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C2 Demon Hunter

This was not the end. Chen Fa's mind shook as if it had been electrocuted. At this moment, he noticed the bloodstains on Chen Goong's body …

In the blink of an eye, he also seemed to see patches of blood stains in the room. But what made him even more pained was that his arm that was being held by Chen Goong started to hurt more, but when he looked at Chen Goong, he felt powerless, especially those eyes, which made him not dare to look straight at him.

"Chen Goong, I'm your uncle!"

The moment he said that, Chen Fa noticed Chen Goong's eyes that were staring at him. Suddenly, Chen Fa abruptly pulled out his arm, and his legs gave way and he fell to the ground.

Seeing this situation, the people behind Chen Fa hurriedly helped him up. Unexpectedly, he kept pushing and pushing the crowd, revealing an extremely terrified expression as he looked at Chen Goong as if he had seen a ghost.

"No, I don't want it anymore. Don't come over here, I was wrong, don't come over here!" "Ahhh!"

Chen Fa kicked the ground nonstop, both hands on the ground as he quickly retreated. In the end, he ran out of the corridor while crying bitterly. Those who saw this scene were confused, but their eyes clearly wavered.

As for Chen Goong, he didn't care about these people. He immediately went back into the house and tightly closed the door.

'What was that feeling just now? Why did he become like that? '

As the cause of all this, Chen Goong was at a loss about what just happened.

"Hahaha, that person just now was really too interesting. He actually directly fell to the ground. Haha."

The female voice suddenly sounded in his mind, causing Chen Goong to feel extremely uncomfortable. After a sigh of relief, he said, "Did you do all that just now? I don't need you. "

"No, no, no, all of this was done by you. I can't believe that your demonic nature could actually increase in an instant. Although it's not high, it's already very scary for humans. I just didn't expect the Hunting Demon's effects to have such a change."

Chen Goong didn't understand what the female voice meant, but the crazy manner in which Chen Fa acted just now seemed to be due to him. Clutching Chen Fa's arm seemed to be an instinctive reaction, as to why Chen Fa was so flustered, he really did not know.

[Hunting Demon]


[Demonic Qi is being emitted to attract Demonic Qi. It can be used to intimidate, prey, plunder, and amuse the fishes.]

"What is this?" Some information that Chen Goong did not have any impression of appeared in his mind out of thin air.

"This is the ability of a demon!" The female voice sounded again. This time, other than a slight tremble, Chen Goong was barely able to accept the voice, "Maybe it's because of the relationship between the human world and the Hunting Demon s that they changed. That's why they were lying on the ground in fright."

"Looks like you still have some potential. Otherwise, I would have to suspect that there's something wrong with 'Direction'."

"What instructions?" Chen Goong asked in confusion.

"It's not important. My name is Coquettish Demon, I come from the Demon Realm, and I am here to find you! "

'I, I'll f * * k you! '

Chen Goong cursed and continued to drink: "Is there anyone you can find like that? You almost killed me! The pain just now was simply unbearable. " Although Chen Goong was angry, it was all in the past. He already felt that Coquettish Demon could bring him a lot of benefits, such as the ability to scare away Chen Fa.

"Mm. Frankly speaking, you did die at that time!" This was like a bolt out of the blue. He even thought of how he could scare Chen Fa away. He was clearly a ghost now!

He looked at his hands in disbelief. Did his hands become illusory? At the same time, he imagined that he would be taken away by the Black and White Impermanence very soon. Since he could turn into a ghost, then that Wuchang should also exist, right?

"Hey, why aren't you talking? Chen Goong? The name's not bad. " Seeing that Chen Goong was a bit stunned and didn't seem to care about her, Coquettish Demon chuckled and continued: "Don't worry. To be precise, you didn't die. You should be revived. When I forcefully entered your body, that kind of power was definitely fatal. However, because of me, you were reborn.

"Rebirth? "Then he's not dead?" Chen Goong let out a sigh of relief, but he had cursed Coquettish Demon countless times in his heart. He didn't stop until the latter said, "Have you scolded enough?"

"Can you hear me?" It was like being caught in bed.

"Nonsense, I could have communicated with you through the mind. Do you want to die? "

The awkward Chen Goong was momentarily at a loss for words. However, he could guess that Coquettish Demon was just threatening him. At this moment, there was another knock on the door …

"You're not done yet, are you?!"

Chen Goong opened the door impatiently. Who knew that the person outside was not Chen Fa and co. but a police officer in uniform.

The leader of the police lifted his hat and said formally, "We have received a report that a murder has occurred here. Please assist us in our investigation!"

Without waiting for Chen Goong to say anything, the policeman looked into the room. When he saw the blood stains on the floor and the thick smell of blood on Chen Goong's body, he asked cautiously, "What happened to the blood stains on the ground? Please come back to the police station with us and cooperate with the investigation. "

"Is there a need to go to the police station? This blood is mine. Just now, there was an accident, so I vomited blood. "

However, the police frowned: "Spitting out blood? With so much blood, you can still stand here? "

If he hadn't received the report, he wouldn't have believed that a murder case would happen. It was just that the situation in front of him forced him to tighten his grip.

Seeing that Chen Goong didn't seem to want to cooperate, the policemen behind him had already started to attack.

"Eh, my physique is quite special."

"Please don't interfere with the office. Come with us."

Chen Goong couldn't refuse since he saw that the policemen had taken action. If they continued to pester them, it was not impossible for them to be handcuffed by the police. Thus, he had no choice but to come to the police station.

"Speak, what happened to the blood stain? "Frankly speaking, it will definitely benefit you."

There was a man and a woman in front of him. The police kept asking Chen Goong about the blood stain, which made him extremely annoyed.

"I've already said it many times, it's my own blood. How many more times do I have to say it! Can't you check it? "

"You don't need to teach us. You just need to tell us the blood stains on your body and on the ground!"


Chen Goong could imagine that the person calling the police must be Chen Fa. The situation in front of him was rather troublesome. The police officers seemed to have decided what they had done and did not listen to his explanation.

"It's not bad for you. Chen Goong, I suspect that your father isn't missing at all. You better behave, otherwise, I don't mind locking you up for a few days. I've seen a lot of people like you, relying on your dad to eat the last person who killed the old man. "

The policewoman could say whatever she wanted, and a look of disdain and disgust appeared on her face. When Chen Goong heard these words, his expression changed, he clenched his teeth and clenched his fist. He immediately stood up.

"It's fine if you don't want to investigate, but can you just casually put on a killing cap? I don't know if you can be responsible for what you say, Officer! "My dad went missing, but you didn't go looking for him. You left your case and didn't investigate properly, yet you're f * cking accusing me …"

"You'll soon find out whether I've wronged you or not!" The policewoman also stood up abruptly to confront Chen Goong. If the person beside her didn't nudge her, this woman would definitely use force to solve Chen Goong's restlessness.

The angry Chen Goong didn't want to care about the two policemen anymore, so he sat down and closed his eyes. In any case, it wouldn't be long before he could confirm that all the blood belonged to him. At that time, he would have to settle the score with these policemen! However, in this short moment of silence, a delicate fragrance wafted into Chen Goong's nose.

"What smell?" "Smells so good!"

Chen Goong let out an involuntary sound. The fragrance was like a hundred different kinds of flowers' fragrance, leisurely, long-lasting, and not too boring.

At this moment, Chen Goong wasn't the only one who smelled this fragrance. The two policemen in front of him also had a fascinated look on their faces.

"You idiot, wake up!" Coquettish Demon, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly shouted in Chen Goong's mind.

"Hmm?" After being shouted at by Coquettish Demon, the confused Chen Goong finally came back to his senses. What caught his eye were the two policemen standing up like corpses. The corner of their mouths kept dripping with saliva, and their eyes gradually lost their luster. Not long later, all that was visible was the whites of their eyes.

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