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C13 Liu Xiaoya

"Who is it? Don't you know that disturbing Clear Dream is the most hateful?"

Although he was unhappy, he still opened the door. Looking at the unfamiliar face, Chen Goong scratched his head and asked while yawning.

"Who are you looking for?"

The person who knocked on the door was in a suit. His leather shoes were shiny, and a pair of glasses were hanging from his nose. However, he looked at Chen Goong with a frown and after looking up and down, he asked with an uncertain voice.

"Chen Goong?"

Being called by name, Chen Goong was even more puzzled, so he nodded and asked.

"You are?"

"I am Wang Luo, the sales manager of Ascending Company. "This time, the main reason why I found you was because of CEO Liu. Hurry up and pack up. Change into a set of formal attire and follow me to the company."


Chen Goong was a bit helpless when he heard the word sales, these sales are really going all out and are already on sale. But this isn't the most important factor for Chen Goong to close down, it's just that the company has always been making cosmetics and lingerie, a bachelor like him won't be able to use them at all!

Moreover, this fellow looked like he was worth around 25,000 silver taels, he was so infuriating just by looking at him. Not only did he disturb Qing Meng, his marketing was also so awesome.

"I don't need these things. Thank you."

This was something he had never expected at all. No matter what, he was a manager level figure, and being rejected by Chen Goong, who seemed to be on the same level as a diaosi made him angry.

However, the task had already been assigned to him. If he did not complete it, then there would be even more troublesome matters. Therefore, after Wang Luo adjusted his mood, he knocked on Chen Goong's door once again.

"Dong, dong, dong."

Although Chen Goong was a bit dissatisfied at the moment, he opened the door. Seeing the disgusted expression on Wang Luo's face, Chen Goong forced himself to open his mouth and speak.

"If you want to sell, I really don't need it. I'll live alone. And I don't know any Chief Liu. "

Chen Goong had made his words very clear. At this moment, Wang Luo adjusted his glasses, still frowning as he stared at Chen Goong.

"Mr. Chen Goong, I was arranged by CEO Liu to come specially to look for you. Don't be in a hurry to close the door! She said she bought something at your stall with a girl named Jiao Jiao. "

At this moment, Chen Goong finally realized that the person Wang Luo was talking about should be that woman called Xiaoya. However, he had never thought that this person would be the leader of the company, and even sent someone to look for him.

"It seems like you've remembered. Since that's the case, then come back to the company with me quickly."

Chen Goong was in a daze when he heard Wang Luo's words, his mind was in a mess, but he managed to guess that it was due to the Gold Searching, but at that time, the Hunting Demon was still at the Beginner Level, how could the Gold Searching have such an effect?

Although Chen Goong was puzzled, he still politely invited Wang Luo into the house. After all, Wang Luo had come specifically to find him a guest, and Chen Goong's attitude before was not good. However, Wang Luo waved his hand impatiently and didn't enter the door. He only urged Chen Goong to pack up.

Seeing this, Chen Goong did not force him. This person was clearly used to living in the upper echelons. Returning to the house, Chen Goong was washing his face and thinking about this matter. Although he was not sure if it was due to the effects of the Gold Searching, the fact that that CEO Liu was willing to go through so much trouble to find him and even send someone to visit him showed that something had happened.

However, the person that was assigned only made Chen Goong feel uncomfortable.

After a simple arrangement, Chen Goong went out the door. Wang Luo looked at Chen Goong casually dressed up and said with a frown.

"Don't you have any formal clothes?"

"I'm not going for an interview, why would I wear it so formally?"

Facing the manager's attitude, Chen Goong naturally wasn't in a good mood. They were all raised by their parents, who wouldn't have a good temper? Besides, this person's interactions with others are mutual. You are a fool, don't tell me you want me to pretend to be one to cater to you?

With this thought in mind, the two of them did not talk along the way. Chen Goong was too lazy to ask what was going on, so he might as well wait a bit before doing anything else.

After reaching the upgrade, Chen Goong didn't encounter any obstructions because Wang Luo was leading the way. Perhaps someone would ask, why should they stop a company when they were only going there? Just because they were wearing simple clothes, they would lose their human rights.

Actually the reason is very simple, a formal big company, in addition to the dress code, the work plate is your only standard of access. There were also appointments with business contacts and company leaders, but in these situations, there would usually be people receiving them directly.

For someone like Chen Goong, who didn't even know the reason why he came here, could it be imagined that the security guards would let him enter with ease?

When they arrived in front of Director Liu's office, Wang Luo signaled Chen Goong to wait for a while, then knocked on the door and walked in.

Chen Goong looked at the huge office space and exclaimed that this was the style that a large company should have. Regular soldiers were indeed different.

At this moment, a familiar voice sounded. In a blink of an eye, Chen Goong saw Xiaoya that day.

"Come in and have a seat, Weiwei. Go make a cup of tea."

Liu Xiaoya invited Chen Goong into her office with a smile and waited for him to sit down before she spoke.

"How is it? Are you not surprised that you saw me?"

"A little. I don't know, why did you call me here? "It can't be that you just want me to have a cup of tea, right?"

After confirming that it was Liu Xiaoya, Chen Goong was even more confused as to why this woman, whom he had only met once, wanted to meet him. Could it be that it was due to the Hunting Demon that she fell in love with him? How could that be possible? She was the promoted CEO Liu, and countless rich people were chasing after her.

Facing Chen Goong's teasing, Liu Xiaoya was still smiling. On the contrary, Wang Luo, who was sitting beside Chen Goong, snorted coldly. However, he did not do anything unnecessary.

"Of course not. Compared to the reason why I came to find you, you should first take a look at this. "

With that, Liu Xiaoya pushed the phone in front of Chen Goong. This kind of selling method made Chen Goong a little curious, but he didn't ask any questions. Instead, he placed his gaze on the phone.

"The reason why night market stands are full?" "The legendary charm of character!"

There was a piece of news on the screen, which matched the picture of Chen Goong selling jewelry at the night market. Ye Zichen clicked on the article in a hurry. The contents of it basically matched Chen Goong's business situation from the past few days, but Chen Goong's description scared him.

What kind of charismatic personality, enchanting body, a deep understanding of a woman's heart, and a marketing strategy that would never happen again, all these titles made Chen Goong break out in cold sweat. Finally, Chen Goong saw the hundreds of thousands of words that were read, and he couldn't help but grin.

"Finished?" There have been a lot of messages about you these past few days. I wonder what you think? "

Chen Goong looked at Liu Xiaoya's smiling face and felt suspicious. How could he know a woman's heart? He had only experienced love once, and it had all ended in failure. These media personnel were truly irresponsible.

However, he still pretended to be calm because Liu Xiaoya didn't say what her purpose was.

"Not much."

"Do you still want to set up your stall? What's so good about that? "

The slightly angry Liu Xiaoya surprised Chen Goong a little. It seemed like it had nothing to do with her whether she set up the stall or not. What was there for her to be angry about?

"I didn't say I was going back."

"You're not going!?"


Chen Goong didn't understand what Liu Xiaoya meant by that, so he asked.

"Boss Liu, if you have anything to say, just say it, there's no point in going around in circles."

Hearing this, Wang Luo, who was at the side, glared at him again. Chen Goong directly ignored him, while Liu Xiaoya said in a hopeful tone.

"Since you have this kind of ability, you should develop it in a large company. If you can penetrate the female market, you should use it to create the greatest value. Although our company is not considered a leading enterprise in the entire country, but its strength is definitely enough in a place like Xilin, developing it outside of the country is not a difficult matter! "

This time, Chen Goong finally understood the reason why Liu Xiaoya called him here. He immediately shook his head.

"What is it? You already have another company looking for you? "It shouldn't be, as long as you ask for it, it's easy to talk about the salary."

"Boss Liu, this is inappropriate!" "" Wang Luo shouted loudly. The moment he finished, he seemed to have felt his own discomposure and hurriedly explained. "Boss Liu, our company indeed needs talented people, but how can such a small trader so easily enter our company. You should be very clear about our requirements for talent selection."

"Chen Goong was invited by me. Pay attention to your identity."

Wang Luo gritted his teeth, but when he saw the discontent on Liu Xiaoya's face, he still shut his mouth and glared fiercely at Chen Goong.

Seeing this, Chen Goong could only helplessly sigh and said.

"I don't know as much about the women's market as the article says. To be honest, although I can do marketing, I'm not very interested in your company's main products."

"There's no need for you to be modest. I've already learned about 'bewitching'. If you're willing to come to the upgrade section, I can give you the current product directly."

When these words came out, neither Chen Goong nor Wang Luo were able to remain calm. The former was because of the words' captivating 'while the latter was because of the new product that Liu Xiaoya mentioned.

"Boss Liu!" Whether in my position or in the company's position, this decision is too arbitrary. "How can you give a poor kid like him a new product line just because of an article? That is our company's strategic plan!"

"Wang Luo, you're looking down on me too much. It's not up to you to question my decision. "If there's nothing else, go out."

"Boss Liu!"

Chen Goong looked at the furious Wang Luo. Actually, he wanted to laugh. No matter what his identity was, he had already eaten this failure. As for that new product, Chen Goong wasn't really interested. He just felt that this woman had a deeper motive.

If the elementary Hunting Demon could change a person's mind, it would be too terrifying.

"You'd better weigh your own worth, or the consequences will not be something you can bear. "Do your best!"

With these words, Wang Luo angrily left the office. Liu Xiaoya's gaze was still on Chen Goong.

"How is it? Have you considered it? "

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