Demon Dossier/C6 The Miracle of Life?
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Demon Dossier/C6 The Miracle of Life?
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C6 The Miracle of Life?

At this moment, the police station was in a state of chaos. Of course, what was in the chaos was not the Little Demon Empress' confusion, but the confusion caused by the various people in the police station after the Little Demon Empress' disappearance.

Every phone was screaming non-stop, and the hospital's ambulance was also ringing outside the door. The staff chattering and shouting had already turned the police station into a mess, and all the leaders were furious like thunder. The police officers were drenched in sweat as they ran up and down the building nonstop.

In short, the scene fell into a state of tension and panic.

Even Chen Goong was carried to the hospital for rescue. Speaking of which, among these injured people, only Chen Goong's injury was the most fatal. The back of his spine was fractured, and his lungs were bleeding. For an ordinary person, this was already a fatal injury. After the doctor's simple examination, they all revealed a regretful expression.

Fortunately, this place was a special place, and there were many abilities that could be suppressed. Only a small part of the media was involved in this incident, so it was hard to tell if the interview was real or not.

Of course, no matter what the current situation was, there would always be a few people who could avoid joining in the chaos, such as the policewoman.

"Zhang Xia, please be serious. We didn't ask you to come here and make fun of us."

A slightly plump man with a grave expression was drinking directly into the hands of a female police officer.

"I say, Little Zhang, we all know about your usual work attitude. But this time, you can't be muddled. As long as this matter can be resolved, there's absolutely no problem with your ability to work. You must think it through. " This time, it was a balding middle-aged man who spoke. He didn't seem to be in a hurry, but his words carried a threatening tone.

The injury on her shoulder was not serious. After being treated at the hospital, she was transferred back to the police station. The reason was simply because of the leader's question.

She looked left and right, but the two of them still didn't believe her. But in the end, she took a deep breath and said, "Director Li, what happened is just as I said. That monster that seemed to have been chased away by Chen Goong at the end returned Captain Xie and the others to their normal state. If you don't believe it, you can go watch the surveillance."

"Little Zhang, is this your attitude?! It was you who called us, and it was also you who was looking for an ambulance. I don't believe there is any monster here, this is simply a fantasy. "

The slightly plump man slammed the table. His serious attitude from before was gone. At this moment, he was certain that Zhang Xia was just teasing him.

"Now is not the time to watch the surveillance cameras. Just get the reporters to leave first. Just say that Captain Xie and the others are punishing the criminals." Those people are the most important. " After saying that, he nodded to the slightly plump man and stood up. "However, Little Zhang, it's best if things go as you say. Otherwise, the consequences …"

After saying that, the bald man no longer said anything and left the office with the slightly plump police officer. Zhang Xia was left alone, standing there in a daze.

Zhang Xia also knew that this smiling leader usually acted like a good person, but in reality, he was the one who did most of the things. Even if she looked down on such matters, how could he not lower his head?

Indeed, Zhang Xia didn't lie about this matter. Or rather, there was no such thing as lying in her character. Ever since she was young, she had been considered a good student and a good child in the eyes of others. She had been obedient and filial, and after that incident, she would never trust anyone ever again. She was so nervous that she suspected that everything made her unable to sell in this society.

If it wasn't for her outstanding academic results, she probably wouldn't have been able to get this job with the police.

Putting aside the loss and discomfort of Zhang Xia and the chaos in the police station, Chen Goong was still unconscious in the hospital, and the oxygen needles were all over his body. At this moment, his face was deathly pale, as if he was really going to die.

"Chen Goong, wake up!" Because you have used Hunting Demon many times just now, your demonic nature has already increased a lot. This kind of small wound will be fine, wake up! "

Ever since Chen Goong had fainted, Coquettish Demon's shouts had never stopped. However, even though she said that, her voice kept sobbing. Chen Goong's current state made her a little scared. She was afraid that Chen Goong would never wake up.

"Can you tell me something?" No matter what, we are teammates who have fought together, how can you ignore me? I promise you, as long as you wake up, I won't scold you for being weak anymore. You have talent, maybe you can really save us.

When the sobs turned into wails and howls, Chen Goong did not wake up from his coma. Severe injuries were fatal, and he was still alive, thanks to his demonic personality. Otherwise, it would be hard to say what would have happened.

"Lots of blood is coming out of my lungs, I need a blood transfusion. Spinal fracture requires surgery, hurry up!"

When Zhang Xia rushed to the hospital, Chen Goong was in the middle of an operation. Other than being worried, she was also curious about this man.

She did not understand why she would come across this seemingly mysterious object. Furthermore, Chen Goong did not look like he had a supernatural ability. Recalling her previous face, she was a little annoyed, but she still felt nothing was wrong.

She didn't believe Chen Goong. Even now, she still suspected that Chen Goong was the murderer of that year. However, when she was slapped in the face by this man, that feeling of fear really went deep into her heart.

However, due to her kindness, she clearly saw the monster that bared its teeth use its fingers to pierce Chen Goong's shoulder. She also clearly saw the situation of the thin man injuring the monster with his fists, whether it was kindness or something else, causing her to call the hospital after Chen Goong fainted.

Through his own needs to help in time, the hospital immediately operated on Chen Goong, and the result could only depend on Chen Goong's good fortune.

One hour, two hours, three hours … Only after ten hours had passed did the bright words' surgery in progress' finally extinguish. Zhang Xia's eyes were already bloodshot, and her body could no longer withstand the intense stimulation and sleepless night for a long time.

"Doctor! How is he? "

"The dangerous period has already passed. All you need to do is to rest properly. It's just that I can't believe that a person can have such a strong life force. Even if his spine is completely broken from the middle, he can still make it through. It's a miracle of life! "

The doctor was also exhausted, but it was obvious that he was not weak either. He said a few words to Zhang Xia before leaving. Knowing the result, Zhang Xia heaved a sigh of relief. She turned around and walked out of the hospital. Her back looked a little sad.

'Where am I? '

Chen Goong slowly opened his eyes and looked at the white ward. The nurse walked beside him, and after a long while, he remembered that he seemed to be dying. The sudden movement scared the nurse, and after being scolded, Chen Goong was checked by the doctor who rushed over.

Being told about the miracle of life and tenacity, Chen Goong was a little confused. However, after the doctors confirmed that Chen Goong was alright, they all left the ward, allowing him some peace.

"Chen Goong!" "It's great that you're fine, sob sob.

'Can I interpret your tears as tears of joy that I am not dead? ' Chen Goong said with a tired smile.

"Hmph, what does your death have to do with me?" Coquettish Demon spoke in a haughty voice once again.

'If you're really a girl, then you should be hard to serve, 'Chen Goong thought.

"None of your business!" Coquettish Demon snorted but said softly in the end, "You scared me to death. I thought you were really going to die. If you die, I really don't know what to do. "

This time, Chen Goong didn't tease Coquettish Demon, he just listened quietly.

"I don't have the right to choose a host. If you die, I don't know what will happen to me. "Maybe he'll die with you."

Time passed silently between the two of them. Although it was just a serious injury to others, Chen Goong clearly knew what happened just now.

"Ahh, let's see, what did you say then? It's the same as what you thought, but why do I feel like you think you won't die? After all, in that sort of situation, one's life or death isn't guaranteed. "

Hearing this, Chen Goong felt a sense of joy after surviving a disaster, and often heaved a sigh of relief.

"What would you think if I said it was a life-and-death bet?"

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