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C5 Fight Back

Captain Xie's whole body was like a moving stone. He moved his hands forward with great strength. He was clearly trying to hold Chen Goong and use his terrifying strength to strangle him to death.

"Fuck you!"

His right hand was firmly pressed against Captain Xie's head, which canceled out the force of the blow. His left hand formed a fist and punched towards Captain Xie's head, but as expected, other than the pain, his attack did not cause any damage to Captain Xie.

This brawny man's eyes had turned into a deep red. He looked like a bloodthirsty devil. It seemed that due to Chen Goong's repeated attacks, he lost his mind and became even more manic.

He pinched Chen Goong's wrist with a strength that seemed to be able to snap a steel bar. Chen Goong instantly cried out in pain. And that was not all. At the same time Captain Xie grabbed Chen Goong, he swung his thick arms behind him. At the same time, Chen Goong, who was suspended in the air, was also waved back.

In order to avoid Captain Xie's attack that was intended to hug him, Chen Goong borrowed the force of retreating a moment ago to leap up. However, facing the force of Captain Xie's attack, his body flew backwards uncontrollably, which also created the current situation of Captain Xie "waving" him.

Chen Goong, who was in the air, no longer had the strength to resist Captain Xie. He even felt his muscles being torn apart and his arms instantly dislocated. The tiny blood vessels in his body started to rupture under the terrifying force.

After three or four laps in the air, Chen Goong's arm was broken. If it wasn't for Coquettish Demon's scream in his heart, perhaps he would have fainted long ago. Beads of sweat flowed profusely.

Chen Goong's back hit the wall. He groaned in pain and blood sprayed out. He curled up on the ground and his body spasmed and twitched. However, what was more painful was his broken arm. This kind of pain was even worse than death.

"Chen Goong, you can't die. I don't want you to die, you have to hold on!"

Coquettish Demon's voice sounded like she was crying, but Chen Goong's consciousness was very clear now. The pain was indescribably clear. Even he didn't expect that he would not faint even in the face of such pain.

'Yan, Coquettish Demon, I'm curious about one thing. What do you mean by saying that I'm the host under your 'instruction'? 'Although I've only interacted with you for a day, I really feel that I'm unlucky.

Chen Goong coughed non-stop. Every time he exhaled, blood would flow out and his lungs had already ruptured.

"I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, I didn't expect this. Wuu, don't die, okay?" "Don't die!

'Will he die? Hehe, I don't know either. Right now, I only feel pain. My whole body is aching everywhere, even worse than death. 'But you clearly brought me all of this. Why, why don't I hate you at all? '

At this moment, Captain Xie was already standing in front of Chen Goong. He clenched his heavy fists tightly and prepared to hit Chen Goong's head.

"Coquettish Demon, do you think I'll die?" Chen Goong's eyes were bloodshot, but his expression was indifferent.

The air that was mixed with broken tiles and rocks was suffocating. At this time, a coughing sound came out as Chen Goong climbed on the ground with great difficulty, while Captain Xie's fist directly smashed into the side wall.

"Chen Goong, are you alright?" Coquettish Demon asked urgently.

"Hehehe, I have not encountered such a pure demonic power in years. "Hmm, but you have such an abnormal demonic nature. What exactly is going on?"

A high-pitched voice sounded in the corridor. Chen Goong clenched his teeth. The pain from his body was still enough to make him gasp. He raised his head and finally saw a person standing on top of Captain Xie …

No, to be more accurate, it should be a demon!

This monster's eyes were as big as steel balls, and its ears were pointed with its fangs. Its red eyeballs seemed to be staring at Chen Goong. The mouth was stretched all the way to the two ends of the face. It could be said to be extremely ugly.

Seeing this, Chen Goong did not have any strange thoughts. He did not seem to have any opinions on the demon's appearance. With a body the size of a kettle, the demon was able to stand on Captain Xie's shoulder. He shook his head from time to time to observe Chen Goong, as if trying to see something.

'This guy, have you seen him before? ' Chen Goong asked in his heart.

Hearing that, Coquettish Demon quickly replied, "No." However, every single demon in the Demon Realm all have their own special characteristics, so even if they are of the same race, their appearances can still be different. However, what is certain is that due to the many years of training, the demon can transform into a human form a long time ago, so the original body is basically not revealed. "

Chen Goong suddenly let out a breath and muttered.

'Looks like I'm right.

"What do you mean?" Coquettish Demon asked, puzzled.

This time, Chen Goong did not answer Coquettish Demon's question. He stared at the demon on Captain Xie's shoulder and did not move for a long time. Although his body was still convulsing, it seemed that his life was safe now.

"It doesn't matter if you don't answer me. Tsk tsk, you haven't died from such a heavy injury. You really relied on demonic energy!" No wonder it was able to escape my bewilderment. However, powerful demonic energy makes you miserable. After all, your body's quality is too poor. How can you possess such wonderful power? Let me handle this! "

The Little Demon Empress' face was repulsive, and her manner of speaking was also slow and unhurried. Her appearance was truly strange. When he finished his last sentence, his malevolent face was finally revealed. His teeth were chattering loudly, and he had a huge mouth that was stretched across both ends of his face. Just his appearance alone was enough to scare a lot of people.

The word 'fast' was fully displayed in the moment the little demon soared into the air. Its speed had even reached the limit of Chen Goong's motion vision. The small claws that were exposed behind his back were like sharp blades, and were somewhat dazzling under the illumination of the lights.

However, Chen Goong did not waver from his sudden attack. His dazzling hand blade did not waver. His eyes were still staring fixedly at the Little Demon Empress' movement. Even though Coquettish Demon's urgent shout resounded continuously in Chen Goong's mind, he did not waver.


The sound of a steel knife entering flesh rang, and the little demon immediately laughed crazily in excitement. "Haha, hahaha, this taste is simply, simply amazing! I want to suck your blood dry, suck your blood dry! "

The Little Demon couldn't wait to pull his finger off Chen Goong's shoulder, opening his mouth wide to bite at Chen Goong's bleeding wound. Unexpectedly, at this moment, his body couldn't move at all, drooling continuously from his opened mouth, and his eyes were filled with surprise as he looked at the miserable man in front of him.

Chen Goong's nose muscles trembled, then he stretched his brows, clenched his teeth and sneered. He then raised his right arm, clenched his fist and smashed it downwards.

"I'll let you drink my blood! Drink my blood! Drink my blood! "You still want to eat my meat? I'll kill you!"

The sudden turn of events not only stunned the little demon, but also caught Coquettish Demon off guard. Chen Goong hit the little demon's head with his fists. Because of his figure, Chen Goong's every punch made it hard for him to breathe. His originally short neck became even shorter under Chen Goong's punches.

As for Chen Goong, he kept muttering to himself every time he punched. With the rhythm of his punches, the situation was a bit strange …

"You, how did you do it? You arrived!"

The crazy Chen Goong had hit the little demon countless times, only until the demon's eyes turned white and blood came out of his mouth and nose did the demon slow down and stop. Chen Goong didn't feel well either. His severely injured body was completely drained of energy and he finally laid down weakly.

"Chen Goong!" Are you all right? it really is you, to actually be able to use Hunting Demon s in such a situation, but, how exactly did you do it? "

Coquettish Demon shouted excitedly. She had clearly seen Chen Goong violently beating up the lesser demons. The strength and posture of that punch gradually made her excited.

At this moment, the dark police station gradually lit up. Captain Xie and the others were like deflated rubber balls as they collapsed on the ground. The bulging muscles on their bodies also disappeared, but everyone's body was as red as fire.

'I think you should think of a way to save me. You're going to lose your life.'

After saying that in his heart, Chen Goong's consciousness also started to blur.

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