Demon Dossier/C18 Planning(part Ii)
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Demon Dossier/C18 Planning(part Ii)
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C18 Planning(part Ii)

Liu Xiaoya had an ugly expression on her face. The employees were all watching for fun. Perhaps they were afraid of her identity and did not overdo it. However, there was a teasing look in their eyes.

As for Wang Luo, he seemed to have no intention of leaving. He looked playfully at Liu Xiaoya and Chen Goong, lazily patting the dust off his shoulders. His expression looked calm, but his eyes were filled with a sense of achievement.

"Since it's already like this, I'm not afraid to tell you. Within three months, Excellent products will occupy the entire Xilin Market. Although it did not destroy the Wang Mansion's shopping mall, it is still enough, and the result of the chain reaction, Boss Liu, you understand, right? "

Liu Xiaoya was originally a bit angry, but when she heard Wang Luo's words, she relaxed. Such a contrast surprised Wang Luo.

"What is it? Have you given up on struggling? "

"The rest of the shops?" Liu Xiaoya ruffled her hair and continued, "I really have to thank you. After all, every store needs a lot of investment to advertise. If it wasn't for the superior secret box, I wouldn't have needed that much resources to advertise."

"What do you mean?" Wang Luo frowned. He didn't understand what Liu Xiaoya meant. At this moment, he was thinking if he missed some step, but after thinking for a while, he still couldn't find any flaws. Logically speaking, through the excellent media, he should have exposed those substandard fake products.

"The way you move your body is still very useful. If you really do it, I'm afraid there's no room for you in the entire Xilin. It's just a pity …"

Chen Goong pinched the bridge of his nose and said with a smile.

"Unfortunately, you are still too stupid. Or rather, you are the one who is the most conceited. Do you think Ascending will bet his future on that immature product? And you are in charge? As long as your plan succeeds this time, it will definitely be a fatal blow to your advancement. Honestly speaking, if it was anyone else who stands on your side, they would not reject such a good opportunity! "

Apart from Chen Goong's voice, the whole field was extremely quiet. Even the sound was weird. Chen Goong looked at Wu Tie's changing face and took a deep breath. He then glanced at the quiet Liu Xiaoya and prepared to leave.

"You designed it, right?" Wang Luo was clearly a bit hysterical, "This is all your design, right!? Why did you want to harm me? Why are you targeting me, and why do you suspect me! I've never done anything against the Ascending Group. I'm just a step away! "

"Hmm? I killed you? " Chen Goong shook his head and said, "That's your choice. If you really are thinking for the promotion, then of course you have to do something that will benefit the advancement and not add insult to injury."

"Everything about me is ruined. I have nothing. My money, my position, I lost everything, Chen Goong, Chen Goong! It's all because of you! "

Wang Luo's anger made Chen Goong frown. In the blink of an eye, Wang Luo actually jumped up and pounced on Chen Goong. In that split-second, everyone was dumbfounded. No one expected Wang Luo to be so impulsive.

After the last battle, his mind could be said to be even stronger. The moment Wang Luo charged forward, Chen Goong took two steps back. At the same time, his eyes were fixed on Wang Luo. At this moment, the latter's body stiffened and he directly crashed into Chen Goong.

In the end, Chen Goong had already pressed down on Wang Luo's arm. He then pressed him down and loudly yelled.

"Call the police!"

This farce ended with the arrival of the police. When everyone came back to their senses, only then did someone recall that Chen Goong had helped the police with a serious case. For a moment, the heroic image shone even more brilliantly.

Of course, this sort of incident was just a minor outburst of glory. After all, Wang Luo was the first to frame the company, so the scandal had to be suppressed.

As for today's Xilin City, it could be said to be filled with strong wind, of course, this was only because of an industry. The media was like a storm that swept through the large and small stores of the Ascending Group, causing everyone's eyes to turn red in order to gain an effective news value.

Every store in the company had reporters visiting it. In order to get the first piece of information about the harmful products to the human body, these people had rushed through the streets without a care in the world. However, in the end, they still didn't get any news about the harmful products.

After all, the upgrade didn't have any new products on it, but for the media, such a big attack would definitely have some results. Other than some of the reports for the company, the rest were all against the sponsors of the event.

Because of the inaccurate instructions of the guide, many media outlets had wasted a lot of resources at this point in time. News was valuable, but false information and false information meant nothing to the media.

Unfortunately, Superior Grade Group was worthy of being an old role that had existed in the shopping mall for many years. Although the major media outlets were hired by them, in the end, they did not have too many problems with it. As for the benefits of the media's acceptance, no one knew.

In the end, the biggest beneficiary of the whole thing was the company.

Not only was no illegal product found, there was also a wave of free advertising. In addition, those who maliciously slandered the company had to be thoroughly investigated.

Although it was a high-end item, it couldn't completely ignore the media's attacks. Liu Xiaoya was the spearhead of this incident, but of course, everything she did was not too obvious. However, under the allure of the media, it was easy for the media to understand what she was referring to.

"Hello, CEO Liu. May I ask what do you think of the fake storm this time?"

Liu Xiaoya said with a serious face, "I know about the people who maliciously injured and slandered others. I will naturally investigate this matter thoroughly, and hope that my friends in the media can help me find the truth of this matter, and improve my innocence. But at the same time, I would like to thank all of you for being able to stand before the truth in this matter.

Anyone with a discerning eye could hear what Liu Xiaoya said clearly, and the media were all laughing merrily. While the situation was getting hotter and hotter, Chen Goong didn't reveal anything. Instead, he just stayed quietly in Liu Xiaoya's office.

"Yo, you're so relaxed. You're still in the mood to make tea."

At this moment, Liu Xiaoya finally sent off those reporters. Looking at the bored Chen Goong, she was a bit annoyed. After working so tirelessly for so long, this guy was actually so relaxed. Of course, she wasn't an ignorant person. Chen Goong had helped her solve her problem. Although she was disappointed by Wang Luo's betrayal, she was still grateful for Chen Goong's help in the life and death situation.

Chen Goong looked at Liu Xiaoya with a smile, took a sip of the special tea and sighed.

"Sigh, the tea you drank is indeed not bad."

"A friend gave it to me. If you like it, you can take it back and drink it."

The gentleness in the little woman's voice made Chen Goong a little surprised, but he understood what Liu Xiaoya meant by that. Unfortunately, Chen Goong still had a look of dissatisfaction on his face.

"What's wrong? Was it wrong for you to take it back? "

Hearing that, Chen Goong shook his head and smiled knowingly.

"The fox's tail is about to leak out. The real show has just begun."

"What do you mean?"

"Why do you think Wang Luo turned the tables at this time?"

Chen Goong's question puzzled Liu Xiaoya. However, she had some thoughts about Wang Luo's actions, so she said it in an indifferent tone.

"Because this is a good opportunity to overturn the promotion. Even if we cannot completely lose our Xilin because of that incomplete product, it should be able to suffocate us due to the pressure from the public opinion. This way, we would have a great chance of seizing the market for our superior items. "

Chen Goong nodded, and Liu Xiaoya continued, "But there are a few things I care a lot about." This was a true scheme! The existence of a conspiracy is more important than the existence of a hidden conspiracy, because it means that you have to do it. "So I think there's a seventy percent chance that Wang Luo will take advantage of this opportunity to level up.

"Seventy percent? "What do you mean?"

"A variable!" Chen Goong took a deep breath, "Still 30% is a variable. I can't be sure who is behind Wang Luo's back that can cause a sensation in the media. This person is definitely very powerful, but why can't he see that this is a conspiracy?" Or perhaps the person behind that person really did not see through us? "

Chen Goong seemed to be talking to himself. Liu Xiaoya didn't ask anything about his condition and just continued to listen to him.

"You still don't have enough information, so even if you're scheming, there's still 30% or even more uncertainty, because the trick to solving the conspiracy is to ignore it. If Wang Luo doesn't carry out your plan, then he won't be able to catch the person behind it."

"What exactly do you mean by all this? Didn't Wang Luo really follow my arrangements? To be honest, if he hadn't said it himself, I'd have thought he was just following my instructions. "

Looking at Liu Xiaoya's slightly frightened expression, Chen Goong said indifferently, "How can he not be able to tell when the arrangement is wrong? There was nothing to discuss about that. The point is that the person behind Wang Luo should be saying this. If he didn't take action now, then the person behind the scenes wouldn't be known to us. Therefore, I believe that Wang Luo didn't consult with the people from Superior Grade during the execution of your plan. He should still have his own plans. If this matter was really done by Wang Luo, he wouldn't reject such a huge contribution. "

"But what does that mean? Is the person behind him really that capable? " Liu Xiaoya asked, puzzled.

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