did. He made a hasty rush to the fort. He climbed the stairs to Wyiner's office. He took a glance around as he stood in front of the door. Evan took his time opening the door.

Evan's Aside.

I'm sorry, Uncle. But, I need to know. I can't let him know the truth.

The opposing viewpoint.

I'm often struck by her statements. I really want to know more, but I can't ask in front of her husband. We'll be at our destination in a few moments. They left from the same station as mine.

Maxilin walked over to his horse's wagon. But, he was startled to hear a woman's voice. "Mister."I noticed Diana as I turned back. "What are you looking for now?" I asked. She added, with a smile, "You know, you should be more polite to a girl. Anyway, I'd like to say something to you about that mark. " I stared at her, eager to know. "You stated that it isn't your birthmark. But, I think it is. Maybe it was hidden and when you got a sense of power, it revealed itself. I'm sorry, but I'm no longer able to help you with this. Because I sensed a frightening dark power around you when I first saw you. I have a child and a husband, and I can't push them into this," she stated. "Okay, I've figured it out. Mrs. Diana, I appreciate your help. "As I already stated, I mounted my horse. "However, I have a good suggestion for you. Your son has the ability, and I'm sure you are aware of this. If you don't let him be one of us, it will be a loss for us. "My horse continued to go slowly, as I said with a smile.

The opposing viewpoint.

Evan was looking for the letter in Wyiner's desk. Evan mumbled, "damn, where did he keep the letter?"

I must find it at any cost. but I was unable to find it at his office. I looked through all of his critical documents, but it wasn't there. When I couldn't find it after searching everywhere, I squeezed my brow. After that, I walked straight to his room, thinking of something. I'm sure the letter is in there if it isn't here.

to be continued..

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