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C20 Fight

Piao Enhui stood in front of Chen Goong with a cold expression and looked at him expressionlessly.

The summer in Xilin City was not hot at all. At night, if there was a breeze, there would even be some coolness. Piao Enhui, on the other hand, was wearing a skintight garment that revealed her plump figure. Coupled with her carved face, she could be said to be extraordinary.

However, Chen Goong didn't have the time to care about sexy beauties anymore. The moment he saw Piao Enhui, this woman ignored Chen Goong's question and instantly rushed over. The feeling of danger at the entrance of the Wang Mansion's shopping mall exploded once again.

"So fast!"

Chen Goong sighed. Piao Enhui's speed was much faster than that of a normal man. In just a few seconds, she was already in front of Chen Goong with her elbow pulled back. When she arrived in front of Chen Goong, she clenched her delicate fingers into a fist and punched Chen Goong.

"What are you doing!?" You really did it. "

Piao Enhui's eyes were unfocused. She lifted her left knee as soon as she threw a punch, aiming for Chen Goong's lower abdomen. Their movements were so coherent that even an average practitioner would find it difficult to complete them. Chen Goong couldn't imagine that this woman, who relied on her looks to seduce men, could be so skilled.

Chen Goong didn't dare to be careless as he looked at the fist that was heading straight for him. This woman's speed was beyond normal, how could her power be weak? Immediately, he tilted his head to the side to dodge, but unfortunately, he had no way to dodge Piao Enhui's knee strike.

Chen Goong felt a sudden pain in his abdomen, followed by waves of pain and stomach cramps. At this moment, Chen Goong felt like he was about to puke out his stomach.

With the leftover food in his stomach, Chen Goong spat out violently. He dodged to the side to avoid another punch from Piao Enhui.

"Pui!" Damn, is this woman crazy? What the heck did he eat! "So much strength."

Chen Goong cursed as he wiped his mouth. However, Piao Enhui didn't care that much. She moved and in the blink of an eye, kicked him again. The target was Chen Goong's crotch area …

Seeing this, Chen Goong's eyes widened. His eyes gradually turned red and he retreated backwards in the nick of time. Piao Enhui's attack did not succeed.

"Damn you!" "You're going to kill me, I'm going to fuck you!"

Piao Enhui's body had a faint fragrance, a refreshing feeling, a really nice smell. This woman must have spent quite a bit of money on him. After all, she had dealt with a young master like Pu Wenn with her looks.

"I feel a little strange, Chen Goong. Her speed and strength are way beyond her own body." Coquettish Demon said in Chen Goong's heart.

'Nonsense, you don't need to say that! I already knew what to do. Is there any way to stop her? I didn't expect that the mastermind actually had such a trick up his sleeve. Wang Luo should have already gone to see him, it's troublesome. "If there's another Wang Luo …"

Chen Goong did not dare to continue thinking about it. After dodging Piao Enhui's kick, he had lost some of his strength and was about to reach his limit. It had to be known that his physical fitness had improved a lot since the incident at the police station. Now, with Piao Enhui's explosive attacks, she was able to force Chen Goong into a corner.

"Hurry up and fight back. What are you waiting for?" If that Wang Luo really comes, then don't even talk about your plan, there's nothing left. "

"But …" Piao Enhui stuck close to Chen Goong and suddenly turned her arm, her powerful elbow directly hit Chen Goong's chest. The feeling of being short of breath made Chen Goong feel a little dizzy, and before he could even catch his breath, Piao Enhui kicked Chen Goong's waist.

The hurried footsteps behind him didn't stop at all, causing Coquettish Demon to shout in his heart, "This is already the second time. Do you still want to be hospitalized?"

'No, it's just that he's a woman! '

"Are you stupid? She's not necessarily human now, and this state of mind is like someone having their mind sucked out, and has forcefully stimulated their potential. If you don't stop her from being in this state in time, when she's exhausted, it'll be her time of death. "

'Absorbed my mind?! '

Chen Goong's heart trembled. He couldn't understand what it meant to have one's mind taken away. However, if Piao Enhui died because of this, it wasn't something he could accept. The dead had been out of his reach, but now he might have to deal with it.

Suddenly, Chen Goong pushed his body and bounced up. At the same time, Piao Enhui's kick missed. At the same time, Chen Goong's eyes turned red as he reached out his hand to grab Piao Enhui's ankle. This woman had an excellent figure. Even though her calves were very thin, the soft touch still reached Chen Goong's hand.

While she was distracted, Piao Enhui suddenly jumped up and at this moment, her other leg went straight for Chen Goong. Chen Goong's expression tensed up and he immediately let go of the woman and lifted his hand towards her abdomen.

While she was waving her fist in the air, Piao Enhui suddenly changed the direction of her right leg in the air and kicked towards the back of Chen Goong's head. At the same time, Chen Goong's fist also landed on her qi nest.

The two of them backed off at the same time, but Chen Goong didn't get beaten up that badly this time. Perhaps it was because of Piao Enhui's lack of strength in the air, but instead it gave Chen Goong a chance to catch his breath.

"You idiot, you're still thinking about some dirty stuff, are you looking to die?"

'Calm down, I didn't mean to, 'he said. At this moment, Chen Goong was clearly angry from embarrassment. Facing such a coquettish accusation, he could only pretend to be calm. However, in that instant, his mind had indeed wandered off. That devilish figure really was …

Leaving the random thoughts behind, Chen Goong stretched his body and looked at Piao Enhui who had stood up not far away. He took a deep breath and his eyes turned crimson. At the same time, the blood in his body seemed to have been stimulated and became active.

It was as if some sort of power had been stimulated within his body.

'Hunting Demon.


With Chen Goong's shout, the air around him seemed to ignite and fluctuate endlessly. As his voice faded, Piao Enhui, who was rushing over, froze one meter away from Chen Goong, unable to move.

However, Chen Goong also didn't react for a long time in this state. At this moment, Coquettish Demon's heart was deeply shocked.

'This fellow can actually raise his demonic nature in battle! How is this possible? He's just a human. This is clearly the characteristics of a demon, and a high level demon at that. It seems like there's no problem with his instructions. Awesome! '

Only after a long while did Chen Goong stagger forward as if he had lost all his strength. He moved a few steps forward before steadying his body, and at this moment, Piao Enhui was standing right in front of him. This woman was also panting heavily, and her dazed eyes seemed to be filled with fear as she stared at Chen Goong.

"Chen Chen Goong oppa."

"Oh, your father." Chen Goong had just cursed out. Unexpectedly, Piao Enhui's dazed eyes suddenly changed. Her fist hit Chen Goong's abdomen. Chen Goong, who was already suffering a lot of pain, suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood and smeared it on Piao Enhui's face.

When this woman raised her fist again, Chen Goong suddenly raised his right hand and grabbed onto Piao Enhui's neck. In the span of a breath, he lifted her up. The feeling of suffocation caused Piao Enhui to continuously kick Chen Goong, but the latter remained unmoved.

Seeing this, Chen Goong hurriedly let go of his hand and stopped Piao Enhui the moment she landed on the ground. Looking at the woman who had fainted, Chen Goong let out a heavy sigh of relief. At that moment, Chen Goong felt like he had endless power and subconsciously lifted Piao Enhui up in his mind.

"Chen, Chen Goong?" Coquettish Demon said tentatively.

'It's fine. That feeling just now was really amazing! '

"Okay, stop sighing. The demonic nature is more complicated than you think, and it is also more attractive. Be careful not to lose yourself, otherwise I won't be able to save you."

'Can you get lost? "Ugh …"

At this moment, Chen Goong finally regained consciousness. He looked at Piao Enhui, who was curled up on the ground, and let out a sigh of relief. No matter what was going on with being lost, at least he could still recover right now. Excessive worry was useless.

Feeling relieved, Chen Goong took out his phone and called Liu Xiaoya.


"You still know how to call me back!?" Where did he go to fool around? Wang Luo has been in the Superior Grade an hour, what plan are you planning to make? You used that bewitching demonic technique to seduce that woman again, hurry up and come back here! "

Liu Xiaoya hung up the phone after a series of roars. Chen Goong could only sigh helplessly at this kind of situation.

He glanced at Piao Enhui who was lying on the ground. The smell of her perfume was like some kind of unspeakable pill that stimulated him. He immediately slapped his own face and carried her towards the Exquisite Group.

Along the way, Chen Goong was constantly questioned by the taxi driver. He seemed to think that Chen Goong had some evil intentions toward a beautiful woman and he kept persuading Chen Goong to control himself and not to do anything out of line

Chen Goong didn't say much when he met such an enthusiastic driver. It was only when he saw Liu Xiaoya that he finally threw away the messy thoughts in his heart.

"You finally came." Liu Xiaoya snappily said. She looked at the woman on Chen Goong's back and sneered: "No wonder you didn't come. You were just knocked out. You still haven't done anything right? Am I disturbing you? Why don't you come back after you're done? "

Facing Liu Xiaoya's teasing, Chen Goong was even more obedient. Being able to get used to this kind of feeling, it was really scary.

"Take care of her, I'll go up myself. This trip will be a bit dangerous.

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