Demon Dossier/C1 To Collect Debts
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Demon Dossier/C1 To Collect Debts
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C1 To Collect Debts

Chen Goong did not sleep the whole night. His cigarette butt was already full in the ashtray, but the young man still had a worried look on his face. He extinguished the cigarette in his hand, then looked out the window at the disappearing stars, exhaling deeply along with the smoke.

This was Chen Goong's second day of continuous sleeplessness. He was tired, but it was difficult for him to fall asleep.

His father had been missing for more than a month. Chen Goong had tried all kinds of channels, but he couldn't find any information about his father. The only news he got was a high loan. These days, Chen Goong's phone had already been destroyed by the creditor.

As the saying goes, disaster comes one way, Chen Goong finally understood it now.

He lost his job yesterday, so don't say he's in arrears, and now even survival is a problem.

"This period of time is really annoying. What is going on?" Chen Goong sighed and muttered to himself.

Who knew that at this moment, as the morning sun gradually revealed itself, something seemed to sweep up between the sky and the earth? Heat waves were incessantly beating and distorting the air. Suddenly, a red light streaked across the horizon, carrying a scorching heat.

At that moment, even the sunlight was inferior to that red luster. The red light shone even more brightly, and the dazzling light was rushing towards him.

Chen Goong was in a bit of a daze. Maybe it was because he stayed up all night, but his mental state was not too good.

"Illusion? Looks like I really need to take a good rest! "

There seemed to be a bright gem in the light, and this stone seemed to be coming for him. Seeing this, Chen Goong slapped his face, thinking that he was hallucinating.

The red light was indeed coming for him. His spirit was startled and Chen Goong hurriedly went to close the window, but how fast could he go at that? In the blink of an eye, the gem smashed into his chest.


The huge penetrating force made Chen Goong fall limply onto the ground. Soon after, he spat out a mouthful of blood and the light on the red gem gradually faded away. At the end, even the gem disappeared from Chen Goong's skin.

However, Chen Goong, who was hit by the gem, did not know about this. He only felt that it became harder and harder for him to breathe.




Chen Goong suddenly sat up after feeling his heartbeat. That kind of cold feeling. The feeling of death seemed to last forever. It was a moment, or perhaps it was an eternity.

However, when he looked at his perfectly fine body, he did not feel any pain. However, the blood stains on the ground were enough to prove that what happened just now had happened.

Before Chen Goong could recover from his shock, a voice sounded in his mind, causing him to shudder.

"Yi, so this is a human. It looks really strange."


Chen Goong shouted nervously. He was sure that someone was talking to him, but no one was around. That soft voice seemed to appear in his mind.

"Is this really the result of the 'instruction'? Why do I feel like this person is so stupid? "

When the tender female voice rang out again, Chen Goong calmed himself down and held onto the corner of the table with one hand. After thinking for a while, he finally said with a trembling voice.

"Everything just now wasn't an illusion. I felt like I was going to die, so it was all because of you?"

"Sigh, you don't seem to be stupid, and your mental qualities are also not bad. "It's just that …" This female voice seemed to be dissatisfied with Chen Goong, as she spoke arrogantly, "Why do I see that you're too weak? You're too weak!"

These words made Chen Goong a bit angry. Even though the chill in his heart had yet to dissipate, it did not mean that he did not have his own temper.

Because of the recent depression, Chen Goong was on the verge of exploding. If he was not rational and if it wasn't for the pain he felt when he died, he would have definitely cursed out loud. He promised.

However, he did not know the exact details of this female voice. Thus, he gritted his teeth and patiently said those words.

"It has nothing to do with you, please leave quickly!"

Unexpectedly, this female voice coldly snorted in Chen Goong's mind: "Humph, if it wasn't because I couldn't choose the host on my own, I wouldn't have come looking for you. After all, you're too weak!"

"It has nothing to do with you whether I'm weak or not. Who the hell is willing to be your host, hurry up and f * * k off. I was almost killed by you just now, do you know!?"

Anger finally broke out. Although Chen Goong felt lucky to have survived, he couldn't accept the fact that this unknown thing was holding him back. After all, she was the one who brought the pain of death.

Plus, this girl's voice was always rude, which made him even angrier.

"Tsk, it seems that even my mind is unstable. Truly, my physical fitness is poor, my reactions are poor, and my demonic nature is also lacking. I am truly vexed."

After a short outburst, Chen Goong finally managed to vent a lot of his anger and said coldly. "Alright, I don't want to hear your retort. I'm too weak anyways, you should find an awesome person as soon as possible."

"I still want to leave. I really want to rely on you!"

At this moment, a violent knock on the door broke the conversation between the two.

Chen Goong looked at the door in a daze. Ever since his mother passed away, he and his father had moved to a different house. According to his father, he didn't want to stay in that painful place.

His mother had been bedridden ever since Chen Goong was 7 years old because of cerebral thrombosis. Even if his father did everything he could think of, it would be futile to seek medical help everywhere. As a result, the families that were not rich fell. After persisting for three years, their mother left them.

This house was rented by Chen Goong using his first barrel of gold after graduation. Nobody knew about it, otherwise, those who came to collect debts would definitely annoy him to death.

"Who is it!" When Chen Goong arrived at the door, the person outside was still knocking on the door. This made him frown. At least, he knew that his family would not knock on the door like that.

He suddenly opened the door and saw who it was.

"I thought you weren't going to open the door. When will your dad pay me back?"

The person who spoke was called Chen Fa, Chen Goong's uncle. There were a few people following behind him, which could be considered to be Chen Goong's uncles and aunts. However, Chen Goong and his son had not contacted them for a long time, so it really wasn't a good idea to come knocking on their door now.

"Did my dad borrow money from you?" Chen Goong said snappily.

"Nonsense, why else would I be looking for you?" "Your dad can't find him now, so he has to repay the debt. If your father doesn't pay his son back, you still want to renege on the debt?"

Chen Fa stared at Chen Goong with his eyes wide open. The people behind him were also happy to see this.

"Where's the promissory note?" Chen Goong had already experienced these people's face, so he asked coldly.

Chen Fa was stunned for a moment. His face seemed a little awkward. In the end, he displayed an angry look and roared.

"What promissory note!" Do you still owe your father a IOU for borrowing money? "AHH!" He's my brother. Your grandpa actually left you with the house, he's just an ungrateful bastard!

Chen Goong saw Chen Fa's attitude and sneered.

"Who the f * * k is that ingrate? Who knows." At that time, grandpa was still living in the hospital, so you guys came to f * cking split up. Did I ask you guys to manage grandpa? "Stop giving me such an elder's attitude and teach me a lesson. What the heck is this thing!"

On that day, the matter of these people making a ruckus at home seemed to be in front of his eyes. He scolded his father, insulted his mother and even beat Chen Goong to threaten him.

Even now, Chen Goong still couldn't forget how his mother cried in the middle of the night. He couldn't understand why she could be so heartless even though they were all one family, bleeding the same blood.

If it wasn't for his father bringing him and his mother out of the house his grandfather had left, the incident would not have ended.

He had not contacted these people since then.

"Chen Goong, this is your uncle, how can you say that!" At this moment, Chen Goong's youngest uncle seemed to be willing to be a peacemaker as he chuckled.

"A small marten on a hill, what are you pretending for?"

Hearing this, Chen Goong's youngest uncle's face turned green and white, and finally gritted his teeth and said: "I'm not going to say anything more, I came today for the house, you did move away, but the certificate is still in your father's hands, now take it out, we have something to talk about."

This time, Chen Goong finally understood the meaning behind their words. Then, he looked meaningfully at Chen Fa and laughed.

"Looks like some people aren't just ingrate, they're also dogs that can't be fed!"

"Small. Force a little more, you son of a bitch! " Without waiting for Chen Goong to finish speaking, Chen Fa raised his hand and hit him. However, at this moment, Chen Goong's eyes suddenly turned red. In a split-second, he actually stopped Chen Wu's arm …

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