Demon Dossier/C17 The Layout(part I)
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Demon Dossier/C17 The Layout(part I)
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C17 The Layout(part I)

Chen Goong was unable to answer Liu Xiaoya's question easily, they couldn't possibly say that it was the result of the Gold Searching, right? After some thought, he said.

"I checked the sales figures for the past year and they're down three percentage points from last year. I think you know the difference. If I had been a sales manager, I would have been restless by now. "That's why it's normal to check him."

It was indeed normal, but this matter was not up to Chen Goong to do. The reason he wanted Wang Luo's information was because of the Gold Searching. Liu Xiaoya thought about it for a while, but still agreed to Chen Goong's request. She also knew that the way this matter was handled was not appropriate, but she still chose Chen Goong.

"I can promise you, but I hope you don't mess around. The promotion needs to be responsible for every employee."

"Don't worry." When can you give it to me? The sooner the better. " After Chen Goong hung up the phone, he did not idle around. In his mind, he kept thinking about his following plans. After thinking about it with the Gold Searching as his base, his plans also gradually took shape …

It had to be said that Liu Xiaoya was very efficient. She managed to get the information Chen Goong needed within three hours. At the same time, she repeatedly reminded Chen Goong not to mess around, but Chen Goong could only nod in agreement.

"You didn't tell anyone else about this, right?"

"Nonsense, I'm not stupid!"

"Also, I hope you can cooperate with me in one matter!"

After coming up with his plan, Chen Goong really couldn't bear to insult Liu Xiaoya's personality. To say that she was cheerful and cheerful, to say that she was a little girl was rather reasonable. To say that she was cautious and bold was also fine.

However, after Chen Goong looked through the information, he didn't find that Wang Luo was slow on the uptake and was actually very active. Although this result wasn't as good as Chen Goong had expected, it wasn't outside of reason.

"If there won't be a problem with the Gold Searching, then it will depend on his reaction speed."

In the blink of an eye, night came. During this time, Chen Goong called Ann Ruoxi to ask when he arrived home. After being teased by Ann Ruoxi, who was thought to be concerned about her, Chen Goong asked about Wang Luo's information but didn't get any reply.

Midnight, in the office of the Ascending Group.

Liu Xiaoya stared at the documents on the table with a worried expression. Not long later, Wang Luo knocked on the door and walked in.

"Boss Liu, you're looking for me so late at night. Is there something urgent?"

When she saw Wang Luo, Liu Xiaoya pressed her eyebrows together and pushed the documents on the table in front of him.

"This is my new plan. Since superior products are willing to compete with us in the market, we will change our strategy and move on from the side." This is my new plan, since superior products are willing to compete with us in the market, we will change our strategy and move on from the side.

Wang Luo's expression was a little surprised, but he quickly asked with a hint of secret delight.

"When do we start?"

Liu Xiaoya glanced at him and said, "In just these two days, you will be in charge of this matter. Chen Goong will be helping you, as soon as possible, open our products in the market and catch superior items off guard."

"Chen Goong?"

"Well, is there a problem?"

Wang Luo frowned. He was extremely puzzled by Liu Xiaoya's decision.

"Director Liu, there is something I must say. I have already investigated this Chen Goong and I don't have much ability. I don't think he has the ability to manage the new line! Furthermore, we're not proficient in new products yet, so it's definitely not the best time for us to go online now. "

Seeing Liu Xiaoya smile but not saying anything, Wang Luo could only sigh and say something when he saw her reluctant expression.

"Then that's it. I'll be going back first. If you need anything, just give me a call."

Watching Wang Luo leave, Liu Xiaoya heaved a sigh of relief, but her heart was empty.

Leaving the company, Wang Luo was puzzled. Firstly, Liu Xiaoya had brought the products online in advance, and secondly, the promotion of the women's market. Now, she was trying to expand the male market, regardless of whether it was an emergency or not. As for the third point, it was Chen Goong's existence. He didn't know what drug this man had given Liu Xiaoya to make her give him such authority. As he expected, Chen Goong had asked Liu Xiaoya to do these two things.

Biting his finger, Wang Luo stood at a loss on the street. After a while, he seemed to have made a decision as he mumbled to himself.

"I can't hesitate. I don't know where this Chen Goong came from, but he actually made Liu Xiaoya sell her immature products ahead of time. If that's really the case, then the upgrade would be over. Maybe it would also be an opportunity. What an idiot. Didn't he clearly understand the fatal weakness of that product? Since you are willing to let it end, then I will help you. "

Wang Luo bit his finger fiercely and finally left the company in a taxi. Liu Xiaoya muttered as she stood by the window and watched the car speed past.

"I actually agreed to Chen Goong's plan, but alas, Wang Luo, you better not let me down."

Speaking of Chen Goong, this guy was currently living in luxury at home, he had nothing to do even if he asked Ann Ruoxi about it. Because of Liu Xiaoya's timely remittance, he had already paid most of his father's debt, and his generous appearance made many people think that Chen Goong had made a fortune. However, Chen Goong immediately sent away those people with golden eyes.

'Tomorrow, I should be able to find out about the plan for Superior Quality. Wang Luo, I really wonder if you can give me any surprises? '

No one knew what he was thinking at the moment. When the next morning, Chen Goong lazily came to the Wang Mansion's shopping mall. The promoted employees were busy packing up the goods, while Wang Luo was in charge of everything.

"Oh, did young master Chen just wake up?" You really treat this as a playground, when you wake up. "I really don't understand why Boss Liu would look for someone like you!"

Seeing Chen Goong's listless look, Wang Luo sneered. However, Chen Goong didn't even look at him once, he just picked up the goods on the shelf beside him and carefully looked at them. After a long while, he frowned and said to Wang Luo.

"These goods are still in the experimental stage, they can't even be put into use. Aren't you afraid of ruining the upgrade sign by putting them on the shelf?"

Wang Luo was slightly surprised by Chen Goong's question, but he soon squinted his eyes and drank.

"What qualifications do you have to question me? "You're just here to help me with my work, stop wasting your breath and bring that box over."

"So you know that this item is still a semi-finished product?" Chen Goong looked at Wang Luo with a faint smile, "Then why did you insist on going on stage?"

At this moment, Wang Luo was clearly a bit nervous. He didn't know why he looked at Chen Goong in panic, but he still replied loudly.

"This is all CEO Liu's arrangement, what do you know!? "Stop putting on airs there, and don't know what kind of bewitching drug you gave Director Liu. Right, this is all your doing."

Hearing that, Chen Goong laughed: "Are you nervous? Don't talk to me so loud. I'm not deaf. En, otherwise this would be great. These goods would all be taken off the shelves in exchange for the original goods. This way, the Ascending Group's reputation would not be ruined. What do you think? at the same time, it also proves that I'm not trying to interfere. "

Suddenly, Chen Goong's eyes turned red. Even though it was only for a split-second, Wang Luo abruptly took a few steps back, his terrified look revealing everything without a doubt. Beads of sweat dripped from his forehead as if he had seen something terrifying.

While Wang Luo was panicking, the display shelves returned to their original state. At this moment, he pushed them away with a loud roar.

"Damn it, change them all!" At this point, what are you doing!? Everyone remember, changing for a new product is CEO Liu's arrangement. If you delay the work, who is in charge of it, then change it all for me! "

"I'll be in charge. Ignore him." Chen Goong said lightly.

"Chen Goong!" Wang Luo looked as if his eyes were about to pop out of their sockets, "You take responsibility! Whatever the fuck you are, you're in charge. I warn you, don't stand in my way. "

His fierce attitude surprised Chen Goong, as he was now proficient in using Hunting Demon. One must know that when he still did not know how to control the Hunting Demon, it had a huge impact on Chen Fa and the rest.

Just now, he had used the Hunting Demon on Wang Luo. Although the degree of deterrence was not high, most people had already fled. Wang Luo had only taken a few steps back and was even able to show his anger. Just this alone was enough to surprise Chen Goong.

"I'm curious. Is the leadership arrangement more important, or is the company's reputation more important? As a sales manager, you should be aware of this, right? Would you not think of it if the leadership's arrangements affected the company? " Chen Goong paused here for a moment and continued after a brief calculation.

"What exactly did the superior items give you? To make you completely lose your mind and level up, no matter what, you must have improved your performance by quite a bit! "

Wang Luo was really worried. He pushed aside the workers and cursed.

"Stop f * cking slandering me. I'm just following the rules. I'll do whatever the Leader says. Even if something happens, it has nothing to do with me!"

"So, it's all my fault?"

Liu Xiaoya's indifferent voice made Wang Luo shudder. He turned around and looked at the ugly Liu Xiaoya, not knowing what to do for a moment.

"You disappoint me. "To think that I trusted you so much, Wang Luo. From today onwards, you will no longer be a member of the promotion team. I was really blind!"

It was not hard to hear Liu Xiaoya's frustration and anger. She stared at Wang Luo for a long time and finally sighed.

"Let's go!" I don't want to see you. "

Unexpectedly, Wang Luo started laughing, "Liu Xiaoya, Liu Xiaoya, if it wasn't for you giving me this chance, I might not have been able to get my promotion that quickly. But you are still too conceited." Although the Wang Mansion's shop cannot be destroyed, but all the other shops in the Xilin City have been replaced with new products. Do you think that the consumers will let you off this easily? The unqualified products will let the consumer keep spreading bad reviews, and the promotion will die in public opinion. "Haha!"

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