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C14 Each Had Their Own Thoughts

"To be honest, I'm still not interested!"

When Liu Xiaoya heard this, she retracted her smiling face. Chen Goong's repeated rejections displeased her a little. No matter what, upgrading was a big company. She had already given a lot of face by recruiting Chen Goong.

"Chen Goong, no matter how capable you are, you still need a chance. I believe that the conditions that I have given you are enough. If you have any other requests, feel free to tell me."

Chen Goong tapped the table lightly with his fingers and took a deep breath.

"CEO Liu, what you proposed is indeed very tempting, but I'm not an idiot. What is the purpose of you calling me here? "Let's be straightforward. I believe that since you can find me, you will naturally investigate me as well. It's best not to beat around the bush."

Their gazes met, and Liu Xiaoya stroked her long hair as she sat down, putting on her standard smile.

"Frankly speaking, I really admire you a bit. If it had been anyone else, it would have been long ago that Ascending would have been able to come up with such favourable conditions. You are very rational, so you should be able to handle this matter well. "

As expected, Liu Xiaoya was not a simple person for her to be the general manager. Chen Goong couldn't help but sigh.

"The last time I met you, you've confused my mind. Jiao Jiao, let's not talk about that for now, but my self-control is still not bad. Although it was only for a moment, I think you have some way to control the human heart, right?"

When he acquired the Hunting Demon, Chen Goong did not think that this skill would have such a strong effect. Although he had explained to Coquettish Demon the reason why he set up his stall, the most important thing was still to test this Hunting Demon's abilities.

It was a bit hard to control now, but luckily he only chose to focus on the night market, otherwise the consequences wouldn't be something he could control. Just like Liu Xiaoya's current goal.

"Currently, there is a huge obstacle to upgrading your slot. I wonder if you have heard of the Exquisite Group? Right now, ascension had already occupied the entire Xilin market, and the new product line was also in the midst of being planned, towards the entire nation's imminent future. However, because the superior products used the top grade Korean products as a gimmick, they were currently devouring the ascended Xilin market. and they're really doing pretty well. "

"You should know that the female market has a lot of potential, with cosmetics being the leading factor. Although we have taken a lot of countermeasures, but still in the passive, want to live alone is almost impossible. However, the company's development must not be restricted by the appearance of a good product, so we must take action. "

Liu Xiaoya said this to Chen Goong neither arrogantly nor impudently. The latter could naturally hear the current predicament of the company, but he could not let Liu Xiaoya lead him by the nose.

"Then you should think of another strategy, whether it's advertising or product quality enhancement. This is something you should carefully think about, it's useless even if you look for me."

Liu Xiaoya was not surprised by Chen Goong's nonchalant attitude. She took a sip of her coffee and suddenly focused as she spoke.

"It's because the current situation of the company is not good, that's why we need your help. I will naturally take care of the matters regarding the products, but you must help me expel the best quality products from the Xilin Market, so that we can stabilize our position at the top of the Xilin."

"I don't care, what does it have to do with me?" Chen Goong did not like Liu Yong's commanding tone at all. The reason he resigned so resolutely was because he despised Liu Yong's actions. Who didn't have a temper?

This time, the rejection didn't make Liu Xiaoya jump up and down. Instead, she said gently.

"Originally, when you became a member of the promotion team, my arrangements were your work. Since you are unwilling, I will not force you. But you better cooperate with me a little. After all, your method of deceiving others cannot be exposed. "

"Are you going to sue me? Who would believe you without any proof? Say something useful. Although I won't set up a stall, time is still very precious. "

It had been a long time since she had met such a troublesome person. Not only had she been promoted to general manager, but just her looks had captivated countless young talents. Who knew that Chen Goong was so hard to get along with?

"I'll give you a hundred thousand every month. At the most, for half a year, you must withdraw your top quality goods from the Xilin Market."

Chen Goong's heart skipped a beat. Oh my god! One hundred thousand! To him, this was an astronomical figure. However, Chen Goong felt helpless when he heard the latter sentence, which told him to withdraw with a superior item.

"Are you kidding? No matter if it's the port, or the air transport, they are all well-developed. A hundred thousand per month, you want me to kick out the superior goods? "Regardless of how much money there is, I will still be able to get the best out of this market."

"One hundred and fifty thousand, at least 80% of the market will be promoted." Liu Xiaoya gritted her teeth as she spoke.

At this moment, Coquettish Demon suddenly spoke in Chen Goong's heart.

"Promise her!"

Chen Goong paused for a second and didn't show any obvious reaction. To Liu Xiaoya, this seemed to be Chen Goong's agreement.

At this moment, Chen Goong's call to Coquettish Demon was fruitless. After saying those three words, Coquettish Demon became quiet, which made him a little confused. However, since Coquettish Demon had already spoken, she must have her own plans. Therefore, after a moment of hesitation, she raised her head and looked at Liu Xiaoya.

"Two hundred thousand. Ascending and superior items each take half of the Xilin Market." Chen Goong said lightly.

"Chen Goong, don't go overboard. Even if I give you two hundred thousand yuan per month, what if you can't do it?"

"That's not something you should care about. Whether you want to or not is up to you." With that, Chen Goong picked up the cup, looked at the broken pieces of tea floating in the air and put it down.

At this moment, Liu Xiaoya was truly at a loss. Rather than saying that she doubted Chen Goong's ability, it would be better to say that she didn't trust Chen Goong's strange demonic technique. If it works, then hundreds of thousands of dollars would be worth it.

After thinking for a long time, Chen Goong wasn't anxious at all. Looking at Liu Xiaoya's conflicted expression, his heart was beating like a drum. Maybe two hundred thousand yuan was too much. However, when Chen Goong was really going to deal with this matter, he realized that the two hundred thousand yuan was a little too little.

After a full ten minutes, Liu Xiaoya sighed and said.

"Alright, I agree. When will the contract be signed?"

"Any time."

Their collaboration was completed just like that. The moment Liu Xiaoya saw Chen Goong sign the contract, she was finally relieved. In fact, her final plan was to split the market share with the superior items. As for the price …

"Wish us a happy cooperation." Liu Xiaoya smiled happily and shook hands with Chen Goong. What surprised her was that after just touching Chen Goong's hand, she seemed to have gone soft again. The strong female hormones almost made her tear off Chen Goong's clothes.

Seeing Chen Goong's serious expression, Liu Xiaoya lowered her delicate red face and whispered.

"I wish you success. Don't let my money go to waste!"

This attitude made Chen Goong's heartbeat quicken and he hurriedly left her office. After a long while, Liu Xiaoya finally exhaled and said with squinted eyes.

"This guy is quite likeable."

An hour after Chen Goong left, the girl he saw that day, Jiao Jiao, came to Liu Xiaoya.

"How is it? Is it done? "

"Yeah, but I spent an extra hundred thousand."

"A hundred thousand?" "That's acceptable. I was planning to give that guy a year's income."

"Jiao Jiao, do you think that guy can do it?"

"It shouldn't be a problem. After all, we have felt that feeling before. This person should be much more capable than he is. Have you seen the news about the police station? "Although we are not concerned about these things, but I feel that Chen Goong has a lot of unspeakable secrets."

If Chen Goong heard these words, he would probably feel that he was tricked very badly. He thought that he had ruthlessly gotten a handful, but in reality, the price he offered was not even worth a dime. As for why Chen Goong asked so much, the reason was very simple.

Liu Xiaoya never intended to cooperate with him and instead wanted to bind him in a different way. If it wasn't for Chen Goong's caution, he would probably have signed the indenture contract to get the reward of 200,000 yuan. It was simply a dream.

Chen Goong, who was in a good mood, was currently singing a melody and hurrying home.

Chen Goong had to get a better understanding of these two companies. However, after reading the introduction for the superior items, his head swelled.

It was established in 1998, and was located in the capital of the Republic of Korea. After many years of fighting in the shopping mall, it was finally at the top of the cosmetics and skincare industries. It had entered the Chinese market in just 15 years, and in just three years, it had occupied two special economic zones and three developed cities.

When he had just entered the Xilin Market this year, he had already caused a hurricane in the skin-care industry. No wonder the ascension platform was so uncomfortable.

Chen Goong had no idea about cosmetics, so he only agreed to it because of Coquettish Demon's meaningless words. Besides, he was too poor, so he had to find someone else to earn some money. But now, it seemed that this matter wasn't so easy to deal with!

"It's a little troublesome!" However, it's not like there's no other way. " Chen Goong already had a simple idea, but he still needed to verify it.

"Hey, how is it? I helped you out a lot, right?"

'Didn't you go to recuperate? And why do you want me to promise Liu Xiaoya? '

Chen Goong was surprised by Coquettish Demon's sudden voice. In his opinion, she should be sleeping for at least a few months or one year. However, it had only been a day and Coquettish Demon had already finished recuperating?

"I'm resting, not hibernating, why? Don't you miss me? "

Coquettish Demon's sweet voice was quite pleasant to hear, but in Chen Goong's eyes, she was just a rock. What was there to think about about about a rock? Of course, these words couldn't be said to a bewitching beauty, or else who knew what she would go on about.

"I missed you so much!"

"Humph, perfunctory." Coquettish Demon snorted coldly and said, "Of course it's to make you agree to that woman. It's to make you earn money. You're such a fool!"

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