Demon Dossier/C19 Launching the Layout(part Ii)
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Demon Dossier/C19 Launching the Layout(part Ii)
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C19 Launching the Layout(part Ii)

Chen Goong smiled, "That's right, I believe the media issue this time was definitely not caused by the person who really controlled Wang Luo. If it was at this level alone, it would be impossible for Wang Luo to be placed in the Ascending Group."

"In other words, regardless of whether Wang Luo was bought after entering the upgrade or if he had the intention to destroy the upgrade right from the start, the person behind him must have had a lot of power. Then Wang Luo's failure this time would definitely lead to that person. So the really interesting thing is that we have to start right now, and it's not that simple! "

Liu Xiaoya stared at the man in front of her in a daze. For a moment, she felt that she couldn't see through him. She was just giving Chen Goong a try, who would have thought that he would turn out to be a treasure?

Compared to Liu Xiaoya's rejoicing this time, Chen Goong was still planning many things. Of course, he wouldn't tell Liu Xiaoya about the most important things, such as the many possibilities related to demons.

'The only thing left to do is to rely on the inertia of the layout. Whether there's a hand controlling the entire situation behind him depends on how he reacts next. Since Wang Luo has already taken action, what will be waiting for him? '

At this point of their conversation, the Ascending Group was too busy with their work at the various shops to worry about Chen Goong. The latter was also very happy to see this. However, Chen Goong didn't return home after leaving the upgrade. Instead, he dialed Ann Ruoxi's number and invited her out.

"Do you miss me?"

This was the first thing Ann Ruoxi said after she saw Chen Goong. She still spoke in Chinese with a Korean accent. Seeing this little girl laughing happily, Chen Goong asked directly without saying anything.

"Do you know Wang Luo?"

When Ann Ruoxi heard this, she was stunned. She looked at Chen Goong with a puzzled expression before replying, "I don't know. Did you call me out to ask me about this?" The tone did not sound happy.

"No, I'm just asking." Chen Goong scratched his head, "You should know about the interview with the media, right? "Who is the one behind all this?"

Honestly speaking, Chen Goong also had his own troubles. His plan had indeed entered its first step, but he was not sure what the person behind Wang Luo was planning. Or rather, he was not sure if all of this had anything to do with demons.

That's right, the plan against Wang Luo was just the beginning. Other than intentionally leading to the invisible person hiding behind the whole incident, Chen Goong also needed to verify Coquettish Demon's feeling of having a problem with Liu Xiaoya.

"I don't know. I don't want to know." Ann Ruoxi glared at Chen Goong in displeasure, "You stinky fellow, do you understand my heart?"

In Chen Goong's Gold Searching result, Ann Ruoxi was someone who could change the outcome of the high quality product. But up until now, Chen Goong did not get any high value information from this woman, which made him puzzled about the Gold Searching's prediction.

Therefore, he kept asking Ann Ruoxi questions about this matter. Who knew that Ann Ruoxi's roar would come in the end?

"Chen Goong, you're done!" I'm not your informant, I don't care what your relationship is with the two groups, I only met you because I liked you. If you insist on asking me these things that have nothing to do with me, I'll go back. "

After saying this, Ann Ruoxi ignored Chen Goong's obstruction and left immediately. As for Chen Goong, his thoughts were about to boil.

'What's the problem? 'What exactly did I miscalculate!? '

'After going through all the information in the Gold Searching, the predicted result is that Wang Luo and Ann Ruoxi will be able to influence the quality of the superior items. 'As a matter of fact, Wang Luo did have a problem. Additionally, he also made a choice when faced with the high chance of severely injuring Superior Extinction.'

"Secondly, everyone, including Liu Xiaoya, can be deceived by the Hunting Demon. This proves that they probably have never come into contact with the Spirit Demon before. Furthermore, Wang Luo was actually able to resist for a moment when he was facing 'deterrence' head-on. That is to say, Wang Luo had come into contact with a demon before. If he is the host himself, he should react. At the very least, Coquettish Demon will give me some hints'.

'As for the other conclusion of the Gold Searching, Ann Ruoxi didn't have any abnormality, and she was even easily bewitched by the Hunting Demon, unless … '

Thinking about this, Chen Goong paused. Ann Ruoxi's previous reactions made him think of a possibility. Although this was only the result of his conjecture, everything made sense if it was true.

'First of all, Coquettish Demon definitely wouldn't tell me that there's something fishy going on with Liu Xiaoya. 'Wang Luo had come into direct contact with the demons, so this should be the other conclusion the Gold Searching predict.'

At this moment, Chen Goong was wandering near the Wang Mansion's shopping mall. He needed to apologize to Ann Ruoxi and verify that what he was thinking was true. If it was what he was thinking, then the person hiding behind the scenes must have some tricks up his sleeve.

As the night fell, the stars quickly filled the black sky.

Chen Goong had been waiting for a long time at the entrance of the Wang Mansion's shopping mall, but Ann Ruoxi still hadn't come out. It wasn't convenient for him to go in and search since a lot of people already knew him.

After a while, when the shopping mall was close to closing time, Chen Goong still didn't see Ann Ruoxi. Just as he was about to enter the store to look for her, a strange sense of danger made all the hair on Chen Goong's body stand up.

Just when he looked around nervously, that feeling disappeared all of a sudden. Cold sweat oozed out of every one of Chen Goong's pores. After a few minutes, he let out a heavy breath and his body felt weak.

'What was that feeling just now?

"Hey, what are you thinking about? You want to apologize to me? "Hmph, I don't accept that."

Ann Ruoxi playfully patted Chen Goong's shoulder, but it made Chen Goong jump in fright. His body trembled and he almost fell to the ground.

"What's the matter with you?" Ann Ruoxi, who was busy with Chen Goong, asked in confusion.

"No, nothing!" How did you get out? "Busy?" Chen Goong was relieved and said bitterly.

Ann Ruoxi stammered for a long time, not knowing what to say. Finally, she said evasively, "There were some goods that were not handled well, so it was delayed for a while."

Seeing this, Chen Goong did not ask anymore and left the Wang Mansion's shopping mall with Ann Ruoxi. However, he did not see a pair of eyes glaring at the two of them from a corner not too far away.

The two of them were like an ordinary couple, eating and watching movies. They were so ordinary that they couldn't be more normal on a date. Although Ann Ruoxi didn't understand why Chen Goong's attitude changed so much, she was happy to see it.

This little girl was indeed pretty, and Chen Goong even got a lot of jealous looks from the men, which made him feel a little awkward.

"Thank you so much for today, I'll let you spend all your money again." Ann Ruoxi giggled and talked to Chen Goong.

At this moment, Chen Goong's eyes suddenly turned red as he looked at Ann Ruoxi with those breathtaking eyes …

In that instant, it was as if the air had frozen. Ann Ruoxi abruptly retreated backwards, an incomparably resolute expression appearing on her face. But in that instant, as if she was frightened, she suddenly sat down on the ground and started crying loudly.

"What are you doing? Are you scaring me to death? Don't scare me, okay? " Ann Ruoxi, who had a sobbing tone that made people pity her, kept wiping away her tears with her small, dusty hands. She looked just like a kitten.

Unfortunately, Chen Goong did not waver because of her crying. After a long while, when the little girl had cried enough, he asked plainly.

"What is your purpose?"

However, Ann Ruoxi ignored him and continued to sit on the ground. People who came and went were staring at the couple who were quarreling, but most of them were secretly cursing Chen Goong as a man.

Sighing helplessly, Chen Goong picked up Ann Ruoxi and said in a voice that only the two of them could hear.

"I'll take you home first. No matter what your goal is, I hope that you can do it yourself. Is that you, the sense of danger I felt at the entrance of the Wang Mansion's shopping mall? "

No matter what Chen Goong said, her ankle was already swollen from falling down. No one knew if it was due to pain or something, but the woman bit her lips with a red face. Seeing this, Chen Goong finally sighed and sent her to the hospital.

However, they did not speak a word along the way.

"Have a good rest, I'm leaving first."

Chen Goong turned around and left Ann Ruoxi's house after saying that. At that moment, Ann Ruoxi suddenly called out.

"Chen Goong!"


Ann Ruoxi's gaze was extremely complicated. She hesitated and hesitated before closing her eyes and lying down on the sofa.

"It's fine. Help me close the door."

With a bang, the door was slammed shut. Ann Ruoxi finally couldn't hold back her tears anymore. It was unknown how long she cried before she finally stopped. At the same time, her expression became determined.

"Are you right to do this? After all, she's just a girl. "

'I have no choice. I've already confirmed the result. I'll have to face these problems myself. Coquettish Demon, I'm sorry. It will be dangerous this time.'

'Tsk, stop talking nonsense. Since you've already decided, what else do you have to say? Just get over it. '

Chen Goong laughed bitterly in his heart. At this moment, his phone rang and the screen showed Liu Xiaoya.

"Hey, where did you die?" People who can't see you in a day. You asked me to have someone keep an eye on Wang Luo. As expected, he went to the superior goods company. Hey, why aren't you saying anything! "

After hanging up the call from Liu Xiaoya, Chen Goong looked at the pretty woman in front of him and shook his head.

"I didn't expect it to be you. It seems that the person behind Wang Luo has a lot of tricks up his sleeve!" But you should be his last resort, right? "

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