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C16 Prediction

Chen Goong pushed away the flattering Piao Enhui, turned around and walked out of the door of the superior goods store. When he saw the astonished face of the employee at the entrance, Chen Goong smiled at her and said.

"Are you interested in leaving with me? There are benefits to it! "

This was like using candy to coax a greedy child, but the shop assistant was flattered and nodded his head crazily. Nonsense, how could a man who could curry favor with a shop manager without any backing.

Immediately, the shop assistant happily accompanied Chen Goong and disappeared from everyone's sight.

At this moment, Piao Enhui's mind was in a mess. Of course, she knew what she did just now, but the feeling of Chen Goong's heartbeat was still lingering around her.

"Chen Goong, Chen Goong, oppa, don't leave me behind!"

As for Pu Wenn, he had long gone insane. If he failed to act cool and ended up getting grazed, it would cause his face to be smeared all over the ground. Now, he wanted nothing more than to swallow Chen Goong alive.

"What are you looking at!?" "Damn."

Walking out of the store, Pu Wenn clenched his teeth and picked up the phone. He called Lee Zizi, who had been ignored by him for a long time.

"Hey!" Where are you? I'll come to you right now. "

Perhaps in his heart, he still saw Lee Zizi as Chen Goong's girlfriend. Now, the best way to take revenge on Chen Goong was Lee Zizi.

As for the grudge between Chen Goong and Pu Wenn from the past, he will explain it later when he has free time.

"Um, big brother, where are you bringing me to? Is it your house or mine? "

Chen Goong smiled as he heard these awkward Chinese words. From beginning to end, he did not miss a single detail in the store. After all, he was very clear on what he was going to do with superior items. However, this girl didn't laugh at him because of Pu Wenn's words. On the contrary, she had a look of worry on her face.

It was because of this, that when Chen Goong left, he brought her along, perhaps due to the Gold Searching. Chen Goong always felt that this girl would be of great use to him in the future. Besides, he had other motives.

Other than that, Chen Goong had also gotten some good information from Piao Enhui through the Gold Searching.

"Where do you want to go?"

Chen Goong asked the girl instead of answering her. The latter muttered after hesitating for a long time.

"If I could, I wouldn't want to go to either of them."

The voice was very soft, but Chen Goong could still hear it from the standard "Korean Chinese". Chen Goong said as he let go of his hand.

"Let's go eat. I'm still hungry. "Don't worry, I'm not the beast you think I am."

The girl's expression was one of pleasant surprise. Although Chen Goong let go of her hand, she added it back and said happily.

"Since you are a gentleman, I am relieved. What should he eat? How about fried New Year's cake? It's cheap and delicious. "

At this time, Chen Goong could once again examine this girl. He was not an aimless person, although he also used Hunting Demon against her, but it was nothing compared to what Piao Enhui used. At most, he could calm down and recover his mind in a short period of time.

In Chen Goong's opinion, this girl was still willing to leave with him. She might not be someone who would clean herself, but she didn't seem to be what he thought she would be.

In the end, Chen Goong decided to go to a high class restaurant for a meal. After all, Liu Xiaoya's 100 thousand was already in the account and it came at the right time. At the same time, Ann Ruoxi, who came out with Chen Goong, also compromised. Who didn't want to have something good to eat?

Chinese food was Chen Goong's favorite food. After all, he wasn't used to eating Korean food. Although Ann Ruoxi had just arrived in Huaxia, she liked Chinese food very much.

After the time it took to eat a meal, Chen Goong roughly understood the situation with the superior items. He was now certain that the information that the Gold Searching obtained from Piao Enhui was correct, and at the same time, it was also equivalent to testing the results of the Gold Searching once more.

In the meantime, he also got to know Ann Ruoxi. This girl had only been in China for half a year, she came together with the elite team. No matter if it was the benefits or the salary, Ann Ruoxi, as a shop assistant, was able to get a salary of over 10,000 yuan per month.

This surprised Chen Goong. After graduation, he finally managed to get into the executive position, but the salary was only 6000. Of course, this was not the only thing that surprised him.

As for good stores, the commission would be even higher, so as the shop with the largest Xilin, Piao Enhui receiving thirty to forty thousand gold coins per month was an easy task.

"This is in terms of salary. We have two days of rest per month. It's not much, but it's enough. As long as he worked hard, he would be able to take a long vacation. The company was very open-minded regarding this point. But the company has clear standards that do not allow the Chinese to work internally. So, because we don't have enough manpower, we're still very tired every day. "

Ann Ruoxi did not understand that the Chinese were not allowed to work for superior quality, but she could not change that either.

"Then wouldn't coming out with me have any effect on you?"

Ann Ruoxi chuckled.

"It's okay, there's still people in the shop. I haven't rested for a long time, so just relax a bit today." Anyway, Piao Enhui doesn't dare to say anything about me. "

"Oh? She doesn't dare to say you? "

"That's right, she's not even being cautious herself, how could she have the face to say anything about us?"

"Then I'm curious about the reason why you came out with me. What is your purpose? "

Ann Ruoxi lowered her head in embarrassment at Chen Goong's question.

"Because," she paused, "because I thought we might have a chance to develop further?"


Trembling, Chen Goong clearly determined that the strength of the Hunting Demon he used was very low. Ever since the Hunting Demon leveled up to the intermediate stage, Chen Goong could freely control it from the target to the strength. This way, it was much more convenient.

The reason why Piao Enhui was in that state was also because of the Hunting Demon. At that time, Liu Xiaoya's transfer had coincidentally been notified, and to the bystanders, Piao Enhui's betrayal seemed to be within reason.

The result was not much different from Chen Goong's expectations. However, what Ann Ruoxi said made Chen Goong underestimate the strength of Hunting Demon once again. He did not believe that he could make a beauty promise him her life just based on his message hints that he did not know if it was true or not.

"Cough." Chen Goong cleared his throat to cover his loss of composure and asked with a smile. Do you really think so? This is the first time I've seen you. "

"But I'm not!" Ann Ruoxi suddenly raised her head with a serious face. Chen Goong was surprised, she continued, "I saw you in the night market, but you probably didn't notice me. After all, I'm not that eye-catching."

So that's how it is. So that's how it is …

"From the last time I saw you, I knew I would never forget you. Chen Goong, even though I am not a Chinese cultivator, I am willing to stay in Hua Xia for your sake. I don't know, are you willing to stay with me? " "Well, I think it's too hasty to say that now."

"No problem, I can wait."

Every word from Ann Ruoxi seemed to be well-rehearsed. It could be said that every sentence was waiting for Chen Goong, but it made him a little distressed. Chen Goong was quite happy to have a beauty to deal with, but he really didn't want to deal with emotional matters in such a hasty manner. And

Chen Goong didn't think that he was a righteous gentleman, but he was definitely a stubborn donkey, and his eyes couldn't tolerate sand. If this matter was not satisfactory, then no matter what, he would not do it. What Chen Goong was more concerned about was that in his mind, there was a problem with the confession.

No matter what, Chen Goong still ate quite well. It was, after all, a high-class restaurant. Chen Goong hugged himself. Other than Ann Ruoxi's surprised expression, the two of them could be considered to have a good conversation. Naturally, Chen Goong got a lot of good news.

Simply put, at this moment, Excellent products are in a critical period of expansion. Starting from two developed cities, Excellent products are continuously transporting products, talents, funds and so on from the Korean Empire. The reason for that is to be able to stand firmly in the Chinese market and eventually annex all the small and large local companies. When the time comes for him to dominate the entire market, then there wouldn't be much of a chance for China to become its own brand.

The Xilin was the core area of the Exquisite Channels, if one wanted to continue opening up the market, as long as they obtained the Xilin, they would be able to achieve twice the results with half the effort. In other words, he was the only competitor in this war.

Worse, the ascension was already showing signs of failure.

No wonder Liu Xiaoya was in such a rush to find Chen Goong to deal with this matter. However, no matter what her thoughts were, Chen Goong would just take it as what he should do.

"It looks like it's time to verify the outcome of the Gold Searching!"

After Chen Goong saw Ann Ruoxi off, he found a quiet place and carefully recalled the results of the Gold Searching. After all, she was the shop manager of the most exclusive shop, so she naturally knew a lot of information.

And the Gold Searching's result indicated that if they allowed this quality to develop freely, in just three months' time, the upgrade would be defeated. In at most half a year, this quality would stand at the top of the Xilin.

Interestingly, Ann Ruoxi would become the key to forcing Chen Goong to return the favor, which Chen Goong could not understand no matter how hard he tried.

With regards to the Gold Searching, Chen Goong was still doing other tests, but the results were little. The result of the Gold Searching was not as obvious as the Hunting Demon, nor as clear as the table in Chen Goong's mind. Was it more like a premonition?

But from the looks of it, there shouldn't be too much of a deviation from the forecast. Understanding these things, Chen Goong dialed Liu Xiaoya's number.

"Why are you looking for me?"

Without waiting for her to speak, Liu Xiaoya's gentle voice came over the phone.

"I want to know Wang Luo's recent performance, as well as his business activities during this period, including what happened after he got off work. Can you get it? "

Liu Xiaoya asked after a moment of silence.

"Wang Luo is a promoted sales manager. No matter what, he is a leader. Why are you asking about him? I know you are not satisfied with his attitude, but he is still a man of ascension. "

"If you don't want to cooperate with me, then the contract can be terminated anytime. We've discussed this before."

"But you have to tell me why?"

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