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C12 Distracted

Although Chen Goong soon heard the harsh slapping sound, what could he do about it?

Chen Goong didn't say anything along the way, and Ye Yiyi didn't know what to say either. After a long silence, Ye Yiyi finally asked in a probing tone.

"Brother Chen? Are you okay? "

Chen Goong seemed to be deep in thought at this moment. He seemed to be awakened by Ye Yiyi's question.

"Ah?" "Oh, it's nothing. Let's go, let's go. We'll eat supper. We'll starve to death!"

"Are you really alright?"

Chen Goong naturally understood what Ye Yiyi was asking about. Although he had put it down, he was a person after all. His memories would not disappear for no reason.

It was just that at this moment, he really did not think about that matter. The only reason he was at a loss was because Coquettish Demon had told him that the initial stages of Hunting Demon were already over.

Just as Chen Goong was researching the Gold Searching, Ye Yiyi happened to break his train of thought, causing others to think that he was recalling what just happened.

"Brother Chen, if you're not happy, just say it. I'm a good listener, there's no need to be sad about this."

"Do you think I have anything else to remember?" Ye Yiyi, on the other hand, did not understand Chen Goong's feelings for Lee Zizi when she heard his question. But since it's fine, why are you still depressed?!

Of course, she would never know that Chen Goong was depressed because Coquettish Demon told him that the skill called "Gold Searching" had cheated him all the way to his maternal grandma's house.

[Gold Searching] Beginner level: Beginner level of Hunting Demon, can be used with Gold Searching. With the result of the hunt, one can find ten million gold

[Hunting Demon] Intermediate: Controls demonic energy, selects demons, captures inferior beasts.

According to Chen Goong's understanding, this damned Gold Searching was not what he was thinking at all. He could go dig for gold now. Was he going to be a gigolo and be taken care of by a lot of rich women?

Oh my god! This was not the result he wanted!

Even if he couldn't directly dig out the gold, he should still be able to find heavenly and earthly treasures to sell! "Coquettish Demon, come out and explain to me!"

Unsurprisingly, Coquettish Demon didn't give him any answer, and now that Ye Yiyi was beside him, it was even more difficult to argue with Coquettish Demon. After all, if this little girl found out that she was carrying a demon, who knows what kind of trouble she would have.

However, at this moment, Ye Yiyi looked at Chen Goong with meaningful eyes.

"Hey, what's with that look, I'm a proper person!"

"Tsk, you're the only one who knows when this is happening."

Ye Yiyi rolled her eyes at Chen Goong. Previously, she didn't have any guesses about Chen Goong. Looking at today's booming business, she only thought that Chen Goong used a lot of marketing skills.

However, she clearly saw Chen Goong's ex-girlfriend's behavior. Her infatuated look didn't seem to be spontaneous, and she seemed to have experienced that kind of situation before. Thinking of this, Ye Yiyi could not help but have some conjectures, although she was not sure what kind of evil technique Chen Goong used, there was definitely something wrong.

Being stared at by Ye Yiyi made Chen Goong extremely uncomfortable. On one hand, he didn't have much contact with women, even though he had already acquired a lot of luck with women in the past few days, on the other hand, he felt guilty. From his point of view, Ye Yiyi seemed to have noticed something. After all, the various strange sights that had happened to him would eventually reveal some clues.

They stayed like that for a long time. When Chen Goong couldn't bear it any longer, Ye Yiyi suddenly said.

"Brother Chen, although I don't know what exactly happened to you, I believe that you should be able to handle it well. Through this period of time, I know that you are a good person."

Good people?" Chen Goong boasted that he was indeed a good person. However, being labeled as a good person gave him a strange feeling. It seemed that it was only Bei Tai who was being labeled as a good person in quite a number of television dramas. It shouldn't be. He didn't have any relationship with Ye Yiyi.

While Chen Goong was silently cursing, Ye Yiyi suddenly covered her face and smiled.

"Look how nervous you are, it's not like I'm questioning you, but I still recommend that you be able to control yourself! "If you really used some evil technique, it would be best for you to not let anyone else find out. Otherwise, you will definitely be killed by some Demon Extinguisher master."

It seemed like a joke, but Chen Goong secretly sighed in his heart. Indeed, during this period of time, his performance would arouse suspicion, but luckily, Ye Yiyi had interacted with him the most, so she didn't seem to question him too much. Furthermore, she had already reached the middle stage of the Hunting Demon.

The two of them ate supper in this wonderful atmosphere. Ye Yiyi's smile was still hanging on her face, but Chen Goong didn't know what was going on. It wasn't until he returned home that the strange feeling disappeared.

'This little girl seems to have discovered it. Fortunately, he didn't pursue the matter further.

"Blame yourself for being too stupid, and still say that setting up a stall is the fastest way."

Coquettish Demon ridiculed Chen Goong. This time, Chen Goong didn't argue with her and instead asked her with a serious expression.

"Am I able to control the Hunting Demon now? And how exactly should he control the Gold Searching? I'll say this first, I'm not going to be a gigolo to be taken care of. '

Coquettish Demon's laughter filled Chen Goong's mind. Only after a long while did he stop laughing. Regarding this, Chen Goong said in annoyance.

'Can you control yourself? I can't stand you laughing like that. "

"Alright, alright. Now that I think about it, it's time for me to recuperate." Just as he finished speaking, Chen Goong still didn't understand what Coquettish Demon meant. A kind of ethereal voice appeared, it was pleasant to the ear and made one's heart itch.

It was Coquettish Demon's voice.

After this period of contact, I found out that you're pretty much to my liking, and we're teammates who fought side by side. Whether you accept it or not, I still have no way of leaving your body, which might not be fair to you. Because of me, you almost lost your life, and the danger you face in the future will not be any less than the last time.

Chen Goong had not heard Coquettish Demon's serious voice for a long time, which made him a little unaccustomed to it. After a long while, he finally said lightly.

'I don't have a choice, do I? Let's just say that I don't want to die, not even a little bit. However, I don't think that I will be able to survive successfully every time. The last time, luck played a major role, so no one can say for sure in the future. 'To be honest, I've had enough of the pain of life and death! '

Chen Goong looked excited, but he calmed down very quickly.

"Also, I want to know what is the danger you are talking about. No matter what, I need a preparation. "

Coquettish Demon's voice was now somewhat heavy.

"A chase from the Demon Realm! This is something I can be sure of. " Coquettish Demon took a deep breath. "I don't have any doubts about the result of the 'instruction' anymore. You can indeed help me, and I hope that you can help me as well." Of course, I can't help it if you refuse. As for the Demon Realm, it is better that you do not understand them. "

'It's like you didn't say? '

Chen Goong shook his head helplessly. He had already guessed what could happen to the Demon Realm, that his talent had been awakened ever since Coquettish Demon came to his side.

It would be a lie to say that he wasn't curious about that foreign world. Although he had tried asking about Coquettish Demon's background, he had been fooled. Currently, he did not have enough information, so there was no way for him to deduce anything. The only thing he could be certain of now was that he was in danger …

"Your Hunting Demon has already reached the intermediate stage, but that is only the foundation of the demons. The goal of controlling it and finding a stronger demon is the most important part of growing."

"As for the explanation for the Gold Searching, you should have already seen it, it can help you find even more resources. To demons, the Gold Searching after the Hunting Demon is to excavate even bigger resources, after all, if they can hunt down a high level demon, then there are countless possibilities behind this demon."

"Of course, to you, this might be called providing support, but you need to know, Demon Realm does not have these things, Hunting Demon s are then plundered, and there are only so many resources, so everyone wants a share. Only if you are stronger will you have the right to speak and choose."

"Whether or not you use the Gold Searching, that is your problem. Only if you are strong enough will you have the right to choose. "Alright, that's all I have to say. Do you have anything you want to ask?"

At this moment, Chen Goong really wanted to know too much. For example, what was demonic nature? Why did Coquettish Demon want to recuperate? And how was he supposed to find that damned Gold Searching? These questions were all difficult for him to figure out in a short period of time.

But he still gritted his teeth and asked first.

"I just want to know, do you want to turn me into a monster? I don't want to become a Rushing Buster! "

Coquettish Demon's voice didn't ring at the first moment. It was only after a long while that she said, "Ah! Ah! Ah!"

"Um, you're always talking about Rushing wave Ba, what exactly is that thing? Also, you are a human, how can you become a demon? You have to have the qualifications to do so, the Spirit Demon character I am talking about is just to strengthen the stability of your basic techniques on the Hunting Demon s, what are you thinking! "Alright, I won't say anymore. I need to rest."

No matter how Chen Goong called out to Coquettish Demon next, there was no reply. What he wanted to know the most right now was how to use this Gold Searching. After all, after Hunting Demon passed away, she couldn't just ask your family how much assets they had, right? If the other party didn't give it to him, it would be impossible for him to go snatch it away, just like his Demon Realm.

Sh * t! It really was a scam!

However, since things had come to this, this was the only way. At this moment, Chen Goong was still very frustrated. On one hand, he was a bit nervous about the danger Coquettish Demon was talking about. After all, the unknown was the most frightening thing. On the other hand, the debt had not been repaid. At the same time, he was very worried about what had happened to his father. Moreover, he might even think of Lee Zizi from that moment onwards.

Many questions followed Chen Goong's sleep, but the quality of rest was too poor. What made him even more depressed was that in the morning, Chen Goong felt that he didn't sleep for long before he was woken up by a knock on the door.

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