Demon Dossier/C3 A Shocking Change
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Demon Dossier/C3 A Shocking Change
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C3 A Shocking Change

"What happened to them?"

"It's actually confusion!" Coquettish Demon's voice sounded extremely anxious, "Chen Goong, no matter what, you have to listen to me now. "I really didn't expect them to be so fast …"

Chen Goong wasn't sure what exactly happened, but he clearly saw the situation between the two of them in his eyes. Coquettish Demon was even more serious than usual, so he had no choice but to face the situation head on and respond immediately.

"Alright, say it. What do you want to do?"

"Hurry up and knock them out!"

Chen Goong thought that Coquettish Demon would teach him a move and a half to let him show off his moves. Perhaps Coquettish Demon had personally come out to solve their confusion, but when he heard that the two were knocked out, he hesitated for a moment.

"What are you doing!?" Hurry up. " Coquettish Demon urged.

"That's not it. Big Sister Demoness, are you trying to make me attack the police!?" If it's not related to me for a few days, are you not happy? " Chen Goong's tone was filled with displeasure.

"It's a demon, not a monster!" You better not talk nonsense. After being bewitched, neither of them knew the other, much less knew what they were doing. "Wait a little longer, these two policemen will come and enforce the law, let's see what else you have to say."

Chen Goong twitched his mouth and silently cursed a few times before finally being able to look him in the eye. Although he was unhappy, but if these two were to pull out their guns as Coquettish Demon had said, it would be troublesome.

Helpless, Chen Goong gritted his teeth and leaped into the air. Who knew that this jump was half a meter high? At the same time, he imagined how he could knock them out without harming them.

'This is? '

Chen Goong didn't care about the scene in his mind and appeared behind the two of them in a flash. He waved his hand twice and that seemingly light movement was actually incredibly powerful. After hitting the backs of the two people, they immediately heard the sound of "bam bam" and "bam" falling onto the ground.

At this moment, Chen Goong heaved a sigh of relief. Before he could continue, the door to the interrogation room was suddenly pushed open.

There were six people standing outside the door. Each of them was holding a gun, and the black muzzle was facing Chen Goong. This scene made him gulp.

"No way, are you deliberately trying to trick me?" So that I can prove the crime of assaulting a police officer! Coquettish Demon, speak up for me! " Chen Goong's forehead was covered in cold sweat, although he was clear that this wasn't Coquettish Demon's scheme.

"Have they arrived? How could you be so fast? " Coquettish Demon's voice seemed to be deep in thought, but Chen Goong couldn't care less.

Just as his grumbling voice ended, a clear gunshot rang out in his ear without warning.

"N-didn't make a mistake, did I really shoot?" Chen Goong looked at the people in front of him in a daze. Perhaps it was because they were not in a good condition, but the shot did not hit anyone, but only left a hole in the table.

However, this was a police station and they actually opened fire. Chen Goong didn't know what exactly the meaning of this confusion was, but they looked exactly the same as the two policemen from before.

Even though there were gunshots, the policemen did not react, as if all of this was natural.

Since their first attack had no effect, these people slowly walked forward and approached Chen Goong step by step. However, they were only six or seven meters away from Chen Goong. In addition, the black gun was pointed at Chen Goong once again …

"Do you have a way? Don't you want me to listen to you? Say something! "


Another loud sound rang out. This time, the place where the bullet hit was just a finger's length away from Chen Goong. The sparks created by the bullet caused Chen Goong to be stunned.

Speaking of which, he was just an ordinary person. Even though he had good mental fortitude, facing death at close range while aiming at the gun, he could not help but tremble.

It was a pity that the people in front of him didn't stop because of his cowardice. Not only that, from the first shot's deviation to the second shot almost hitting him, Chen Goong definitely had reason to believe that the next shot would hit his body.

"Chen Goong, listen to me, Chen Goong!" Coquettish Demon kept calling out to Chen Goong, but he was still staring at the gun. Even though the six policemen were closing in on him, he still didn't react.

Not long after, even though their movements were stiff, they were only two meters away from Chen Goong.

'Am I going to die? No, this is the police station! Can't I move? "That smell, it's so fragrant!"

A carefree fragrance continuously wafted through the air, filling the entire police station. Everyone who smelled the fragrance gradually lost consciousness and began to wander aimlessly.

Due to Coquettish Demon's reminder, Chen Goong was luckily not controlled by Coquettish Demon. However, the current him was in a trance.

"Chen Goong, listen to me, you must strengthen your heart, as that smell belongs to one of the Hunting Demon techniques. Although it is different from the Hunting Demon you know so far, the principle is the same, you must use the Hunting Demon to counterattack, otherwise, we will all die here."

In the midst of the confusion, Coquettish Demon's call made Chen Goong a little more clear-headed. However, the more he tried to control his body and mind, the more tempting the smell became. Even worse, the guns in front of him were already pointed at him.

"What a joke, I don't want to die yet!" Using Hunting Demon s? But I don't even know how to use it. '

'He's going to shoot! Move, quick! '

'I don't want to die here! '


The person who shot the gun was less than a meter away from Chen Goong. The moment the gunshot rang out, the white light in Chen Goong's eyes disappeared and a faint redness appeared in his eyes.

Chen Goong suddenly dodged to the side. His speed was so fast that it shocked everyone. The bullet that should have hit his left chest only scratched his arm.

The rapid breathing made Chen Goong's nearly empty lungs feel better, but he didn't dare to stop at all, because the moment Chen Goong escaped danger, the other guns also shot consecutively. Looking back, the place where he stood just now was full of holes.

"Damn, it scared me to death!" Coquettish Demon, what is going on? "You should think of a way to wake them up." Chen Goong asked anxiously in his heart.

"Find the controller or knock them out." Coquettish Demon heaved a sigh of relief. "I'm not sure, but someone already knows of my existence. Chen Goong, if possible, you'd better find the source. Otherwise …"

"I understand. No matter what secrets you have, wait until this matter is over."

The end of his speech made Chen Goong understand that no matter how much he said, it would be nonsense. The most important thing right now was to solve the problem in front of him, he couldn't care less anymore.

Taking a deep breath, when Chen Goong looked at the police officers again, they were still slowly approaching him with guns in their hands raised horizontally. Seeing this, Chen Goong did not delay any longer, at the same time, he charged forward with his hands in a loop, and his right shoulder charged forward, knocking against the police officer closest to him.

After being hit like that by Chen Goong, the three people at the front immediately leaned back and laid on the ground. Thinking about it, these people really did not have any of their own thoughts. They did not even know how to dodge.

Since the first strike worked, Chen Goong immediately raised his hand to hit them on the nape of their necks. However, before he could get up, the three people behind him pulled the triggers at the same time.

"F * ck!"

Even so, he had only barely dodged it. After that, Chen Goong did not dare to stop, and with both of his hands on the ground, he waved his fists towards the three people. Unexpectedly, just as he was about to hit them, he was easily dodged by this person.

Chen Goong's fist missed, causing him to almost fall to the ground. There was a lot of space in the interrogation room, but Chen Goong's position was really bad and he didn't have much space to move. The three people who were knocked to the ground just now got up and the guns locked onto him again.

'This won't do. These few people's movements are getting more and more nimble. They actually dodged it earlier.

Just when Chen Goong was about to step forward again, Coquettish Demon suddenly said: "Don't attack, they are even more confused. Before long, these people will definitely become stronger, you must use the Hunting Demon to counterattack, otherwise, you will be dragged to death here."

'But, what should I do?

"Haven't you already used it once before? The man who was scared by you, even though he is only an elementary Hunting Demon, he is definitely effective against these people. Hurry up, don't be stupid. "

'I'm not hesitating. I just don't know what to do. The feeling from before, the feeling from before? '

Chen Goong tried hard to recall the scene where he scared Chen Fa away. At that moment, something seemed to have appeared in his mind.

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