Demon Dossier/C10 Earning and Improving
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Demon Dossier/C10 Earning and Improving
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C10 Earning and Improving

They had to complete the hundred Hunting Demon s as soon as possible and obtain the method to earn money that Coquettish Demon had mentioned. This was Chen Goong's most important matter at the moment.

After sending away the last creditor, Chen Goong closed the door of his house tiredly. These days, he had been extremely annoyed by the vicious faces. Fortunately, his body was unharmed, so he had a rough plan.

Purchasing, selling, choosing the location, everything was done in secret. Coquettish Demon looked at Chen Goong's busy work all day without disturbing him. However, when she found out what Chen Goong was doing, she couldn't help but complain.

"So, this is your good idea?"

Coquettish Demon really could not understand Chen Goong's way of selling the goods. She thought that he would be able to think of a high-end method, the Hunting Demon, to casually fish for money.

"You don't need to know my ass. The path of business starts with Zhou Tianzi's feudal system, and the survivors are the first batch of people to enter the business world. Setting up stalls is definitely one of the industries with the most contacts, you don't need to find customers, and most of them are women! With my current half dead Hunting Demon, from this point onwards, I will definitely be the fastest method to increase my demonic nature. "

In the past few days, Chen Goong had also gained a deeper understanding of the bewitchment. If he wanted to find the money making technique Coquettish Demon talked about, the most important thing was to upgrade the Hunting Demon to Intermediate Level as soon as possible. And like he said, setting up a stall was probably the fastest way.

Coquettish Demon actually snorted disdainfully at this.

"But I forgot to ask, why is your Chinese so good?" And you know how to keep up with the times? Aren't you a stone? "

"Tsk, I was born to understand that the world of demons is not something you humans can imagine!"

"Then why haven't you returned to the world of demons?"

"None of your business!"

As the two of them bickered, the number of people in the night market gradually increased. It was the weekend anyway, and with the beauty of the heavens, the night market was in full swing.

Chen Goong did not have much money on him, so after paying the stall fee, he could only buy some accessories and cartoon toys. However, he was not worried that he would not be able to sell them out.

"This trinket is so interesting. Jiao Jiao, look, it even knows how to move its head."

"How is it interesting? Let's go, we'll be late soon. "

At this moment, Chen Goong finally welcomed his first guest. He wore a simple and elegant long skirt, and had long hair. What Chen Goong was most entranced by was his pair of eyes that were as clear as water.

Chen Goong never thought that he would see such a woman in the night market. If not for him being able to control himself, his eyes might have even fallen out of their sockets.

However, the two of them had something else to do, so they spoke up when they saw Chen Goong.

"If you like it, I can give you one as a gift!"

Hearing that, the little girl was even happier. She quickly called her friends to help her pick one, but Chen Goong's words were said to that Jiao Jiao.

"Jiao Jiao, I'm talking to you. Hurry up and come over. This person is so interesting. He even wants to give us something!" Jiao Jiao? "Hey, what's wrong with you?"

Under the gaze of this little girl, her charming face turned crimson as she leaned towards Chen Goong in a soft and weak manner …

"Jiao Jiao! What are you doing? I shouted at you for half a day! "

The girl who was called 'Jiao Jiao' finally reacted, her body couldn't help but to feel weak. If it wasn't for her companion supporting her, her flower-like face would have broken down.

"Xiaoya, what's wrong with me?"

"I wanted to ask you, what are you thinking? "If I didn't hold you back, you wouldn't have been able to go today. We can just go straight to the hospital!"

"I …"

Jiao Jiao tried hard to remember. It seemed like she was in this state because of the stall vendor, but when she looked at Chen Goong again, the latter was extremely nervous. However, that faintly discernible aura was like a bewitching incense. It was captivating, and in just an instant, it was as if if if he couldn't obtain it, then he would lose it forever.

"Hey, aren't you going to help?"

Xiaoya shouted at Chen Goong. With her small arms and legs, she couldn't hold a person who wasn't strong enough, but when she shouted at Chen Goong, a faint fragrance came out, causing her legs to go soft and her face to turn red. But because she was holding onto the fragrance, before she could continue chasing Chen Goong, the two of them sat on the ground.


The pain caused Xiaoya to wake up instantly. She looked at the delicate figure that she had suppressed and glared at her. Xiaoya hurriedly wanted to get up, but a strong hand held both of them up to help them up. Only at this moment did she finally ease the awkwardness.

"Are you two alright?"

Seeing the two of them fall, this was something Chen Goong did not expect. He did not expect the Hunting Demon to be able to reach such a degree, so after helping the two of them up, he asked apologetically.

"I'm fine!"

Although Xiaoya didn't understand why she was in such a state, she still replied out of politeness. Jiao Jiao, on the other hand, snorted with displeasure. However, she didn't look at Chen Goong. Perhaps she had already determined that what happened was all because of Chen Goong.

But who knows!

"That's good. If the two of you are not feeling well, you should rest early." Do you still want more of this doll? "

"Yes, pack it up for me." "How much is it?"

Just like this, Chen Goong successfully sold his first item of the day. For Xiaoya to pay him instead of pestering him to give it to him, it was also within Chen Goong's expectation. After all, the two of them no longer dared to look Chen Goong in the eye after helping the two of them. Chen Goong was happy about it. As for Xiaoya, she peeked at his face, it looked really cute.

Looking at the two of them walking away, Chen Goong was still very happy. Although he couldn't steal the jade and steal the incense, but no matter what, he still made the two beauties absent-minded for a moment. It was a benefit for a bachelor like him.

"Tsk, I've let you blossom from happiness, it's really useless!"

Chen Goong naturally chose to ignore Coquettish Demon's mockery. The following goods were sold out quickly under Chen Goong's "Hunting Demon". Apart from this, he even received some orders, which could be considered as an unexpected gain.

In the next few days, Chen Goong did as he was told. Not only did he earn a small sum of money, his Hunting Demon 100 quest was also about to be completed.

"Phew, I should be able to reach 100 today!" I should be able to repay a portion of that darn debt. Coquettish Demon, you must not forget about that Gold Searching technique. "

"It's better if you finish it first. See how happy you've been these past few days. You really have no future."


In the entire night market, only Chen Goong's stall was the hottest. It was full every day and all of them were taken care of by female customers, causing some of the small vendors to be so anxious that their eyes would turn red, but there was nothing they could do about it.

However, the Hunting Demon's skills were not without flaws. For example, yesterday, Chen Goong was happily sending away a customer and then turning around to look at a girl that weighed more than 200 pounds. She was chewing on a chicken leg and choosing accessories.

Due to her Hunting Demon s, the girl had a bloated body. She approached him with her meat patty face, which scared Chen Goong to death.

Facing this kind of situation, Coquettish Demon would naturally not let go of the opportunity to mock him. She would not be able to control the Hunting Demon skillfully, let alone come into contact with other techniques to increase her demonic nature.

The street lights had just come on, and this meant that the crowd was about to rush into the night market.

As a foodie country, the night market not only had strange gadgets, a variety of clothing shows, but also crayfish, roasted squid, and other street snacks. With such a complete business circle, even though it was rather grounded, many people were still willing to take a look around.

In this street, besides snacks, Chen Goong's stall was the most popular. Even though many people were discussing how this seemingly gentle young man could use demonic arts to hold customers, it still couldn't stop others from coming.

In Chen Goong's words, just sell your own stuff and let others be jealous!

So far, Chen Goong had already completed 93 Hunting Demon s. Although he was just short of seven, he still had to show up. Unsurprisingly, as time passed, his stall was once again overcrowded.

"Boss, I want this cute little cup."

"Little big brother, I want this. I'll give you money."

"Can you not squeeze? I came first. Hmm, it's still that fragrance. What nonsense am I talking about? "

In short, not long after the night market opened, Chen Goong's target had already exceeded 100, but he didn't have the time to worry about these things. Coquettish Demon also didn't give him any trouble, and amidst the chaos, a familiar face appeared in front of Chen Goong's eyes.

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