Demon Dossier/C4 Confusion and Solution
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Demon Dossier/C4 Confusion and Solution
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C4 Confusion and Solution

What's more? It seemed like there was no one here …

The police officers became more agile as their coordination slowly returned to normal. The strange aroma became even stronger.

The whole police station had fallen into an absurd situation. If one looked carefully, it was obvious that everyone's muscles were swelling at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The people in front of Chen Goong were even more so.

"The influence is getting stronger and stronger. If you don't act now, everyone here will die, but the first one to die will definitely be you."

Coquettish Demon's voice was weak, while Chen Goong was extremely nervous. At this moment, he had already moved to the door of the interrogation room, and his mind was in chaos.

But right at this moment, the policewoman, who had been knocked out by Chen Goong, woke up at this critical moment. She rubbed the back of her neck and raised her head, a little at a loss. In that instant, she looked at the people before her in astonishment.

"Captain Xie, what are you guys doing?" As she spoke, she tried her best to prop up her body, but her four limbs were somewhat weak.

As if hearing her voice, one of the confused men slowly turned his body and stared at her with empty eyes. At the same time, the arm holding the gun changed direction.

"Captain Xie, you!"


The gunfire actually started again. Blood kept flowing out of the policewoman's shoulder, and her screams were filled with fear and helplessness. The interrogation room was filled with the smell of gunpowder and the smell of blood …

"Captain Xie, don't, don't kill me, what happened to you? What's wrong with all of you?! " His voice couldn't help but tremble with excitement, fear, and puzzlement.

The policewoman was already incoherent. She desperately leaned backwards, but very quickly, she stuck to the wall. As for the direction of the muzzle, it was still changing as she moved.

"Help, help!"

The trigger in her hand showed signs of being pulled. The policewoman seemed to close her eyes tightly as her entire body shivered. She waited until the sound of the gunshot stung her eardrums, but the imagined pain did not come. After a while, she opened her eyes in panic and looked at the scene before her.

The six policemen all stood still, while Chen Goong stood in front of the policewoman, staring at the policeman with the gun. The latter's white eyeballs rolled crazily as if she saw something that frightened her.

"You, it's you! It's all your doing, isn't it? "You pervert, not only did you kill your own father, you even have to kill me now!"

The policewoman shouted hysterically at Chen Goong. Her eyes were filled with fear, anger and hatred.

Chen Goong still didn't understand why this woman was looking at him like that. At this moment, he wrinkled his brows in impatience and didn't say anything.

The six people in front of him were all twitching non-stop, their muscles sometimes expanding and sometimes shrinking rapidly, but compared to before, they were swelling even more. At this moment, two people's muscles were already exposed through their shirt, and Chen Goong's heart was pounding a little when he was faced with this kind of situation.

"It's very troublesome, the Hunting Demon has been used. This should be considered a deterrent according to the explanation. "However, the effect is not ideal."

"If you were a bit slower, this girl would have died. I really don't know if you have any talent. How could it be so troublesome the first time you used it?"

How could he know how to use the Hunting Demon? In this situation, Chen Goong was only trying to scare them off, but the fragrance in the air was clearly much stronger than his. The fact that his muscles were still swelling showed the best.

While Chen Goong was deep in his thoughts, the man called Captain Xie by the policewoman suddenly dashed forward. His eyes, which were originally still rotating, stopped moving and streaks of red blood covered most of the area of the white eyeball. Borrowing the force from this charge, his body crashed into Chen Goong's abdomen.

The sudden attack and intense pain made Chen Goong feel nauseous. The fierce impact forced him to retreat backward. Not only that, the gun in Captain Xie's hand was pointed at him.

The reaction finally worked at this very moment.

Seeing the gun pointed at him, Chen Goong's heart tightened. He didn't care about the pain in his abdomen as he hastily waved his left hand to slap against the barrel of the gun. Peng, Chen Goong was knocked against the wall, but because he reacted in time, he was able to escape this fatal blow.

The butt of the spear danced as it flew towards his forehead. Seeing this, Chen Goong quickly raised his fist and punched Captain Xie in the face, but the pain passed through his hand. It was as if he had hit a steel plate.

"Fuck, what kind of monster is this? "His skin is harder than steel."

Even though he said that, Chen Goong didn't dare to drag it out any longer. Rather than waiting for death here, it was better for him to escape. Immediately, he kicked fiercely with his right leg, which finally managed to kick Captain Xie some distance away. However, his right leg also became extremely numb.

During this gap, Chen Goong saw the stunned expression of the policewoman in the corner. He gritted his teeth and picked her up, then quickly ran outside.

If it was the former Chen Goong, he would not be able to carry a single person's strength even if he was as thin as he was now. However, at this moment, his speed had not slowed because he was carrying a single person. Other than Captain Xie, the other five people also managed to get rid of the Hunting Demon at the same time. Fortunately, Chen Goong was fast enough, so they rushed out of the interrogation room before they were stopped.

At this moment, a gunshot sounded out behind Chen Goong.

Running crazily, his nervous system unleashed Chen Goong's potential. However, no matter how he moved, the door that was within his reach seemed to become further away. After running for an unknown amount of time, Chen Goong gradually stopped and the policewoman on him started cursing.

"You freak, hurry up and put me down. What are you trying to do?!" "I am a policeman, let me tell you, no matter what kind of sorcery you use, it is impossible for you to escape the punishment of the law. If you make a ruckus in the police station and use a sorcery to confuse the police, no matter how many mouths you have, it is enough for you to offend them!"

Chen Goong took a deep breath and stood there. He put down the policewoman who was on top of him and looked coldly at the woman in front of him.

"What are you looking at? You look like a pervert, the one who killed his father!" Saying that, he straightened his collar and said, "Tell me, what is the situation now? Captain Xie and the others' appearances were all done by you, right! "Damn pervert."


The crisp slap stunned the policewoman. The burning sensation on her face made her look at Chen Goong in a daze.

"Fuck you, what saved you just now was the pervert you spoke of. Shut your stinky mouth, I'm very annoyed right now!"

The policewoman, who originally wanted to charge up and attack Chen Goong, instantly shut her mouth. Chen Goong's current look was enough to express it in a sinister way. His eyes were red as he looked at the police officer that was getting closer to him. All of a sudden, the policewoman didn't dare to look at Chen Goong. That feeling was called fear.

'Coquettish Demon, do you have any ideas? ' Chen Goong asked in his heart.

Other than controlling a few weak demons, there's no other use for Demon Realm. Only, to humans, this level of Hunting Demon is enough to make people lose their minds, if you want to get rid of this kind of situation, other than knocking out the people who are being controlled, the only thing left is to catch the controller. "

'What should I do? '

Coquettish Demon was silent for a moment before saying, "Start from the main body that is under control and draw out the controller. Now you must attack the leader and force the controller to remove control, then use the Hunting Demon."

At this point, other than the six policemen, there were 15 more people. The black mass of people made Chen Goong's scalp tingle. He didn't know any offensive techniques. What he did just now was just instinct.

However, Chen Goong was glad that these policemen had lost their pistols for some reason. This could be considered as good news in this situation.

Captain Xie was the leader of this group of people. His muscles bulged and he looked like a human warrior. Compared to Chen Goong's skinny body, the difference in combat strength was very obvious.

'You're not joking with me, are you? You want me to attack him? '

"You don't have a choice. Hurry up. There is also a limit to your confusion. This level should be the limit of what you can strengthen."

Chen Goong didn't have the time to talk to Coquettish Demon now. Captain Xie's strong body charged forward and threw a punch straight towards Chen Goong's head. Seeing this, Liu Tie quickly retreated and immediately raised his leg to kick Captain Xie's knee. Unfortunately, his attack was clearly useless right now … …

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