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C11 It's Not Rare

"Brother Chen, why are you setting up a stall here?" I was wondering, why are there so many people gathered here? "

"Yiyi? You want to go shopping? " Chen Goong was a bit surprised by Ye Yiyi's appearance, but he didn't care about going out to shop. Chen Goong felt it was quite a coincidence that they met here.

Of course, this was only Chen Goong's idea. After all, his situation here was already considered the scenery of the entire street.

"Since I'm so bored, I came to take a look. Can you handle it alone? Do you need my help? " Ye Yiyi had never seen a shop that crazily robbed accessories and dolls, not to mention this unremarkable night market. In her opinion, Chen Goong was indeed a genius. No matter what he did, he would always catch the eyes of others.

"I need it, I really need it!" Is it convenient for you? "

"What's so inconvenient about that? I have nothing to do." With that, Ye Yiyi pushed aside Chen Goong's barrier and walked in front of him, looking at the customers in front of her.

Speaking of the barrier on the stall, Chen Goong had only found him because he wanted to avoid being in close contact with others. Although he couldn't feel like throwing himself into a hug, safety was his priority.

After all, if he was besieged by a group of women because he was selling jewelry, it wouldn't be good for him to get the headlines of the second day.

However, Chen Goong didn't know that the news of the night market's stall filling up had already been sent as the headlines by some media workers.

With Ye Yiyi's help, Chen Goong was finally able to relax a lot. But even so, he still felt a little overwhelmed. The peak lasted for a full 0 points before it finally ended. Chen Goong said happily as he looked at Ye Yiyi, who was also sweating profusely.

"Yiyi, it's been hard on you today. "If you're not here, I don't know how busy I'd be. I'll treat you to a supper later."

"That's a must, I'm so tired. Even planning in the company isn't so tired."

Chen Goong looked at Ye Yiyi who was fanning herself with her palm and smiled faintly. Her rosy face was really pretty.

"What are you looking at ~"

She pouted coquettishly, giving off a feeling of both love and pity. If not for Chen Goong being surrounded by all kinds of female compatriots these days, he would have already fallen.

"Little Chen, it seems like today is quite good too. After being basked in your glory, my business has been pretty good these few days. Let's go, big bro will treat you to wine."

The one who spoke was Chen Goong's neighbor. Due to Chen Goong selling a lot these past few days, their business had improved quite a bit.

"No, Brother Wang, I still have friends. Besides, I won't be coming tomorrow. Didn't you always want this booth? Tomorrow I will go and speak to the gatekeeper and pass it on to you. "

"Not coming anymore?" Hearing this, this person had a somewhat regretful look, but it was not long before he was relieved. That's right, you can make such a small stall as big as this. Nowadays, starting a business is very popular, I wish you success! "Alright, I won't disturb you from being alone with your little girlfriend. Don't forget to tell the street manager about the stall tomorrow."

As soon as he finished speaking, this person left happily. Chen Goong sighed at this person's freedom. After all, due to his relationship these few days, his business had improved a lot.

However, as he was mulling over this matter, he suddenly saw Ye Yiyi's face turn completely red, which caused him to be stupefied.

'Has the Hunting Demon used Yi Yi again? '

"Yiyi? Have you got a fever? " Chen Goong asked uncertainly.

After this period of testing. Because of the instability, Chen Goong found out that the Hunting Demon only played a role once. In other words, if Chen Goong was already 'bewitched' by the Hunting Demon, then it wouldn't work again. But Ye Yiyi's current appearance made Chen Goong waver on the test result.

"No, Brother Chen, are you not coming here tomorrow?" Isn't business pretty good? "

Seeing that Ye Yiyi did not blush because of the Hunting Demon, he finally realised that she was too shy. Thinking about what Brother Wang said just now, Chen Goong felt like laughing.

"En, I won't come. After all, setting up a stall won't earn me much. It's better if I do something else."

Actually, Chen Goong had already started using Coquettish Demon's so-called skill of earning money. If he could dig out some gold, it would be more profitable than setting up a stall. Unfortunately, when he found out about the so-called 'moneymaking' technique, his heart immediately surged with excitement.

"Mm, that's true, but …"

Seeing Ye Yiyi wanting to say something but hesitating, Chen Goong was puzzled. However, the few people that appeared at that moment made Chen Goong frown.

"Chen Goong? It's really you. "

Chen Goong recognized the four people coming at him. It could even be said that he was very familiar with them.

He didn't intend to care about it at first, but when he noticed that unforgettable person, no matter how much Chen Goong ignored him, he could no longer remain calm.

"I had thought that the top students of Huaxia University would have great abilities, but it turns out they are just setting up stalls here! "Hahaha, if you want to set up a stall, you have to find me! This area has been bought by my family, and after a while, we will be developing a new building. No matter what, you have to earn more before we open it, don't you think?"

Pu Wenn still had that arrogant look on his face. Speaking of which, he had the qualifications to be so arrogant. His father was not a small developer, and he was worth tens of millions.

Originally, Chen Goong couldn't get along with such a person no matter what, but it was all because of the person that made his heart churn.

Next to Pu Wenn stood a very attractive woman with heavy makeup. She was Chen Goong's first love girlfriend — Lee Zizi.

The story of Chen Goong and Lee Zizi was extremely simple. The two knew each other, knew each other, and got along well. Chen Goong thought the two of them were very suitable and had the thought of marrying each other, but the good news only lasted for half a year. Lee Zizi, because of a gathering, got to know Pu Wenn, after the passion passed, she abandoned Chen Goong and decided to spend a hundred years with this rich kid.

After all, he did not have money, nor did he have any power. The chances of Lee Zizi staying in Xilin City after graduating were very small, but he was a man after all. It was impossible for Chen Goong to not act when his sincerity was eaten by a dog.

"Tell me, what can you give me? You don't even have anything of your own! "

"I'll get what I want." Even though this sentence seemed extremely feeble at that time.

"Then we'll talk about it after you get it."

Memories could really surge up and down like the tide, at least Chen Goong was like this at the moment. Lee Zizi was the type that was good to watch. Plus, all the girls who entered university started to put on makeup, which added a lot to Lee Zizi's looks. Furthermore, her figure was not bad. Her curvature was extremely captivating. This made Chen Goong think that he had picked up a treasure, and he usually doted on Lee Zizi even more.

However, who would have thought that this treasure would just be a piece of gold and jade?

"Have you become a fool to set up a stall? You don't even know how to talk? Tsk tsk, what a pity. "

Chen Goong looked at the mocking Pu Wenn and ignored him. After all, he didn't need to compete with this kind of idiot.

"Yiyi, let's go."

Seeing that Chen Goong ignored her, Ye Yiyi nodded and started to pack her things.

All the goods had been sold out today, so not many things needed to be tidied up. However, who would have thought that Pu Wenn actually walked up and stood in front of Ye Yiyi with his brows frowned as he drank.

"Chen Goong, don't be so polite. Do you believe that I won't be able to set up this stall of yours tomorrow?"

"If you can't move on, then don't. Please don't make me feel disgusted here."

After Chen Goong finished his sentence, Pu Wenn ignored him, and looked at Ye Yiyi from head to toe. This little brat, your luck with women is really not shallow. "

Everyone could hear the meaning behind Wu Tie's words. At this moment, Chen Goong had pulled Ye Yiyi behind him and said impatiently.

"If you have nothing else to do, then please leave."

"Haha, how can I have nothing to do? At that time, Lee Zizi was extremely tender, and this was the first time. Oh, I'm sorry, but you should not know! "

"Pu Wenn, what's the meaning of this!"

The woman finally opened her mouth. Even though Lee Zizi knew that Pu Wenn wasn't thinking about her right now, she had no way to break away from him. The days when she was free of food and clothing had made her lose her vigor, and she was basically the same as a puppet, but there was nothing she could do.

However, she was glad that she left Chen Goong. Otherwise, she would be setting up a stall with Chen Goong. This wasn't the life she wanted.

"It's meaningless. If you like it, then listen. If you don't, then scram."


Lee Zizi had nothing to say. Sometimes, she really regretted that she had fallen too deep, but what could she do?

Chen Goong wasn't in the mood to listen to their bullshit. Anyway, he wouldn't set up a stall in the future, it would be best if he left early. However, just as he was about to leave, Pu Wenn actually walked up to Ye Yiyi, fawning on her with all kinds of fawning, which was extremely annoying.

"Pu Wenn, are you f * cking done yet!"

"What? Are you still going to hit me?" At most, I'll return your darling back to you? "

Even though Chen Goong was extremely angry at this moment, he subconsciously looked at Lee Zizi. Even he didn't expect that he would do such a thing. At this moment, Lee Zizi's eyes were also looking straight at him.

However, in this short moment, Lee Zizi's face flushed red. She walked towards Chen Goong with misty eyes. Even one of her female companions beside her had the same reaction.

At that moment, the girl was held by another person. She had just woken up from her drunken stupor, yet Lee Zizi still charged into Chen Goong's embrace with a blank expression on her face …

The sudden turn of events was unimaginable for everyone. Lee Zizi was about to touch Chen Goong's body, but no one could react in time.

"Not at all! I can't take it anymore, you can keep it for yourself. "

Chen Goong pushed Lee Zizi away and looked at her confused expression. He sighed to himself and pulled Ye Yiyi away. No matter how deep the love between them went, the pain would only be worse. He had finally put it down.

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