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C15 Demon Hunter's Power

"You!" Chen Goong was already angered to the point of being happy by Coquettish Demon, "I say, why aren't you taking a good rest? Why are you blindly joining in? I thought you didn't have a deeper meaning! "

"Well, I do have other ideas." Coquettish Demon's speed of changing her mind was admirable. "I keep having the feeling that that woman is a bit strange, but I can't say it for sure. Since you have the opportunity to make money, we'll contact her first. We should reap some benefits."

"Strange?" Why can't I feel it? "

"Nonsense, with your little demonic properties, what do you feel? Don't say it's useless, tell me the results of your Gold Searching!"

Hearing that, Chen Goong smiled helplessly.

"What results? Is it the result of someone else taking care of you? "

"Are you stupid?" Can't you think of anything else besides keeping it? I've already explained it so clearly to you. If you want to find ten million gold with the results of the hunt, you should dig up resources! You should cooperate with others and rob them of their business! "Are you stupid? Are you stupid?!"

Coquettish Demon cursed a few times, making Chen Goong a little dazed. But when he thought back, it seemed like he really remembered something.

The new product line record of Ascending Group, the distribution of Ascending Group stores, the future potential of Ascending Group and its development trend

"What are these things? Why is it all about the development and analysis of the Ascending Group? How do I know all this? "

When no one answered his questions, Coquettish Demon sighed and said helplessly.

"It seems like the brain of a top student isn't working either. I think it's better for me to rest. You decide for yourself."

After saying this, Coquettish Demon calmed down again. Chen Goong indeed had his own advantages, but it was still not mature enough. He needed a lot of time to experience, train, and skillfully use his newly opened talent.

As for Chen Goong, he suddenly felt enlightened.

"So Gold Searching can actually be used like this! Ha ha-ha, looks like I'm really rich. Coquettish Demon thanks you for your reminder, or else I wouldn't have noticed. "Hey, Coquettish Demon?"

Chen Goong, who was immersed in using the Gold Searching, naturally didn't notice Coquettish Demon's movements, but after Coquettish Demon's reminder, he realized that the Gold Searching wasn't as simple as being a pet.

The so-called commercial value is nothing more than the ability to generate profits. If a person can see through the future development of this business, or problems, it is much more efficient than walking in the dark. To put it bluntly, the purpose of the Gold Searching was to see if a project could really earn money, or whether one could only earn more by doing something.

This could be considered a huge help to Chen Goong. With this weapon and Chen Goong's own foundation, it would be perfect for him to earn money with the Hunting Demon searching for the biggest business! Moreover, the effect of the Gold Searching did not seem to be limited to just this. After all, it was only now that he knew it was at the early stage.

Because before he left, he purposely used Hunting Demon s on Liu Xiaoya to make her throw herself into his arms again, so he had a deep understanding of the situation. Other than the suppression from Superior Grade, he also felt that there was one other thing that was extremely interesting to him.

Even with the existence of Wang Luo, for some reason, under the Gold Searching's prediction, Chen Goong actually felt that Wang Luo would become an extremely dangerous and dangerous danger.

After understanding all of this, Chen Goong had a good rest for the night. Early the next morning, he went alone to the auction house with the largest Xilin and superior taste.

The Wang Mansion's shopping mall was located at the center of the Xilin City, and as the largest shopping mall in the entire city, there were many different businesses within it.

If you have money, then you are an old man! Relying on his strong financial resources, he was able to thrive in the Xilin. Even the employees at the entrance were comparable to models.

"Hello sir, what kind of skincare products do you need?"

The awkward Chinese words stunned Chen Goong. Korean? "Whoa, this is a really good item. Even the employees are imported!"

"Is your manager here?"

The employee at the entrance was stunned for a moment, then revealed a strange expression.

"Are you looking for our manager as well?"


"What, are there a lot of people looking for your manager?" Chen Goong was a bit surprised by the rhetorical question. Even a shop manager had so many people looking for him.

"That's right, there are quite a few people who want to invite our manager over. You're the fifth one today."

With that, she pointed at the woman with one leg crossed over the other, who was repairing her nails. Long, wavy brown hair, eyebrows, phoenix eyes, cherry lips, the most exquisite facial features, the most eye-catching were those pair of pen legs, full and slender lines, making one's imagination run wild.

Even though Chen Goong had already seen Liu Xiaoya and Jiao Jiao, he still couldn't hide the beauty of a woman.

However, her temperament couldn't be compared with the two of them, and her exquisite facial features were truly impeccable, as if they were artificially sculpted. Chen Goong couldn't help but think of the extremely developed cosmetic surgery industry in the Republic of Korea, so he didn't really marvel at it.

"Mr. Manager, someone is looking for us!" Seeing Chen Goong's expressionless face, the employee shouted in Korean, but Chen Goong didn't understand.

After the woman heard the voice, she raised her head and saw Chen Goong. Following that, she winked at him. This still had some effect on Chen Goong, but the latter still maintained his composure and slowly walked in.

"Why are you looking for me?" Chen Goong directly asked the shop manager about his Chinese standard without any delay.

"I have a project at the moment that I want to work with the top dog."

"Little Hui Hui, I missed you so much!"

As Chen Goong's words left his mouth, an extremely annoying voice came out. Pu Wenn ignored the gazes of the others and rushed in front of Pu En Hui. He held her and started chewing without fear of eating the heavy powder into his stomach.

"Little Hui Hui, can you accompany me for dinner tonight? And then we, Chen Goong?! "

Pu Wenn took a quick glance at Chen Goong, who was standing to the side, then let go of Piao Enhui and asked after looking her up and down.

"You still have a relationship with him?"

Hearing this, Piao Enhui shook her head and glared at Chen Goong while shaking Pu Wenn's hand. She caressed her chest and said like a spoiled child.

"How can you not trust me like this? How could I have anything to do with this guy? Look at how dirty his clothes are, how could he be worthy of the noble me? You are my only true love, I only belong to you. If you doubt me, I won't serve you tonight! "

When Chen Goong heard this, he felt goosebumps all over his body. However, Pu Wenn acted as if he was enjoying the show and let Piao Enhui fiddle with his hands while sneering at Chen Goong.

"Did you hear that? Country bumpkin. If someone doesn't like you, you'd better not invite trouble on yourself and quickly get out of here. I get annoyed when I see you. "

"Right, right. Let's go quickly. There's nothing for us to cooperate with." Piao Enhui waved at Chen Goong snappily and then said to Pu Wenn, "Oppa, look at how obedient he is. How can he be rewarded?"

"Didn't you know that tonight?"

"You're so bad!"

Their performance had attracted the attention of many people in the restaurant. After all, no one wanted to miss out on a free show.

"Hey, look, this person is here to pick up a superior goods shop manager."

"It's normal. There are a lot of people looking at the shop manager. Which one of them is not from the rich second generation? Especially that person, I heard that he spent over a hundred thousand dollars on him."

"Is that so? "Looks like this person is hopeless."

"Tsk, he doesn't have much money on him, but he's still full of dreams. This kind of person, he deserves to be seen as a joke."

Chen Goong didn't think it was a big deal, but he had heard too much rumors and it made him unhappy. Besides, Pu Wenn's words had angered Chen Goong more and more.

"A toad shouldn't even think about swan meat. Little Hui Hui, let's go. I'll take you to eat something good."

At this moment, Chen Goong's phone suddenly rang.

"The bank card is in the account, 100 thousand yuan."

"Hahaha, Chen Goong, I think you're really poor and mad. The ringtone is not just any ordinary dick!" Pu Wenn's unrestrained laughter rang out, and everyone present couldn't help but snicker. To such a scene, those who were watching the show would naturally like to see it happen.

However, the corner of Chen Goong's mouth slightly raised. He slowly walked in front of Pu Wenn and sneered. He said to Piao Enhui.

"I have money too, can you follow me? "How about we just ignore Pu Wenn, who is such a retard?"

Everyone couldn't hold back their laughter anymore.

"Aiyaya, there really is something wrong with this person's brain!" "Just look at him, just because he made the B * tch sound like he really thinks he's rich …"

However, under everyone's attentive looks, Piao Enhui actually nodded her head and gave Chen Goong a fierce kiss.

"Ok, oppa, I won't bother with this idiot Pu Wenn anymore!"

Not only the people who came to watch the show, even Pu Wenn himself thought he heard wrong. He was very confident in himself, but Piao Enhui's sudden transformation had him at a loss.

"What did you say, Hui Hui?"

"I said I won't bother you anymore, you idiot. I'm going with Chen Goong and oppa."

After saying that, her snake-like waist stuck onto Chen Goong's body. It was as if she wanted to lick Chen Goong a few times. Then, he quickly dragged Chen Goong out of the store.

This result was beyond Pu Wenn's expectations. He pulled out Piao Enhui, who was about to leave the store, and drank.

"Piao Enhui, are you f * * king crazy!"

Unexpectedly, Piao Enhui pushed Pu Wenn's hand away impatiently and said while glaring at him coldly.

"Don't touch me with your dirty hands. Chen Goong, oppa, let's go. I can't wait. "

Piao Enhui's change shocked everyone. At the same time, they had a new opinion of Chen Goong. Could it be that this guy was a pretentious kid from a rich family? Ask Piao Enhui to perform with him? And then face-smacking Pu Wenn?

Many thoughts appeared in everyone's mind. They didn't mind watching the show, but at this moment, they started to laugh secretly at Pu Wenn, this idiot who didn't know what was going on.

"You bitch!"

As she spoke, Pu Wenn's palm had already hit her. Piao Enhui hurriedly closed her eyes and cried out in alarm. However, the pain did not come. Instead, it was Chen Goong's cold voice that made her heart beat wildly.

"Other than hitting women, what other abilities do you have?! "He only knows how to bite the old fogey."

With that, Chen Goong flung Pu Wenn's arm away in disdain, causing the latter to be unable to control his anger.

"Wow, oppa, you're so nice to me."

"Oh, your father! Stop being so disgusting. A thousand people riding on ten thousand over trash, get lost! "

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